Boston’s Freedom Trail Tour

Join us at Free Tours By Foot on our Freedom
Trail Walking Tour in Boston. The tour runs multiple times a week. You can find your guide outside the Park Street
T Station on the eastern edge of Boston Common. Look for your guide in orange. Boston’s historic center may be small, but
it packs in so much history. From an experiment in Puritan exclusiveness
to an inclusive modern metropolis. The tour will cover modern buildings-
Tour guide: It’s 790 feet tall, about 240 meters, 60 stories high. It has 10,344 Merit blue glass windows. I counted them all one day. I know. I did. Voiceover: -and will follow in the footsteps
of Samuel Adams, Ben Franklin, and George Washington. As you learn about the Boston Massacre and
the original tea party that took place here in Boston, your guide will regale you with
tales of rebellion, war, and the independence of a nation. Tour guide: Three ships cocked loaded with
tea from England. We’re not going to drink it, we’re not going
to load it, and we certainly not going to buy it. Why? Because of the small tax. I mean this thing is like pennies, man, but
at this point, it’s 1733, it’s no longer about the money as it is about the idea. Taxation without representation is tyranny,
man. Voiceover: This two-hour stroll down the first
part of the Freedom Trail is a must-do on your visit to Boston. Book your spot online at
and join or–

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