Boss in the Mirror | 사장님 귀는 당나귀 귀 EP.21 Part. 1 [SUB : ENG, THA/2019.09.29]

We reveal the frustrations of bosses in Korea. Boss… – In the Mirror! / – In the Mirror! (Where is Governor Won?) Right now, it’s a state of emergency in Jeju-do… – Because of Typhoon Lingling. / – It is. Governor Won couldn’t leave Jeju-do, so he wasn’t able to attend the shoot today. Everyone here hopes that there won’t be a big disaster caused by Lingling. Alright. Today, we have a person who can speak her mind to Ms. Shim, the president of hanbok, the long-awaited, Park Sulnyeo. (The president of hanbok, Park Sulnyeo) The Korean hanbok president. Hello, I’m the female Hyun Jooyup. No one told me to say this. – Female Jooyup. / – Because… I eat a lot, it reminded me of Coach Hyun. They call me the female Hyun Jooyup. She’s the Coach Hyun of the hanbok world. She’s the first person who I want to compete against after seeing her eat. (Her eating makes him feel competitive) If you use a single layer for the jacket part… No, if we use it for the jacket part, it’ll roll up. It won’t, Ms. Shim. – No, it’ll roll up. / – No, on the top… – We’re going to put studs. / – Oh, I see. Ms. Shim, you cook well… – But I’m good with hanbok. / – Alright. – So please listen to me. / – Alright. (Park Sulnyeo is finally here) All the top celebrities look for hanbok made by Ms. Park. This is BTS. Oh, BTS. (The hanbok maker loved by many celebrities) Britney Spears. It’s not a mannequin, right? It isn’t. – Ahn Junghwan. / – Ahn Junghwan. – This must be for his wedding. / – Lee Hyewon. Yes, when they were getting married. Which one of your customers did you require the most materials to make hanbok for? You know Ryu Hyunjin, who got married last year? – The baseball genius. / – Yes. – His hanbok required the most materials? / – Yes. Is he similar to Ryu Hyunjin? I think… – Coach Hyun is bigger, right? / – Coach Hyun… Will require more fabric for his hanbok. – No, Coach Hyun… / – He’s bigger, right? Has a slightly bigger face… – But similar bodies? / – But they should be similar. He’s 1.90m tall. He’s very built. – He is. / – Ryu Hyunjin, that is. He’s very nice and greets people nicely. (Confused Jooyup) Coach Hyun is the same. (Proud) Wow. It’s kind of like a competition. It is. (So this is how you’re going to be?) I think I’ll have to pick the right path to follow. You need to follow the right person. The two are very similar. They made it here with their endurance and they both like to brag about themselves. Right, they like to do that. She always brags every time I see her, about her husband… No matter how much money my husband spends… – Yes. / – It doesn’t feel like a waste. (Let’s not be jealous…) I was teaching a class this afternoon and my husband was so cute. (Startled) My husband does all the laundry, leaves rice cooked in the rice cooker so I can eat whenever I want… Oh, he cooks as well? He cooks better than me. I didn’t know how to use the laundry machine either. – Yes. / – I learned how to a month ago. You learned a month ago? I’m scared of the machines. In terms of my husband, I feel like I’m living with a bachelor. That’s as good as it can get. Ms. Shim, my husband… When is this going to end? My husband is aloof like a bamboo in a mountain… (I want to go home…) He knows everything… – It won’t finish any time soon. / – It’s never-ending. Will we be able to see the videos today? (A strong enemy has appeared) Alright, let’s say that the fight over your husbands is a tie with two points for each of you. Last week, there was a Yonsei and Korea University rivalry between Coach Hyun and Coach Woo. There was. Today, there will be a rivalry between Ms. Shim, the master of Korean food and Ms. Park… – The master of hanboks. / – Yes. The battle of the masters. Let’s take a look at the battle between Ms. Shim and Ms. Park. You have to put it there so I can drop it. (Preparing tea for a special guest) (Two special guests make their way) (Two females approach) They’re both very tall. They are. – Hello, Ms. Shim. / – Oh, she’s here. Goodness. – Hello. / – Hello. Oh, welcome. – Hello, Ms. Shim. / – Good to see you. (She spread the beauty of hanbok for 43 years) Compared to that photo of her in the past, she hasn’t changed at all. (The master of hanbok, Park Sulnyeo) (And the person who was always by her side) Hello, I’m Vice President No Myeongseon. I’m Ms. Park’s niece and I’ve worked by her side for the past 23 years. – Oh, she’s the vice president. / – 23 years. – What’s all this? / – And… This is the hanbok you ordered last time. Oh, goodness. I thought they’d get into a big fight back then. – Instead of this color… / – Yes. How pretty. When I was getting married, I wanted to wear… – This color, but I couldn’t. / – It’s such a pretty color. The colors are so pretty. – Goodness. / – The colors are perfect for the fall. They are. (Bling, bling) After hosting this show, I’m starting to realize the beauty of hanbok again. What if your father falls in love with me again? There’s nothing you can do about it. As expected, she’s a romantic. This is pretty as well, but your headband is so… It’s cute, right? It’s a cute headband. What did you put on your head? (The headband that steals everyone’s gaze) Is something smeared on your head? It’s a headband for babies. Oh, for babies? I was very surprised. (I thought hard about it before wearing it…) Just looking at you makes me smile. Who do they say is more frustrating? I’m sure whoever watched the program thinks that Ms. Shim is more frustrating. They felt refreshed because I spoke very directly to her. I’m a very soft woman when you get to know me. – Look at my headband. / – She looks tired. She is. (Feels like a criticism) Look at my headband. Isn’t she frustrating? A direct question. It’s hard for me to be