Bomber Hits Empire State Building – How We Invented The World

It is July 28th, 1945..
In the last days of World War 2. Until the World Trade Center opens, the Empire State is the tallest building on Earth.
102 floors filled with 21,000 workers.
20 year-old Betty Lou Oliver is one of them. Betty Lou was the elevator operator, this
nice, sweet lady, you know about my age, teenager, and she was working there
At 9:30, Betty Lou takes a coffee break, high on the 80th floor.
it was so foggy, just like pea soup. I never saw it that bad before.
Less than a mile away, flying a B-25 bomber, Army Air Corps Pilot William Smith is lost
in the fog and growing desperate. Come in, come in. I can’t see it. I can’t
see anything. Bank left, bank left! The bomber flies straight into the 79th floor.
One story below Betty Lou. A burning engine rips through the core of
the building. As on 9/11, the greatest danger is burning,
high-octane aviation fuel. Everybody was frantic, nobody knew what was
happening. despite a 20 foot hole in the building, remarkably,
it stays standing. Of the 1,000 people working there, only
14 die. And miraculously, among the survivors… is
Betty Lou. Only two days later, the Empire State Building
re- opens for business.

64 thoughts on “Bomber Hits Empire State Building – How We Invented The World

  • Just proves that WTC was built to be attacked by the USA Government! The Empire state was an accident!

  • Bomber guys the empire state building and there's at least a dozen videos on YouTube of massive buildings lite on fire threw many many floors and these skyscrapers don't even flinch. Drunk Mexicans must have build the WTC using popsicle sticks and playdo

  • The World Trade Center was built to allow a much more wider area of office space than ever before , most of it's supporting columns were placed on the exterior , again to allow more office space.

    The Empire state survived because mostly because of the way it was built , at the time in 1929 people didn't know much of the effects of wind at 1250 ft , so the building's architect overbuilt the structure with more steel support then what was needed , because of this the EBS is a very strong building

  • The WTC Towers each had 47 interlocking core-columns that grew progressively larger towards the bottom of the structure, where they were enormous; these inner core columns supported a great deal of the weight–60%  while the exterior columns bore 40%. The Towers were designed to withstand the impacts from commercial jetliners that were slightly smaller but going even faster–600 MPH, a speed which can't even be obtained in level flight below 1000 feet altitude w/out risking structural damage to such commercial aircraft, as they're designed to fly at speeds of about 535 MPH at 35K feet, where the air is 3X thinner, & must slow down to 400 MPH in lower altitudes & even slower at sea-level or when landing. I also wonder if the fuel capacity cited for the bomber is correct, since these planes were designed for long runs. Just as I predicted, the only parts of the aircraft which penetrate are the thicker part of the wings & engines–the wings, tail-sections, everything else is destroyed by the building. According to Newton's 3rd law, you could say that the Tower hit the plane going 580 MPH–the thin aluminum tips of the wings are never going to slice-thru huge steel columns. They might stick-in at best.  

  • A. Veil, 
    1> The Terrorists NEVER CARED if they were going to damage the plane flying beyond its 'never exceed' speed limit that low. all they cared about was ramming fuel and and heavy aircraft parts into the building.

    2>due to the Swept Wing configuration of the Airliners that hit WTC,plus the wing's momentum and the mass provided by fuel in the wings, the Wings naturally SWUNG backwards, as the plane hit the WTC, because the toughest Wing spar part was forward of most of the wing, hence, the wing followed simple physics, going into the same hole the forward fuselage had created. Same happened to the Empennage of the airliner

    3> NO ONE said the Airliner's wings sliced through columns of the WTC.
    its the heavy engines whose internal components spining at thousand's of RPMs caused more damage than the wings

  • Remember when that smaller plane hit the Empire State building it fell to the ground? Wait! Could there be something in a name? "Empire State"?

  • If the Empire State Building survived a plane crash, why couldn't the twin towers have on 9/11? We're their steel bars melting or something? It didn't happen with the Empire State so I dunno why it did with the twin towers…

  • I'm sad for the twin towers and manly the people. I'm glad the empire state building is still standing strong.

  • There's a girl called Claire she's a kid and she remember her old life she Died in the Crash she Belive her name was anna

  • That's exactly how 9/11 should have turned out, had there not been sinister motives, by the powers that be, in the USSA.

  • Wow, the plane just bounced off the building. In 9/11 the plane got swallowed up by the building. Something ain't there.

  • Not that I'm a 911 truther (so pls dont judge) i do belive real planes hit the twin towers. I just dont believe they are what made the towers collapse. I not gonna say what did cause number 1, like i said before, im not a truther and i dont approve of them, and number cause idk XD

  • wait so if the empire state building can stay standing how come both the twin towers fell think about it it is showing the 911 seemed like it was planned not just by terrorist but by the government

  • Physics

    The First Law of Motion states; that a body in motion at a constant velocity will remain in motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an outside force.

