Bob Ross – Peaceful Reflections (Season 15 Episode 4)

hi I'm glad you could join me today today we're going to do a wonderful little painting and I really think you're gonna I think you're going to enjoy this once I tell you what let's don't waste any time let's have Myrtle ugly colors across the screen that you need to paint along with me me I've got mold 18 but 24 inch canvas up here it's all covered with a nice thin even coat of the liquid white it's wet slick it's ready to go so let's just do what I thought today let's do maybe a little traditional painting with some mountains and and pretty sky and maybe some water and who knows let's just let's just do stuff and have a good time start off with the old two inch brush today I'm gonna go right into a small this little amount of the Indian yellow just just a little color doesn't take my town put a little yellowish glow in the sky now the Indian yellow is quite transparent there I'm in a bright happy mood today it's a good day to be alive so let's do a painting that reflects that shoot every day is a good day to be alive there we are maybe a little bit of it down here what we're going to have water we just put a little in there what day okay without even cleaning the brush I'm gonna go right into a touch of alizarin crimson it just just tap a little bit into the bristles like so like so I will go right up above this and I just gonna lay in a little bit of crimson just wherever sorry let them flow together there we are let's blend those edges out very nice just put a little warm spot up here in the sky okay it would take a little crimson and we'll throw a little of that down I heard – what the heck what that we don't care that's good enough okay just have a good time that's really what paintings all about is just enjoy yourself okay little phthalo blue and I still had the same old dirty brush let's go right on back up in here using a little crisscross strokes and I've started out here working downward so it'll mix with a liquid white and automatic didn't get lighter and lighter and value there see the blue is so much stronger than that crimson Widow just it'll eat it up if you're not careful maybe a little bit right in here that way you do your painting if you don't want all these colors in the sky just leave them out you can make any canvas guy that you want just want to show you how to make a beautiful bright little painting we'll take some phthalo blue and a touch just a touch of phthalo green phthalo blue and phthalo green and let's put some let's put some water down here there pull from the outside yeah outside yeah a little bit on the other side there we go just let all these colors just sort of blend in together don't want to kill all that bright spot right there it'll go away and leave you yeah it'll go away and leave you there okay and now we can wash your brush we put all this color on there and this is the first time we've washed our brush use odorless thinner shake off the excess and there we go now that I want to blend the sky out be sure your brush is good clean and dry start in the light area and the light area and blend outward always blending outward up try not to bring that blue color back into that yellow or you'll have a bright green sky unless that's what you want okay Nannan just not good excess paint off my brush and continue to blend there we go okay one more time now you can blend this till it's very soft and very delicate you can't tell where one color stops and the next color starts and sometimes when you're painting at home step back from your painting and take a look see it's hard to see you when you're very close step back and look at it and you'll see a whole new perspective things are look totally different there all right down here it is very lightly Jess go across is mixing with a liquid white and it all just sort of blends together that's pretty already that's pretty mmm okay okay Pleakley no brush one more time shake it up cover hold the camera people we go let's put us a little mountain up here for that Oh moon use use a midnight black some Van Dyke Brown alizarin crimson a little Prussian blue cut dark color mix it up pull it out very flat cut off her a little roll of paint right there now then you got to make your first big major decision where's your Mountain live in your world maybe maybe your mountain lives right there well it sure does now firmly push that right into the fabric just a really push like so use a lot of pressure how'd it go off over here somewhere whatever scrape off all the excess paint take a 2 inch brush and we grab that once again the canvas is wet we can move color we can absolutely move color if you're on a dry canvas and you try to pull this paint you're gonna be an agony city that's one of the reasons that I stress so much that we use a pre stretch to double prime canvas if you use a canvas board or canvas paper it will absorb your liquid white and you'll be left with a dry surface and we depend on this being wet through the entire painting there we go banana let's put some let's put some snow on that mountain we take some white I'll take the least little touch of alizarin crimson put in there just to warm it up the least least little amount don't want to set it on fire pull it out very flat get strong with it very flat go straight down cut off our little roll of paint hmm now then you have to make some big decisions in my world I think the lights going to be coming from the right and you're going to find if you're right-handed it's normally easier for the light to come from the right if you're left-handed it will vary from person to person I have a brother who's left-handed and I know left-handed people their entire life are forced to do right-handed things so some left-handed people will find it easier to highlight on the left some on the right but most right-handed people 99 out of 100 will find it easier to highlight on the right try it a little bit see what works for you there okay what I was when I was teaching for a living all the time one of the things that I found when teaching a person who is left-handed it's super nice if you have a big mirror if you have a mirror you can do it and it looks correct then to a left-handed person there I can take a little blue