frank about it. (Tell me honestly) (Wary) (Her biggest challenge in 23 years) Rather than frustrating, she’s sensitive, detailed… (She answers without answering) She’s saying that she’s frustrating. She was just being indirect. I think it would’ve been better if she just said she was frustrating. She’s saying worse things. (I will see you later) Anyway, last time… (She cuts her off in the middle) I ate so much when I was with you, so people think that they have to bring food whenever they come to see me. It’ll be a waste to throw it out. She ate six servings that time. She ate a lot. – I’m the female Hyun Jooyup. / – She ate 6 servings. Eat before you go. I ate a lot before I came. You did? So I think it’ll be better if you taught me how to cook. I eat food which my husband cooks for me. I’ve never prepared a meal for my family since the day I was married until now. If I learn how to make 4 or 5 things… – I… / – It’ll be difficult. You don’t know how to cook at all. Still, Ms. Shim… (It won’t be easy) Don’t say anything today. – Alright. / – We’ll cook blue crab soup… And a kimchi dish. I want to learn how to cook a meat dish as well. – As expected. / – Why are you looking for meat… Like Coach Hyun? Still… She talks about him every week. If I don’t eat meat, I get signs of anemia. (She needs meat to get rid of her anemia) – That’s why I wore a headband. / – Anemia. Because I have anemia. (They have a bad feeling about this) Search everywhere and look for some blue crabs… – And beef ribs. / – It’s very hard. Also, buy 600g of beef ribs. What will you be making with the ribs? Short rib patties? – Short rib patties… / – That sounds good, Ms. Shim. Then we’ll make short rib patties and some fertilized eggs. – Hurry up and get it ready. / – CEO Jang… Suddenly has a lot of work to do. – Hurry, Ms. Shim. / – Alright, I’ll be back. – Buy some vegetables too. / – There’s more work. – Alright. / – We need some mushrooms too. She suddenly got work to do. We never had the chance to learn to cook, so don’t just stand by the sidelines. Let’s learn together. (She coerces her niece to learn with her) Alright. Vice President No. Wasn’t she learning on her own? I need an assistant. Oh, it’s not that you want to learn together… – You need an assistant. / – Yes. I’m sure your niece was busy as well. She was going to give the hanbok and… Yes, it’s the holiday season, so there are a lot of sponsorships and it’s very busy. – Yes. / – She’s overworked. Ms. Park, what’s funny is that you’re saying that your niece is overworked but you’re telling her not to miss this chance to learn. – No, because… / – She cooked until 11 p.m. It’s good for women to know how to cook. She should learn when she gets the chance. We really don’t know how to cook. She’s a worse cook than I am. I wanted to prepare a meal for my husband, son, and daughter. I’ve never learned how to cook and never had a chance to learn, so I was scared. – She really doesn’t care about cooking. / – Right. She’s unexpectedly learning how to cook. She doesn’t look interested in learning at all. – Yes. / – She has no interest at all… In learning how to cook. (The fresh ingredients to be used for cooking) I like watching the cooking segments so much. Steamed blue crab soup? Short rib patties. Wow, short rib patties. These rolled omelets… They look different. They look like rice rolls. (Seasoned cabbage) – Seasoned cabbage? / – That looks amazing. It’s made similar to fresh kimchi, right? (How will their first cooking class go?) First, I want to see you peel some pears. Alright. It’s the first hurdle. Peeling pears is the first test. It’s been 40 years since I peeled a pear. (Reunited with pears after 40 years) It’s been 40 years? I was about 20 years old when I peeled a pear. I didn’t have a chance to cook since I started working with hanboks. I don’t remember the last time I peeled a pear. He’s really bad at cutting it. – What are you doing? / – She yelled at him a lot. (Even the model, Hyunmin…) – Isn’t this how you peel it? / – “Law of the Jungle.” (No one has passed her test yet) You can’t even peel a pear? (Ms. Park, 63 years old, peeling a pear) Oh, my. – Oh, she’s doing well. / – She’s good. I’m skilled with my hands. I’m good with a needle and thread. Needle and thread. She’s peeling it well. You peel it well. – I’m 63 years old. / – Thinly. (She easily peels the pear) I feel like I peeled a pear 50 years ago. You should’ve erased your nail polish. Yes, I should’ve erased it. (Embarrassed) I painted my nails because my nails crack easily. If I erase the nail polish, I’m afraid my nails will crack again. You can’t just toss the peel aside like this. Yes, ma’am. I was going to put it here but I thought you were going to put something on this plate. Ms. Park has a lot of excuses. If other students talked back to me like that, I’d chase them out in an instant. She talks so much more than me. She talks too much. I can’t win against her. If I say one word… – She says ten words. / – I see. (She has a lot of things to say but won’t say them) (As she’s finishing peeling the pear…) I cut it well. This is good, but… If I were to grade you, I’d give you 70 points. – 70 points? / – Yes. She gave me a high score. We need to make the blue crab soup. First, we need to slice the vegetables. We need to cut it thinly. – Thinly. / – Slice it finely, right? Right. We need to slice it thin. (Slice the cabbage thinly?) Slice cabbages thinly? How do you slice cabbage thinly? How can you slice it so thin? This is my first time seeing that. (The Korean food master’s skilled hands) Like this. (Amazing even seeing it again a second time) The cabbage is good with the blue crab even if it’s not sliced thinly like that, but she made me do that hard work. Oh, it was unnecessary? Yes. Oh, it wasn’t