“Bogus Check” Scam Busted

THE MOBILE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE RECENTLY GOT A PACKAGE THAT OBVIOUSLY WAS SENT BY A SCAM ARTIST. HOWEVER, THE PACKAGE WAS NOT MEANT FOR THEM. I EXPLAIN IN TONIGHT’S SCAMBUSTER REPORT. “It was actually addressed to us, to the name of John Doe,” says Sgt. Josh Rhodes with the Mobile County Sheriff’s Office. A package, sent priority overnight, arrived at the Sheriff’s office recently. And Sgt. Josh Rhodes thinks he knows how it got there. “What we believe here is someone was very clever who lives in Mobile and knew it was a scam and said my name is John Doe and this is my address and gave them our work address. So it was rather funny when I got it,” says Rhodes. He says the man who sent it was the target of a familiar scam. “Someone obviously had a listing on Craigslist. These people contacted them and said we want to buy it, we’re going to send you the money to purchase it as well as ship it to us, and if there’s any money left over, we’ll just put it back in our account,” says Rhodes. It’s a common practice for scammers to send checks over and above the asking price. They tell you to cash it and send the rest back to them. And of course, the check is fake, and the money you’re sending back to them is your own out of your account. And there are two victims in this scam. The company name on the check is Ellis And Watts Global Industries. That’s a real company based in Ohio. “This particular company, their account was hacked. And they have had $34,000 of checks that were attempted to be cashed.” So not only is the scammer stealing a real account number, they are sending these checks to people all over hoping they’ll be cashed. “Luckily, the bank refunded some of their money and they put a stop to the rest of them.” BUT THAT DOESN’T ALWAYS HAPPEN FOR THE PEOPLE TRYING TO CASH THE CHECKS. SO BEWARE: IF YOU’RE SELLING SOMETHING ON CRAIGSLIST, OR ANOTHER SITE, AND SOMEONE SENDS YOU A CHECK FOR MORE THAN THE ASKING PRICE, THAT IS A DEFINITE SIGN THAT IT’S A SCAM. DON’T DEPOSIT

7 thoughts on ““Bogus Check” Scam Busted

  • My son got one that said it was from a popular furniture store chain with the Cash it now, we send more later b.s. My other son listed a room for rent and supposedly some Saudi prince's son was going to college nearby and sent my son a check for 2 or 3 thousand deposit, he cashed it and had to prove the email chain to the sheriff's department or get arrested, which he saved and printed out.

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  • If anyone cashes such a check, or let's someone use their bank account to clear a check, then you deserve all that comes to you How the hell can someone be so fawking stupid and niave to do such a thing? In todays age? Knowing what we know about these scams. And with the internet – a two minute search will tell you all you need to know about said check and company. I put this right along the same lines as the cinnamon dare & eating a tide pod. stupid is as stupid does

  • Why do people rush to send the scammers money back? Wait a month or so, if the scammers ask for the money back, tell them it hasn't clear the bank yet or there a problem with the check & the FBI is involved & investigating it.😃

  • I got two of those in the mail. The first scam check I threw it away knowing it was a fake. The second check came about a month after the first, but had a typed note asking me if I received the first check and did I cash it. I took the check to the bank branch that was on the check and turned it into the bank manager. She told me these have been popping up lately.

  • I got one two days ago! Went to the bank n turnned it in and contacted the company they tryed to scam too! People r stupid!

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