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The city of Boston stands at the mouths of
the Charles and Mystic Rivers at the East Coast of the United States of America. Situated on the banks of Massachusetts Bay,
Boston features a fine natural harbor. Boston is a city that’s been shaped by the
sea, but it’s her people who have helped shape
the history of the USA. Since its inception in 1630, Boston has remained
at the epicenter of American political, social, and cultural
life. Every street corner, it seems, is a reminder
of Boston’s role in The American Revolution. Boston is a compact and highly livable city. There are numerous options to explore Boston, but the best way to discover the city is by
foot – it’s nicknamed “the walking city” for good
reason! The Freedom Trail is a self-guided walking
tour that’s easy to pick up wherever you see the distinctive red markings
on the sidewalk. The two-and-a-half-mile-long trail weaves
its way past sixteen historic sites that were instrumental in America’s march
to Independence. The trail officially starts in Boston Common, the oldest city park in America and the centerpiece to a string of parks and gardens affectionately
known as “Boston’s Emerald Necklace”. Highlights of the trail include The State
House, with its gleaming gold dome, and the Granary
Burying Ground, the final resting place of Samuel Adams, Paul
Revere, and many of Boston’s bravest sons and daughters. Faneuil Hall, often referred to as “The Cradle
of Liberty”, was the stage from which Samuel Adams and
James Otis fanned the winds of Revolution. And just behind are the Quincy and Faneuil
Hall Markets, two of Boston’s most popular places to eat
and hang out. Stop by the 17th century home of Paul Revere, the patriot immortalized for his famous all-night
ride to Lexington, warning that “the British were coming!” Walking across the Charles River brings Freedom
Trail walkers to the Bunker Hill Monument, where the newly-formed colonial army first
stood up to the Red Coats in the American War of Independence. The Trail concludes at one of the most beloved
ships in the United States, the USS Constitution. Launched in 1797, “Old Ironsides” is the world’s
oldest commissioned naval vessel afloat. Everywhere along the waterfronts of Boston we are reminded of the city’s maritime connections; this is a city with salt in its blood. The harbor is also the place to jump aboard the many scenic and whale watch cruises on
offer, or to sample the fruits of the sea – Boston’s
seafood is so fresh, you’d swear it almost leapt onto your plate! Once you’ve explored the Freedom Trail, it’s
time to simply follow your nose – this is a great city to get lost in! Beacon Hill, with its gas-lit streets and
Federal-style rowhouses, is one of Boston’s most beautiful neighborhoods. In Charles Street, it’s easy to lose a few
hours in the antique shops hunting down the perfect souvenir of “Old
Boston”. Newbury Street, in neighboring Back Bay, is one of America’s great shopping avenues, featuring everything from exclusive emporiums
to sidewalk stalls. Back Bay also offers plenty of places to chill
out and reflect, like Copley Square. Or, you could even join a service in Trinity
Church – listed as one of the ten most significant
buildings in the United States. To get even closer to the heavens, and for
the best views of Boston, take the elevator to the Skywalk Observatory
in the nearby Prudential Tower. Boston is a city that owes much to its immigrants who came here filled with hopes, dreams and
traditions. These cultures have become part of Boston’s
fabric, from the culinary delights of Little Italy, to the Irish pubs which quench the thirst
of this hard-working city. Bostonians like to play hard, and in this
sports-crazy town there’s no greater hallowed turf than Fenway
Park, home to the Boston Red Sox for 100 years. Culture rates highly in Boston too. The Museum of Fine Arts, with its fabulous
Impressionist Collection houses the largest displays of Monets outside
of France. Boston, however, isn’t a city that rests on
past glories. There are over 50 colleges and universities
within the greater Boston Area. With prestigious institutions like Harvard
and MIT continuing to produce Presidents and Nobel
Laureates, Boston has blossomed into a city that not
only shapes America, but the entire world.

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