necessary? – Why did you slice it thinly? / – Because… If the ingredients don’t take after the chef, the food isn’t pretty to look at. There’s no need to prepare the food to that extent though. It’s not a matter of being comfortable, but it was very unnecessary. (Innocent bystanders in a fight of the masters) When you’re sewing… – Yes, Ms. Shim. / – When you’re broad-stitching… If you miss with the needle even a little bit… – It’s the same with sewing. / – I’m going to sit this out. Me too. They’re so scary. Food is the same. You need to be more detailed than when you sew. – So if you don’t do it like that… / – Coach Hyun. At that empty spot… I was just checking to see if it was working. Coach Hyun, aren’t you thinking this? It’s the same once it goes into your stomach. (Laughing) I miss Governor Won. Slice the vegetables. Alright. Oh, we need to slice it thinly like this. 30g each. Be careful. You don’t hesitate when you cook, Ms. Park. Yes, I’m interested in cooking and I enjoy it. (She’s very interested in cooking) (Chop, chop) (She’s slow but exact) (Let’s see) You’re slicing it too thick. (She scolds her) Ms. Shim. – Put this all inside. / – It’s thick. You can’t use this. The camera is making it look thick. (Is she describing a new filming technique?) How can they film it to make it look thick? That’s one of the skills of filming. (It’s not my fault) Put it over there. You can’t use this. We can’t use this? Do we have to throw it away? No. Should I eat it then? No. I’ll gather it and eat it. No. She cut it thick on purpose so she can eat it. Goodness. We can’t use this. – Slice it thinly like this. / – Ms. Shim, that’s… – Very thin. / – Not possible for people like us. (Busy eating, busy spectating) It’s wasteful. Very thin. Will Ms. Shim end up doing all the preparations? Because she’s so frustrated? That’s right. It becomes our blood and flesh once we eat it. You cut it too thick. Here as well. – You cut it too thick. / – Oh, my. – I sliced it thinly. / – My niece really did cut it thick. I’m so scared. Put the body of the knife against the back of your fingers like this and rub it against your hand. Just rub it against the back of your hand. – Oh, you rub it? / – This is your steering wheel. Your ring finger and your index finger. This is your middle finger. Which one was the middle finger again? (An unexpected middle finger controversy) – The one in the middle. / – I’m confused as well. You mean your middle finger. Your middle finger is correct. – It is? / – Yes. (M-Ms. Shim?) Your ring finger. Ms. Shim makes jokes sometimes. – Thumb. / – This is your thumb. – Middle. / – Thumb, middle, ring finger. Your ring and index fingers grab the vegetable. Your middle finger is the steering wheel. How can you learn how to cook without even knowing how to use a knife? She needs to learn because she doesn’t know. They don’t lose to each other at all. She talks back like that. Neither one of them loses. Ms. Shim, I feel like you would’ve gotten very mad. No, she’s the expert in her field. Yes. But she’s not in this field, so I should forgive and understand her. – Forgive and understand. / – I don’t think… You forgave her even once. You just yelled at her. She keeps yelling at her. I’m doing well, right, Ms. Shim? Yes, you are. I’m talented when it comes to cooking. It’s just that I don’t cook. Your self-admiration is something else. – Goodness. / – Ms. Shim, that’s the one thing… That’s keeping me alive. (Laughing) She’s not losing even once. She isn’t. Chop all this since you’re good at chopping. A teacher will always be a teacher. Like this. Use this. It cuts well. – Ms. Shim. / – Thinly. It seems you need to cut it very thinly. There isn’t anything to eat but it seems like we’re going to spend all-day chopping vegetables. Ms. Shim, it looks like we’re going to spend all-day cutting vegetables. They taste good on their own. Do we need to chop them up? Yes, you do. When will we be able to eat? I think it’ll be easier to sew, Ms. Shim. Of course. (I, the master of hanbok, Park Sulnyeo) (Can sew between mm distances) Where did they get that footage from? – I think that was 10 years ago. / – It’s really old. – Is it from 10 years ago? / – I don’t even remember. I thought it was a North Korean broadcast. The quality… I think it’s at least 20 years old. I thought it was a North Korean program. (How funny) You look younger now though. I do, right? (Time is going backward) (This isn’t a North Korean broadcast) That’s very hard to do. I think it’ll be easier to sew than to cook. Thinly. She kept telling me to slice it so thin. – It’s so thin. / – I wondered when we’ll be eating. Goodness. It’s very hard. I feel sorry for the niece. She’s not even interested in learning how to cook. She’s not interested at all. She probably won’t even cook in the future either. Stop chopping now. I think it’ll be good even if I don’t chop it but Ms. Shim… (She gathers the chopped ingredients) We’ll blanch it a bit and put it against a strainer. She boils all of it like that. – She says she needs to disinfect them. / – Blanched? (She puts aside the slightly blanched ingredients) Next, this. (What is their next job?) Chop this up. (C-chopping again?) They’re chopping again? (Chopping up shrimp and abalones) Thinly? – Like this? / – Thinly. (The master of chopping at this point) It looks like you’ll be chopping for an hour at the rate that you’re going. (I’m slow but I’ll do my best) (When the vice president peels the shrimp) (The master of hanbok chops it up) It requires a lot of work. These ingredients taste good on their own. (Struggling) Looking at the footage now, they edited out a lot of scenes but when I was working on it, it was really boring. – You wanted to run away, right? / – It was boring. Yes, because I felt like all that