little white assist they look blue and white there I've got flat once again our little roll of paint just like so now then let's just put the indication of a shadow now let's push this one back watch right here you come right down through here and distinctly come through that sleeve and it pushes that little thing right on back into the background that easy you have the power to move mountains there just put in a few little shadows here and there there push that one right on back bring that together maybe there's a little shadow hides right in there see anywhere you want a little indentation in your mountain put a shadow there it's all it takes watch here clean dry brush I want to create the illusion of mist down here at the base so gently tapping following the angles and lift upward upward upward upward very gentle though very very gentle all you're doing here is caressing the canvas that's barely touching now sometimes it's fun to come back and change your Mountain watching here see maybe you want to bring this back out a little doer in there and your world you could do anything that you want to do there we are see maybe there's a comes right out through here I don't know wherever you wanna just sort of make a decision in your mind and drop it in just practicing things in your mind and then putting them on canvas there sing babban our little shadow back here maybe here and there a little shadow shoot you've got one fantastic mountain there we are okay head over here always following the angles that you have in your mountain there we go nigga just blend all that together time to have some fun let's make us up a mixture of dark color here we'll use some black Prussian blue shootout throw some play-doh green in there too it doesn't matter a little bit of crimson the brown whatever you get you're just looking mainly for a good dark color it should look black let me clean my knife hmm okay and we'll take an old fan brush let's load it full of color a lot of paper both sides full okay and maybe back in here in our world there lives a lot of little distant trees and all you're doing is tapping down over the fan brush just tap it down now so I want to get progressively smaller when when this is done that will help lead the eye around the corner corn down straight we don't know where it goes but wherever it goes it's a happy little place back here okay maybe maybe here and there in our world maybe one or two these trees –is though a little more distinct stands out a little stronger you see a little more detail lot of paint though there's one just sort of working back and forth and you just put as many or as few as you want now right in here let's have some reflections because this is wet the paint will move use two nice traditional painter reflections were hard to do I turn the canvas upside down and paint the scene over but watch right here because this is wet all you have to do is grab it and pull it straight down straight down like so see there straight down and then very lightly come across didn't it fantastic see how you can move those and push them pull them wiggle them bend them whatever you want to do with them they're yours and you can do anything anything take a little liquid white to that I'm going to add the least little touch of blue tiniest little bit of halo blue not much done can't hardly even tell is any blue in there let's just put a little do that again pull a little color like that on the knife and push firmly I'm really pushing very firmly here very firmly there we go now we can take our knife just a clean knife scrape through here and there indication of some sticks twigs tree trunks all those happy little things yeah let's bill some more trees this will be our evergreen painting we'll have a lot of evergreens in this one so let's come right up here we'll put a happy little evergreen right there back and forth there just go back and forth a little a little subtler guys just live right in it Bryce you gonna push him out sometime I lived in Alaska for so many years and I love these scenes with mountains and evergreens looks like home to me there we go even if you're into selling paintings these type scene where they sell like hotcakes hey everybody likes I must come right over here maybe there's a little tree where's earlier I don't know wherever you want got a friend right there this Clyde he lives there and we just push up see what that easy we can make a little peninsula that comes right out see how that pushes everything back drop some of it underneath take our big brush grab that give it a little downward pull so we have some instant reflections hmm sneaky huh shoot I'm gonna make a big evergreen home a big one this one is taller than the mountain he goes we appear in the sky it's a granddaddy evergreen Alaska I used to have a huge huge evergreen that lived in my front yard boy he was a son of a gun look like he is a hundred foot tall and the ptarmigan used to come in every afternoon and it set in that tree ptarmigan ur beautiful grouse type bird it lives in Alaska it's not too smart though they're sort of like oh I don't know they taste sort of like pheasant and the people eat them there and that good eatin from what I understand diamond I wasn't much of a hunter should I Bret didn't feed them they were safe at my house a little bit of the liquid white we just run that right around like so can you find here's a good old brush just take a 2 inch brush we'll pull it right through some color so you pull it in one direction through the color a lot of paint's loaded into those bristles a lot of paint okay now that may be right in here lives some bushes and all kind of happy little things right there and we can reflect some of that right into the water into the water that easy and on the other side one was just happy little bushes trees parentsí just make this look like a little yd maybe just a little River they just wander add on back in there goes out behind the bin it's super place to take a canoe it just sort of float down the river six okay take some dark sienna a little bit of white mix it up so it sort of Marbley cut me off a little roll of paint and we'll go right up here enter that I'm just gonna put the indication here and there of a few tree trunks there and this