Bridge Alliance – APAC's Leading Mobile Alliance

Who are we? We are a leading mobile alliance of premier operators Serving consumers and enterprises around the world Including Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Africa With strategic partners in Europe and the
Americas extending our coverage We connect worlds by being a bridge between
network providers and other entities Allowing them to leverage off each other for
the benefit of all involved We are the go-to, all-in-one partner that
simplifies complexities that come with the industry Leading with our 4 main pillars of business The Internet of Things:
Providing connectivity to enterprises wanting to deploy IoT services in multiple countries Roaming:
Transforming the retail roaming experience for travellers, driving adaptation and revenue for our members Enterprise Mobility:
Enabling enterprises to procure, manage, operate, and optimise mobility services with simplicity and transparency Optimisation & Digital Innovation:
Banding together to optimise resources and fuel innovation, negotiating for cost savings, and aggregating member operators on a single platform We provide connectivity and empower possibilities Building group capabilities and creating value for our members We are Bridge Alliance

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