work was unnecessary but she kept making me do it. (A fight that’s hard to watch) If you’re not going to do it earnestly, why cook at all? Cooking is an art. It is. Goodness. (They’re cooperating to work together) That looks good. Ms. Shim, I think I’m going to get exhausted just by preparing the food. I think we did that for an hour. – You see this crab? / – Yes. I steamed this in the beginning. – So we take out all the meat? / – Yes. We need to take out the meat. – That takes time. / – We can just eat it as is. It tastes good just on its own. Why are we peeling it? (Why in the world are we doing all this work?) I’m going to get exhausted before we finish cooking. You rascal. Ms. Shim, there isn’t a lot of meat. What meat should I take out? Where did it go? The sesame oil? There really isn’t that much meat. There’s only a little bit. I think we’ll end up eating at midnight. Ms. Shim, she said we’ll end up eating at midnight. Take out the meat like that. I’ll take it out now. It must be really hard to take out the meat. It’d be fun if there was meat inside but there isn’t any. There was only a little bit. Did you take out all the meat? This one too? Fry it slightly. (She fries all the ingredients together) She’s disinfecting the ingredients again. – Once each. / – Mix them. Yes, Ms. Shim. Ms. Shim, I think this food is suitable for a king. It takes half a day to chop the vegetables… There isn’t a moment when she isn’t complaining. I think she’s the first person we’ve seen that talks more than Ms. Shim. – And… / – Yes. Ms. Shim. From all the people that came to learn how to cook, there wasn’t anyone who complained as much as Ms. Park, right? I don’t let them speak. If you talk while you’re cooking, you’ll spit into the food. That woman over there though had so many complaints… – And grievances. / – Ms. Shim, I… I’m sorry to cut you off while you’re talking. When I was learning how to sew… She even cuts me off when I’m talking. (Feeling guilty) Ms. Shim. I really… (One loss for the master of hanbok) (Ms. Shim checks up on the food) Ms. Shim, half the day has passed. Pour it into there. Alright. That looks good. (Scraping) – They’re healthy for you. / – Are you cutting… – The sharp edges? / – The sharp edges. They need to be cut. (What are you going to do with this?) Is she going to make soup with it? Oh! You don’t throw away the shell? How admirable. She puts the fried ingredients in there. It’s very admirable. You do that and boil it in the broth? (She gathers the filled shells) Sprinkle some starch on top. You sprinkle the starch on top so that the sweet taste doesn’t escape. Yes, Ms. Shim. Do this, and bring that. – Is that for the garnish? / – Yes. It’s done once you garnish it. How pretty. You don’t need to put any garnish in. It’s like your yellow and green hanbok. Yes, like this. Red. (She puts the shells into a steamer) It’s really done very earnestly. I think I’m going to collapse while cooking. We haven’t even started yet. (Will we be able to finish today?) Anchovies and kelp. Oh, there are anchovies, kelp, and shrimp inside. This is a really healthy food. It’ll be good for anyone to learn. – It is. / – Soybean paste. (She adds a bit of soybean paste) Alright. (Once it’s boiled) (She uses a gauze to drain the broth) Wow, that broth. I think we can still eat it deliciously without straining the broth. How can you eat the shell deliciously? What if it gets caught in your neck? So you need to drain the broth for it to taste good. They don’t listen to each other. They just say what they want to say. They just say what they want. (They finally finish the 1st round of making the soup) (2nd round, add three eggs) Mix it in. Oh, my. What’s this? You need to mix it in more. We’re boiling that in the broth. – Add 3 eggs. / – It’s so delicious. The broth. Do you normally add eggs to blue crab soup? The eggs get rid of the fishiness of the crabs. It was very wise advice. (The great skill of the master of Korean food) (After they boil it once more) (They filter the soup once more) I’m the only person in the world who makes this dish. Pour in the boiling broth here. (The food meets the earnestly made broth) That looks really good. I want to try a sip of that soup. Boil it there and… (Mesmerizing, unique steamed blue crab soup) Weren’t you supposed to cook four dishes today? You finished one. One. Try doing this for an hour or two. It gets tiring. It didn’t take one or two hours. – It only took 20 minutes. / – 20 minutes? Ms. Shim, it took a very long time. It’s 20 minutes after editing. – It’s 20 minutes after editing. / – An hour or two. Time to make the short rib patties now. Are we done once we finish making the patties? – No. / – I wanted to cook a lot of food… But I’m getting bored. Ms. Shim. There’s a lot of chopping, boiling, and steaming. There’s too much work. Just make two dishes. Mix the first ingredient. How do I mix it, Ms. Shim? Put the ingredient here… Oh, use this recipe? And mix it. Ms. Shim’s blue crab… No, not the blue crabs. I’ll read it. You made the blue crab earlier. It’s hard to go in between a conversation between the masters. – Here… / – No, this is… The blue crab soup. Oh, this whole page is the blue crab recipe? No wonder it looked so boring. “No wonder it looked so boring.” Ms. Shim, the second page is for the short rib patty? Try following the recipe. She’s smarter than me, so let’s tell her to do that. I’ll chop up the meat. Should I just follow the grain here? Cut it however you want. We’re going to dice it anyway. Oh, alright. (After chopping vegetables, now she’s cutting meat) Oh, like that. If you dice it too small, it won’t taste good. I got yelled at for dicing it too small. (Making the sauce for the patty) (Recipe for the marinade) That’s a lot of ingredients. It’s very