Boulder: The Consciousness Capital – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 53

I love visiting Boulder Colorado it's the conscious capital of the world in fact people in Boulder are so conscious that they're always conscientious enough to tell you how conscious they are which means they're humble too can we tell you about Boulder with Boulder you're in what's called the Boulder bubble what's that that's 25 square miles of reality that's been surrounded by the rest of the world everything outside of the boulder bubble is pretty abnormal as soon as I arrived in Boulder I instantly want to put on a desk and get behind the wheel of a Subaru Outback I don't know why but it's great I think it might have something to do with astrology whenever I'm in town 100% of the time I spend 90% of my time on Pearl Street I love watching the street performers you get everything from mind blowing juggling to music to sense the infecting like homeless people napping in puddles of their own urine the artistic expression of these performers is off the charts so is their ability to intimidate you if you don't put a donation in your tip jar you can take your dog everywhere with you in Boulder work restaurants shops having a cute playful dog with you 24/7 helps make it much easier for people to not notice how uninteresting of a person you are I'm even thinking about having my dog run for mayor of Boulder during the next election he's a shoo-in for two reasons number one he's a dog number two he's not a human Boulder loves that everybody in Boulder is all about community my favorite thing to do there is to get together with like-minded people as a community call ourselves the community and then talk about how we can build more community it's basically like boulders a giant cult only is different because everyone there is free to think that the free thinkers but it's also exactly like a cult during my mornings in Boulder I go to the cup for an organic fair trade on tap nitro cold brew coffee they have authentic hipster baristas there that genuinely don't care about you it's awesome it reminds me of my childhood that's why I keep going back mid days the thing to do is walk towels used to get a kombucha shot of wheatgrass and to be resented by the vegans when they see me by meet I always say it's a hotel ball Dorado it's clearly the best hotel because they hired scholars to do the impossible of figuring out how to combine the words Boulder in Colorado Boulder Otto was the result you might call it slurred speech but I call it genius every exaggeratedly light tone avoids talking prolonged eye contact holding inner peace junkie in town went to Naropa University and I'm just like would you major in row Oh calm breath ology the social science of awkward silences was nice to meet you your boo Dennis 300 days of sunshine per year in Boulder I love it even though I'm so Caucasian that it's highly stressful for me to be in the Sun that much but everyone else in town always says how much they love the incessant sunshine so that makes me think that I love it too there's a lot of white people in Boulder a suspicious amount don't know what I'll say about that everyone has a deep love for the outdoors aka a hatred for the indoors I just love the mountain and I love to talk about my connection with a mountain I spend more time doing that than I do in the actual mountain friends invite me for an easy hike up Mount Sunita's 15 minutes into the hike I'm out of breath from the elevation in hating my life but still pretending that I'm enjoying myself because I'm one with the mountain there's Boulder liberal kind of fugly let's put it this way when Trump got elected it was really hard to tell where people walking around Boulder in a blissful state of silence feeling peace and tranquility or were they mortified to the extent that they just couldn't talk from the post-traumatic stress disorder weed is definitely legalized or if I'm a son disputes I always hit up my favorite shady-looking dispensary then get medicinal sitting by Boulder Creek I only use it for preventive medicine turns out there's a lot of diseases that I need to prevent so I have to use a lot of weed marijuana cannabis forgot what I was going to say so I love Boulder so much that I want to permanently move there I'm just waiting for real estate prices that escalate a little higher so that I can feel like I'm getting more value out of my future property I just wish the rest of the world could be like older this Tuesday March 7th I'll be back in Boulder for the official release event for my new book how to be ultra spiritual hosted by the boulder bookstore and I'd love to have you come and join me just as that Boulder bookstore dot nut to grab your tickets

47 thoughts on “Boulder: The Consciousness Capital – Ultra Spiritual Life episode 53

  • I live in Boulder, own a Prius, went from Vegetarian to Vegan. We need more brown/black americans here. This place is NOT desireable for Ladies. They all look in breed same nose, either very skinny like a boy body, or fat like the cavewoman type, tubular breasts, big but, pear shaped legs, big feet. And the music is all white boy, no good music here all sucks, unless reggae or other urban singers/acts come into town. Also, these pinkies can't dance. I have to get to Denver to get my groove on and meet the lovely dark ladies!

  • Boulder is secretly evil. Or maybe not so secret. I hate it and I can't put my finger on why but the energy is super bad there. Maybe it's all the people there who think they are reaching a higher conciousness than the rest of the world. Maybe it's the fact the college takes up a huge portion of the town when you include all the frat houses and housing for students. Maybe it's the lack of diversity. Maybe it's the fact they have government labs right across from the college that are restricted but for some reason exist within a town instead of a secluded area like most restricted places. Maybe it's because it feels like Golden and Manitou Springs had a weird ugly baby with some of the neighborhoods in Colorado Springs and decided to bring Colorado College to it.