    • Example: A cyclist traveling at 30mph slams into a concrete and steel Jersey barrier.

    The Second Law of Motion states that if an unbalanced force acts on a body, that body will experience acceleration or deceleration, that is, a change of speed.

    • Example: A cyclist traveling at 30mph slams into a concrete and steel Jersey barrier slows dramatically and abruptly.

    The Third Law of Motion States for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

    • This means that for every force there is a reaction force that is equal in size, but opposite in direction. That is to say that whenever an object pushes another object it gets pushed back in the opposite direction equally hard, overcoming its mass.

    • Example: A cyclist traveling at 30mph slams into a concrete and steel Jersey barrier. The barrier pushes back against the force applied.

    911 Aircraft

    Boeing 767

    Construction: Skeletonized Aluminum

    Weight: 395,000 pounds or 197 tons

    Maximum Speed at 35,000 feet: 540mph

    A Boeing 767’s weight is 0.041% than that of The World Trade Center 1.

    When a hollow aluminum structure impacts a steel and concrete structure, there should be a collision at the point of impact. If you look closely at either plane, they appears as if they’ve melted into the building and this is absolutely impossible.

    The physics of interaction simply wasn’t there, there was no collision. Simple physics will not permit a flimsy aluminum aircraft to melt through a steel and concrete building. Additionally, neither plane exhibited any deceleration at all, and again simply is not possible.

    When either of these planes impacted the massive structures the nose of the aircraft would collapse and the wings deform, buckle, and snap and debris would fall to the ground yet none did and no debris was ever found.


    Because the flight of the second aircraft was recorded for several second prior to impact, its speed can be easily calculated using a distance over time equation. It took 2.97 seconds to fly a distance of 2,540 feet which equals 855 fps or 583 mph at sea level. The maximum speed of a 767 at 700 feet altitude is 400mph.

    The Boeing 767 and most other like aircraft are designed to operate at maximum efficiency at 35,000 feet. At this altitude the maximum speed of a Boeing 767 is 540mph. At 35,000 feet the air is less dense or thinner by a factor of three than at sea level. For a Boeing 767 to fly 540mph at sea level it would require 6 times the power.

  • 14 working people died , this is their really last moments at really longgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg time ago

  • Comment Section summed up.
    8 year olds bitching about 9/11 50%
    jokes 5%
    8 year olds trying to act smart about physics 20%
    9/11 jokes 10%
    miss informed 6 year olds talking about 9/11 14%
    This comment section summed up thing. 1%

    dear 8/6 9/11 bitchers, 4 U

  • So where's the rest of the story?
    When they were bringing Betty down in the elevator, the elevator cable snapped and she felt 79 floors and survived yet again.

  • What a load of Fake crap!!!! Betty Lou was a elevator operator, she did no have tea and look out the damn windows! Secondly there was no Co Pilot yelling 'Bank Left!!! Bank Left!!'

  • What BS 9/11 inspired hooey-this narrator is bending all over the 9/11 fraud to explain why this building was still standing after getting rammed by a goddamned b-52 for Christ sakes! This clearly shows how ridiculous the "fire causing the free-fall" bs government conspiracy theory is

  • I've only been to the Empire State Building once. It has a beautiful art deco design. New York City is an amazing place with the library, St. Patrick's Cathedral, Carnegie Hall, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty and much more.

  • here we go with the 9/11 conspiracies :v I don't really believe the official story as well but can you people just stop ( yes I believe the planes were real)

  • Duh… Of course it remained standing. WTF kind of stupid remark is that??? It had steel girders running all thru it… The WTC had more unsupported open space on each floor.

  • What a dumb didn't explain that Betty Lou Oliver was an elevator operator and fell 1,000 feet when the B 25 Bomber's engine severed the elevator cables of the Empire State Building. She survived the fall and actually returned working as an elevator operator many months later. Her free fall is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records .

  • The only difference here is that the Empire State Building is made with Steel and Concrete, unlike the Twin Towers which were steel-framed structures. Those who are not experienced with structural engineering will not stop making theories until they realize how it was built from the very start.

  • who else had no idea that anything bad had ever happened to the empire state building until they saw this in there recommended for no reason at all?

    Donald Trump should put a plaque up there. It was hit one year after the Empire State Building got hit by a b-25.Few people remember this. historic event

    57 Years Later
    New York City In 2001: Dang It’s So Tragic…. The World Trade Center Twin Towers…. 🙁

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