good. It’s not bad. Vegetable juice and paste, plum juice, honey, and wine. There are a lot of ingredients. I wanted to make that for my son but I haven’t been able to yet. (What is this white rice cake?) Did you add the rice cakes? You mix it like this. You mix the hardened rice cakes. See? Things like that are fascinating. – You dice rounded rice cakes… / – What is that? And add them in. – Oh, rice cakes as well? / – Yes. – That… / – With meat. If you taste the rice cakes in between bites… – It tastes good. / – It does. – Because it’s chewy. / – That’s a good idea. (Only Ms. Shim and the Vice President are working) Ms. Park lost some weight. She became so skinny. Her cheeks became so slim. Ms. Park, if we were to guess, it looks like you’re trying to buy time while hiding in the back. You’re washing the cutting board for too long. I acknowledge the fact that Ms. Shim is a master of cooking, but… (But?) Yes. Every time she cooks, she spills something. – Then, we… / – Ms. Shim does? Ms. Shim spills everywhere. I need everything to be clean. If you start cooking food, you have to focus solely on the food. Yes, Ms. Shim. You’ll waste too much time cleaning. When will you cook then? She’s getting yelled at for saying that. You should only focus on cooking. You’ll understand when you get older. Yes, Ms. Shim. You’ll even spill food from your mouth. Isn’t this so funny? She’s telling someone who’s almost 70 years old that she’ll understand when she gets older. I’m 63 years old. That’s what I mean. This is only possible in our program. (I love doing the dishes) Oh, you’re good at cleaning, Ms. Park. Organizing things and whatnot. (Very happy) (Where did this woman go?) I must be made for doing dishes. – Stop doing the dishes. / – I’ll try it. (An argument about doing dishes this time) (Laughing) – That was hilarious. / – “Stop doing the dishes.” They’re so different. The two of them. You’re just doing the dishes all-day even though you came here to learn how to cook. She didn’t want to cook. She doesn’t care though. They don’t care what they say to each other. Do that, but it’s too small. Make it bigger. It seems small now that you mention it. Like this? Yes, that’s fine. (It looks pretty though) (They finally put the patties on the frying pan) I think it’ll get burnt very easily. (Even looking at it now, she’s still proud) – Wow, that looks good. / – It’s… Impossible for it to taste bad. The white things are the rice cakes. (They prepare the garnish for the short rib patties) (She slices the pears into edible slices) Mince the cucumbers like this. Then it’ll be seasoned better. Ms. Shim, is that really necessary? That seems over the top. It’s pretty though. When you’re making a hanbok jacket, can’t you just cut it into big pieces… – Instead of doing it like this? / – That’s right. – Yes, Ms. Shim. / – Goodness. – I’m sorry. / – You’re talking too much. (She eats a cucumber to wake up) She’s always the first to attack but always seems to be the loser. (Fry cucumbers, pears, dates, and chestnuts) Cucumbers, pears, dates, and chestnuts. Oh, they boil all this as well? Oh, I mean fry. You add a bit of salt and vinegar… – Yes. / – To the pears. This requires a lot of work. Time to make the rolled omelets now. Yes. – Then… / – They’re making the 3rd dish now? You can use this to make the rolled omelets. I don’t think we need to eat the rolled omelets. What did I say? – It’s hard, so let’s just do 2 dishes. / – You’re right. I wanted to learn a lot but you keep making us boil, chop and steam things. There are more scenes of you doing the dishes. – There are a lot of dishes to do. / – I mean… Even though there are a lot of dishes to do, you’re washing the cutting board so many times. Eventually, it seems that Ms. Shim is cooking and Ms. Park is just doing the dishes. – She must’ve gone to clean. / – Yes. Stop doing the dishes and come over here. – Ms. Shim. / – Did you come to do the dishes? When I see the dishes stacked up this high… – It upsets me. / – We’re going to cook now. (She ends up cutting things again) (It’s still funny to her) (She dices the bell peppers) You’re also slicing the pollock roe thinly. (She also cracks some eggs) I’m so curious to see how it’ll turn out. (And whisks them very well) Let’s take a look. Let’s learn. (She even puts it through a strainer) You put it through the strainer and… Once you’ve sufficiently put it through, okay. We’ll need to wake up at dusk to do this. This? All you’re doing is cracking a few eggs and straining them. What do you mean dawn? It only takes 5 minutes. Even her niece is getting yelled at now. – It’s longer than 5 minutes. / – How frustrating. – Ms. Shim must be upset. / – Like this. You can see that we finished it, right? If it makes sounds like this, it means there are air bubbles. (She dips the salted pollock roe in the eggs) (And lightly puts it on the omelet) That’s a good idea, right? Oh, they cut it thinly to put on there. (Ms. Shim doesn’t make anything easy) She’s rolling it like rice rolls. (She focuses as she makes) (The first rolled omelet of her life) It’s an easy yet satisfying dish to make. (The easily-made seasoned cabbage) Seasoned cabbage is great just on its own. Ms. Shim. Good job. I regretted asking to learn how to cook 4 things, but I’m very happy after seeing the result. (The nutritious blue crab soup) I’m so curious about how this tastes. It’s really good. (The savory and chewy short rib patties) (The colorful rolled omelet) The color is so pretty. Right? It’s very good to make at home. Even people who live alone. (The table setting is complete) Let’s eat. – Thank you for the food. / – Is this enough food? – You eat a lot. / – It’s a bit lacking, but… It required a lot of work to make, so for the portion that’s lacking, I’ll go to eat again