big old tree he needs a he needs a trunk too big trunk in here give it a little sad words pull okay I'll grab another fan brush I have several of them going here so I don't have to spend all my time cleaning brushes well it takes a matte dark color we've made the evergreens out of mix it with a little yellow and automatically that's gonna turn a beautiful green because it has blue in it or black I'll scoop here now then let's put some highlights on these trees the mountain says our lights coming from the right so it also strike the trees stronger on the right than it would on the left there we go hmm I like to keep these evergreens quite dark quite dark it adds contrast to your paintings go over here in this big wind look at there and that's super to see hundreds and hundreds of little leaves and twigs that easy and you can take just a clean knife evergreens always have dead sticks hanging off of them watch out coming up here watch you take it see it just pop in a few little dead sticks and twigs hang around off your tree and all you have to do is just scrape scrape right through the paint just scrape through the paint I don't want to injure precious clean dip it into a little bit of the liquid white and then into some color we're gonna take some SAP green CAD yellow then we'll sort of bounce back and forth into who gets the deal ochre in a minute let's go right up here there's a happy little Bush I remember he lives right here right there beautiful little bush and he shines in the Sun okay nothin watch right here let's turn that into reflections just by pulling it down go lightly cross saw there's to it yeah I'm going to yellow ocher the lady in yellow here and they're here lives another little bush see you just sort of visualize these in your mind and drop them in drop them yet there we are maybe right here there's another little bush but sea-doo layer after layer after layer one bush at a time drop it in and then work forward okay you and then reflect a little bit of that right into the water here you know one of the questions I'd probably get half a dozen letters a week asking if we do any tracings or any video editing when we're making these shows and I really I've mentioned this before but there's there's absolutely no video magic that happens here what what happens here good or bad absolutely happens in the time that you see it happen there pull straight down and go lightly across okay yeah if I was to do something that you didn't see I'd feel like I was cheating yet tell you what do we get my fan brush here get a little bit of color right on the fan brush maybe back here in the distance but the indication of a little huh a little grassy area we back in there like so seeing that pushes that one we back now watch here and we put a bush here that's really gonna be the separator now it becomes a separate entity if as far away that may be right here live Skipton you're right a happy little Bush but they should be a nice place to live out here it's so pretty looks peaceful nobody's angry out here oh this is a nice spot to sit out here watch the animals talk to trees make friends with God in nature right there that's the spot another little tree right here see once again though put these hands in layers layer after layer I know what let's do maybe maybe there's a stone here if you need a little place to sit so let's let's just put us in just a little stone we can set right here and be comfortable little white a little brown we go right in here and drop the indication of a little highlight on top of that stone there and if you take care of this stone treated right it'll grow up to be a big mountain like back there that we know that's not true but it sounds good it sounds good probably just the opposite that used to be a big mountain has just got wore down to that there now we can bring some of our little bushes right around if you have trouble making these stick add a little tiny amount of liquid white to your brush there's one so even here where they're crowded do one of the time so you have individuals in there give each one of a name if necessary I'm just gonna take the knife scratch through the paint to create the illusion of sticks twigs all kinds of little things that are happening that helps you all different planes normally I do it in the dark areas not in the light house the light areas indicate leaves and stuff that are on this side the dark areas show you know where you're looking down between the sticks are between the bushes and you can see down into it the shadow areas need to see those little sticks some mainly in the dark areas a little Van Dyck Brown put some land right out here did you use all kinds of hippie things out here watch watch that goes dropped in there a little bit of our highlight color that was just dark seeing a little white looks like I hit a little blue there too and that's just right that graze it down a little bit makes it even better little touch little touch of liquid white I'm just going to pull that out flap and pull it out like so drop my knife cross it once again using a very firm pressure very firm been denied that nice strong you're not gonna hurt you that's another question I hear quite often is that my knife looks like it's a different color than the ones that people buy there's not there's not any difference at all the only thing is they make me spray this one black so it doesn't shine but it's the same knife that you have same identical life feeling ripples on the water here and they're their sticks and twigs liner brush whip dip it in the least a little bit of paint thinner make some paint that's very thin and maybe at right here here lives old ol stick he lives right out here like so go back into the paint thinner and do some bright red I think will sign this one this is a painting that will teach you how to use all the equipment and it's always one of the more popular things that we do these mountains and evergreens everybody likes these so on behalf of the entire staff happy painting and god bless production of this program is made possible by a grant from the Martin F Weber company manufacturers of fine artists materials and by langnickel manufacturers of select artist brushes

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