    I think it's a little bit of all that though. This isn't just some hippy dippy white town. I have never felt as significantly creeped out as I do when I visit this part of Colorado. And that's including visiting the supposedly haunted Stanley Hotel. I am a Colorado native and I'm proud to keep Boulder far away from me.

  • I used to live in Boulder and looking back I hate that city. The scenery is beautiful, but everything closes at 6, everything is expensive, everyone is a biking vegan LGBT rich asshole who shoves their beliefs down your throat, they all think they’re better than everyone else, and they call themselves “open minded” when in reality they are the least open minded people I’ve met. It’s basically Tumblr the city. Oh, and say one bad thing about Donald Trump and you’ll get your ass beat. The pros of living their is that Whole Foods pizza and lasagna are good and their are a ton of Whole Foods.

  • I was driving to school (Boulder high school) and I saw jp walking on pearl and my friend literally screamed and went "ITS HIM"

  • Dogville. I miss Boulder. Yes, it's a cult of coffee shops. Hearts of Space is real. 8 people in a rental is real too.

  • Fuck Boulder. Evil faggoty, faux "spiritual", corrupt, overpriced, gentrified, leftist, snobby, NARCISSISTIC, fake ass piece of shit town playing like they are all better than everyone else.

  • I cook in boulder and I get the most out of this world requests. I swear the people I cook for have no idea what good food tastes like. they want tofu on a dish designed for a fish. you are correct and I got great amusement out if this little skit.

  • Boulder is so Uber popular. I don’t get why!!! I see it show up in English class for how to punctuate an address. My sister really wants to move there from Georgia . Just to give a couple examples. I always just thought it was some Creepy random town haunted by the fact that Jon Bennett Ramsey was killed there up until the “jon Bennett case” revival of 2016 I’d never heard of it.

  • I worked in Boulder for a while. There was a guy at my job that insisted that if we went out to eat, and didn't choose a vegan restaurant, we were excluding him. Then, when we'd give in, and go to a vegan restaurant, he wouldn't show up. This happened almost every time we had a company lunch, or dinner.

    We also had the woman who didn't celebrate any holidays, or birthdays, the slightly overweight vegetarian, a "hammock napping area," the person that brought their dog in, and a few crazy people. They talked a lot about Priuses/Prii/Priuss (sp?), and how I didn't own one, but owned something that looks like an electric vehicle? They were disappointed, when I told them it wasn't. Chai Tea was a daily outing affair… And everyone was white, now that I think about it.

    I noticed how every time we went out, there was this one overpass, and there'd always be some guy that smeared your window with a newspaper, or dirty rag, and then ask for money.

    That's what diversity is all about!

  • Boulder.
    The only city on the planet to ever be nominated (& rewarded) for having an empty emergency room at 3 am. On the weekend.

  • The best part of living up in Summit County is on the powder days when the passes from Boulder (and Denver) are closed and the fresh powder is for locals only. 🙂 Who needs Boulder when there's Frisco…

  • I lived in Boulder from the age of 4 which was 1974 until 1999 when I bought a house in a neighboring town. Boulder was a supremely cool place to live back in the 80s. It really was what it pretends it still is today back then, but in a non pretentious and accepting way. It's still not a horrible place to live, but the problem is it's just so unaffordable to the average person. It would be nice to have a little bit more of a demographic mix. I guess what I'd say is Boulder has gone from being a very embraceable intouchable place to a completely unattainable reality.

  • You're not from Boulder unless you have at least 7 bumper stickers that explain your views on politics, religion, meat eating and the environment.

  • Did you say the sun stresses you out because you’re so white? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 mannnnnnnn you just killed me!

  • OMG, so funny because it's true!!! I live in Denver & most of the Boulder people live in a bubble & brag about how many sunny days there are here. What they don't mention are there are more cloudy days & they count any day the sun peekng out for an hour or two as a sunny day.

  • My daughter asked "WHO's he dad? He's looks gay". I said " no sweety… he's not gay,.. he's like a hippy but he's ULTRA spiritual,.."
    And now she knows… 9 years old and fully educanated, book learned and smarts like her dad.

  • I don't live in Boulder but I live very near there and once again my friend you hit the nail on the head! You are so funny! Love and Light.

  • The best coffee I ever had was in Boulder from a street vendor by the end of the Pearl St. Mall. Some times I miss it.

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