after. She sounded like she was being serious when she said it was a bit lacking. Wow, it looks so good. I feel sorry for eating this. Use your chopsticks for that. Alright. – Put the meat on top. / – That looks really good. Can I at least eat comfortably without worrying about it being pretty? Take it out from here and try eating it. Yum. (The vice president also tries a bite) The soup was so delicious. I don’t even need to chew. It must be so delicious. We didn’t add any sugar but it was sweet. You can just use a spoon to scoop up the meat inside the crab shells, right? I think it’ll taste good if I take some rice and mix it in here. It will. Yes. Yum. What is this sauce? You put it on top of the rolled omelet. What’s it made of? – This sauce? / – Peanuts… Milk, salt and a little bit of sugar. What kind of sauce is that? A dip for the rolled omelet? But it tastes good. It tastes good even without the sauce. (She puts a big scoop of the peanut sauce) (And eats it in one bite) The sauce itself tastes good. (It’s an amazing taste) These days, young people like food that are too sweet and stimulating, but… – That food was so good. / – I’m sure. It wasn’t salty. They say that people who can’t cook… – Know how good food tastes. / – Yes. You’re right, Ms. Shim. People who can’t sew know when things are pretty. (Is it a compliment or a curse?) Give me some seasoned cabbage here. It was good. Give me some seasoned cabbage. It must be so good. (One mouthful) (Two mouthfuls) (A mouthful) (She nods her head at the taste) This seasoned cabbage is good. Eat as much as you’d like. The food’s a bit lacking, but I’ll try my hardest to eat. (She sure can eat) (The last short rib patty) (She eats and empties a plate) (She eats and eats again) Everyone else put their utensils down. – It’s good. / – This is fast-forwarded… But she’s still eating. (She cleaned all the dishes) – Wow. / – Wow. – She finished everything. / – This was delicious. I’m still not full yet… No way. Let’s go eat something good for round two. Who goes to eat something for round two? I don’t think I can eat anymore. Ms. Shim, there’s a stomach for meals and another stomach for desserts. I like shaved ice. Shaved ice? Alright. I’ll treat you to some shaved ice. Let’s go. Alright. (Let’s go to round two) I really think you can go up against Coach Hyun. (She really is amazing) (Where are they going for round two?) Oh, here? (Full of the savory scent of bread) This place is famous. This bakery has been open for a long time. (They even have a sweet shaved ice) Ms. Shim, this is very pretty, so please take a photo of me with it. Here. – Goodness. / – I’ll hold this. She really knows how to follow the trend. Smile for the camera. (Smile) I’m curious about something. – Ms. Shim. / – Yes. Has there been anyone who has asked for you to take their picture? I don’t think so but I had fun that day. You should also be taking photos these days. She should. The trend these days is to take photos of food before you eat them. Smile for the camera. (The 63 and 80-year-old women taking photos) I can’t believe I have this sort of freedom right now. Ms. Shim, look here. Alright. You look so pretty. They both came out so pretty. (The sweet date between the two ladies) I wanted to eat shaved ice with red beans… Yes. But I don’t like it when people look at me. (The problem of being a celebrity) So I couldn’t come out to enjoy it. The problems of being a celebrity. (She takes a big spoonful) (I’m going to take a spoonful as well) What a sweet taste. This is the taste of being in a relationship. It is. “The taste of being in a relationship.” (She loves eating shaved ice with red beans) I think the last time I sat down in a place like this and enjoyed shaved ice with red beans was about 50 years ago. From my recollection. It seems like it’s been 40 to 50 years since you did anything. (She seems to have done everything 50 years ago) Whatever she does, she did 40 to 50 years ago. While I was working on hanbok, I wasn’t able to do anything else. – That’s right. / – I’m not just saying that. You were so busy. Half a century no matter what she does. It’s thanks to you, Ms. Shim, that I’m able to enjoy this luxurious moment. I don’t even have time to lie down when I go home. I’m too tired, Ms. Shim. I don’t even want to talk when I get home. I can’t do that because my husband is too pitiful. (She’s suddenly talking about Secretary Jang?) So suddenly? – Secretary Jang? / – He asks me about my day. You’re starting to brag again. I massage his back a bit… Your husband? And tell him that he worked hard even though I’m the one that worked hard. You must be good at displaying affection. When I call out “honey” and I have nothing to say, I just say “I love you.” You’re making me cringe. (A story that makes her cringe) They sound like they’re in a comedic talk show. They do. Stop it, Ms. Shim. How can you say something like that? You know words that you like to say, right? She doesn’t seem interested at all. – Within his embrace… / – You fall asleep? Yes, I do. If a 20-year-old said things like this, I think I would’ve gotten annoyed but since it’s you, it’s forgivable. The thing I’m thankful to my husband for these days is that when we were younger, we didn’t have anyone to raise our children. My husband gave up his job as a public servant and raised the children. I’m so thankful that he raised our children so well and prepared them for society. Where did they find that photo? They really are good at things like this. Her husband was born in 1953. I see. – He was born in the Year of the Snake. / – He was. It’s 67 years old. – He gives off an aura of… / – He’s handsome. – An actor. / – He’s handsome. He is. I think what she said in her interview is funny. “I’m thankful that my husband lived his whole life without taking a single nutritional supplement.” That’s right. – Where… / – It means he’s not expensive to live with. Ms. Shim, it’s not easy for me to do, but I’ll work very hard so that one day I’ll be able to say “thank you” to my husband. Until the day we die, let’s live… Yes. – With love in our hearts. / – Let’s. There’s a conclusion it seems. Thank you for the treat. I’m surprised to see a conclusion. I enjoyed the food. (She chugs the remaining coffee) These two tend to brag when they talk. They do. They enjoy bragging. You should brag about your wife. They’re bragging about their husbands. That’s right, you haven’t bragged about her at all. You’ve been holding back until now. Why do you not talk about your family life? Some people have misunderstandings about my marriage life because of Ms. Shim. – We’re not separated. / – Oh, because she said that? People have been saying that you’re separated. Tell us more about that. Moreso than that, I know what year my children were born in now. – Oh, you memorized it all? / – Yes. What year was your first son born in? The Year of the Rat. And your second? The Year of the Tiger. And your wife? Oh, no. You don’t know what year your wife was born? This photo was from five years ago. – This is? / – She’s pretty. The children are so young. – They’re so young. / – How pretty. Is this your last family photo? It’s from five years ago. They’re handsome. His son visited us a few days ago. He’s taller than his mother now. That means that that photo was taken a very long time ago. I’m sure he’d be tall if he stood up. It’s probably because they’re sitting down. – Also… / – What do you mean stand up? Your face looks different, coach. I can’t remember when that photo was taken. – Your wife is so pretty. / – She’s beautiful. How pretty. You should treat her well. Did she take part in the Miss Korea pageant? Where can you find a wife like that? (We’re still together) Since we have the female Hyun Jooyup here… We should have a macaron eating competition. Really? Macarons are a type of bread, right? People eat macarons every week on our show. (The macarons have arrived) Ms. Park, these are thicker than your typical macarons. Time for the fat macaron magic show. (Time to hide the macaron in his mouth!) Where’s my background music? (Here you go) (Expectant) (It’s showtime) (Pops it in his mouth) (Like a charm) – It disappeared. / – It went inside. It’s inside his mouth. It’s inside his mouth right now. It’s inside his mouth right now. (Is this hard to hide in your mouth?) Try it. (Here I go) (Many people failed at this trick) (How will Ms. Park do?) (She easily succeeds!) (He’s genuinely surprised) Wow. I thought it disappeared. This is easy to hide. I’ve got the fundamentals down. Can you do it with this big one? Coach? The green grape one is long. – You can fit this, Ms. Park? / – Of course. I’m not a grandma, I’m a lady. (Macaron magic show by Ms. Park) (The macaron is gone!) (Laughing) Wow, this is amazing. (You’re amazing, Ms. Park) (Last week) They went to Ulsan for a home visit. (A train filled with laughter) It’s like a school trip. (Even packed food for the outing) That’s right. (He ate, ate, and ate again) (Downing the whole cup of pistachios) (At once) People usually talk behind people’s backs in bamboo forests. Come here. Come here, Dongryang. What did you guys talk about? (Their secret conversation) They talked a lot about you behind your back. He told him everything. Byunghyun talked about you a bit, as did Sungmin. – I think you’re alright. / – It’s like a political drama. (What is the fate of these three men?) – Byunghyun. / – Yes. – Eat up. / – Enjoy your meal. Enjoy your meal. Byunghyun will probably be tired from talking so much today. (Feeling guilty) – Didn’t this end last week? / – Sungmin. – Yes. / – Eat up. – Are they eating again? / – Yes, coach. Enjoy your food. It could be our last meal together. Eat up. (W-what is he talking about?) Was I being too obvious? I was trying very hard not to be too obvious. He was being very obvious. “Dongryang, eat up.” He kept telling Dongryang to eat a lot and order more food. I was positive at that time. Something… Dongryang ratted us out. Dongryang. Eat up. Dongryang. (He was being so obvious) Eat up. (Hold on, what is this?) Something felt off. I felt like someone made a deal with the devil. I was a victim of that. (I was mole number one) You said you wouldn’t do it. Why did you? I didn’t have the confidence to endure it. I fell for the Devil’s trick… – And became… / – Wasn’t the wink… – His 2nd mole. / – Too obvious? – You messed up. / – He did. You’re happy now, right? Coach Hyun, you were too obvious, so they’re teasing him. I was trying not to be too obvious. (This isn’t what I had in mind) Should we order more meat? What? Order more right now. (No use talking about it) (Until now, the three Gulliver brothers…) The three Gulliver brothers. (Have eaten beef tartare so far) 1 serving of raw sliced beef and beef tartare, and two servings each of rib finger and ribeye. They ate two servings each. (They’re really going at it) Oh, my God. 8 servings is nothing for them. (They ate 8 servings so far) Those tongs are really good to eat meat with. I use those to eat as well. Oh, you use those as well? – The tongs? / – They’re very comfortable. As expected, she’s the female Hyun Jooyup. If I go anywhere… You don’t eat it with chopsticks after it’s cooked? – Those are better. / – Why? You can do everything with it. Chopsticks… There’s no time to wait. (They order another serving of the raw sliced beef) They’re ordering more. They ordered two more servings of ribeye. Skirt steak as well. They even ordered another assorted meat dish? (He starts fresh once more) (He eats the raw sliced beef as the meat cooks) That looks good. (As the color of the meat changes) (He grabs it without cutting it) He doesn’t even cut it. He eats the whole piece at once. I don’t think anyone can beat him. I think it’s undercooked in a few areas. (This is the skill of the eating boss) People eat beef tartare. That’s cooked more than enough. You’re right. Is there a difference between eating it like that and eating it after you cut it? If you cut it, all the juice flows out. – You lose all the juice. / – Because you lose the juice? Ms. Shim, do you agree? If you eat it in one bite without cutting it… The meat is very tender because it still retains its juice. The juice in the meat… Yes. Has an amazing taste. Is that alright? – Eating with tongs? / – Eating that big chunk? He needs to burn his lips on those tongs though. He’ll stop once he burns his lips on them. (The second person who’s struggling) (Yum) I want to try eating like that at least once though. I should try that as well next time. He eats very deliciously though. (My mouth is precious) Isn’t that basically beef tartare? Where is our Eonyang bulgogi? (Their dessert, the Eonyang bulgogi, is standing by) They ordered that as well? (The Eonyang bulgogi makes its entrance) (He quickly takes the first bite) Hey. (Order another one of these) (He understands) When will we see Byeongu’s mother? We can see her next week. Oh, really? – You… / – We should fill our stomachs first. Were supposed to visit Byeongu’s household. When are you going? But that’s very good news… – For Byeongu’s mom. / – It is. – That’s right. / – They should eat that much… So that she can handle their appetites. (Eat as much as you can) – This is good. / – That’s a real expression. (He clears the dish) (No need to do the dishes) That was good. Byeongu. Yes? The meat here is good, so let’s buy some and bring it so that we can… – Sure. / – Grill it and eat it there. Right? Also, we should buy the meat before we go or Byeongu’s mom will be surprised. That’s right. It’s our first time meeting her but we’re bringing Dokyeong and Seongu. (Mom, sorry in advance) We need to take some meat for take-out. What would you like? How many people will be eating? (Let’s see) There are 9 people in total. (There are currently 9 people) I think about 30 people will be eating. You ate already. (The owner is flustered as well) I’ll prepare thirty servings. Alright. (He secures 30 servings of meat) Here’s your receipt for the meal. How much is it? This is the bill for your table. Yes. And the table next to you… This is a nerve-wracking moment. The bill must be expensive. (Goodness) This was a meal for 9 people. You really ate that much? You really ate that much meat? How many servings did you eat? 20 servings. 20 servings? Honestly, 21 servings. They had 7 servings each? How much is it? (22 servings, $508) Hold on. It’s not even surprising anymore. Just the Gulliver brothers alone ate 21 servings. 22 servings. I think there’s a mistake with the captain. We ate 11 servings. – No, you didn’t. / – No. The remaining players all together ate 17 servings. The three of you ate 22 servings. 7 servings each. It was lunchtime, so I didn’t eat a lot. But I guess I did eat a lot. (22 servings, $508) A total of $945. (A total of $945) I thought we ate 30 servings, but there was someone who couldn’t eat so well. He said he couldn’t eat well. I think if Seongu could’ve eaten a bit more, we could’ve eaten 30 servings. I think we ate less than I thought. Seongu was the weak link. Yes, he was. (They filled their stomachs) (Where do Coach Hyun and the players go next?) – Byeongu. / – Yes. If we want to eat raw fish… (Is there a fish he wants in particular?) Shouldn’t we catch some? Fish? (Is he saying he wants to go fishing?) Fish? We should go and catch some. I think that’s a good idea. (At Byeong’s mother’s store…) What? Oh, they need to bring their own fish. So there’s no food there? People buy fish from the markets… – And other places. / – Yes. They serve side dishes and spicy fish stew at the restaurant. I thought it’d be a good idea to go fishing and bring our catches there. I’m looking forward to this a bit because you made fun of Governor Won for being a bad fisher last time. It was a mess. I went cuttlefish fishing before. Even if you just stand there, you can easily catch 30 to 40 of them. People who go fishing always say that they caught fish that’s this big and weighs this much. When it comes to the biggest one I caught… – That’s what everyone says. / – What? It’s longer than his arm. Did you catch a shark? (His brilliant performance will be shown soon) I’m sure he’s good at fishing, he bragged so much last time. Who here thinks they’re a good fisher? I studied fishing abroad. He studied abroad? – He really… / – There’s nothing he can’t do. Do people study fishing abroad? I think you’d be really bad at fishing. I’ve never seen you be good at something that you said you were good at. Do you know how to play ping-pong? Yes, I’ve played before. (He’s just bad) (His second lie, baseball) Oh, when he threw a ground-ball. That’s right. (Seongu at sea…) Is this animated? (How are his fishing skills?) I think Byeongu and Sungmin are good. Me too. You, stay out of it. Seongu, slice up the ones that other people catch. I can’t touch fish. Oh, he’s scared of fish. (The king of bluffing) He lies too much. Byeongu. – Yes? / – You need to catch something. I can catch fish… – You can? / – Yes. I always catch something. If I put my heart to it, I’ll catch something. (Is he really good at fishing?) I’m not usually one to brag, but if I don’t catch anything, that means there are no fish there. I’m really curious about Jooyup’s fishing skills. He seems extremely confident. I’m curious. (Who is the true angler?)

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