Brigitte Gabriel and Dave Rubin: Terrorism, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Linda Sarsour

40 thoughts on “Brigitte Gabriel and Dave Rubin: Terrorism, The Muslim Brotherhood, and Linda Sarsour

  • Brigitte you are the most passionate and eloquently spoken defender of our beloved United States of America. I know you cannot be the president of the US as a naturalized citizen but you would have my vote if you could run for office. God Bless you!!!!

  • LIBERTY CAN NEVER BE EXTINGUISHED, it resides in MILLIONS of Americans, from the youngest generation to the oldest. Liberty is our creed, we may face trying time but by the grace of god liberty will always survive. I will lay down my life to save our constitution.

  • Him tearing up at the end, shows just how much he truly loves this country. I love this country and will fight to preserve the freedoms I was so lucky to inherit. I will not waiver, I will not self censor. America will stand, liberty will triumph.

  • Israel bombed Lebanon and Beirut in 1982! I don’t understand why you blame Islam! All of Lebanon knows that Israel is the reason for Lebanon’s downfall!

    Are you trying to change history through misinformation on YouTube?

  • Islam is incompatible with the western values, lay off westerns if don't want to abide by their rules.

  • Brigitte is lying by omission that many Lebanese Christians have Muslims relatives. She is using the slogans of the Zionists to portray her Muslims Lebanese relatives as evil because she gets lots of money WHILE NEVER revealing that Lebanese constitution to this date say that only a Christian can be president

  • Brigitte is an amazing inspiration and a true example of how great America is and I thank her and Rubin for everything they do ! You are both awesome !

  • This woman is a disgraceful human being and she is a disgusting liar 🤥 who works for her Talmudic paymasters. A professional prostitute—a real sharmoota—who has betrayed Lebanon, the Arab world and the Maronite Christians. So shameful talking to this worthless sodomite scum bag!

  • She is absolutely wrong in every single word she spoke of, I can't believe it, come on where on earth did she get her knowledge of Islam people?!!
    I'm a Muslim and I can't believe what she says and how much ignorant she is, and I can't believe that there are actually people who believe her so blindly, it really sadness me.

  • 7:00 she doesn’t say why Muslims became the majority. Israel waged war against all the middle eastern countries including Lebanon and drove the Palestinians into Lebanon. Very selective story telling! Only uneducated people who haven’t studied history fall for her misinformation

  • I was watching this at the same time that Notre Dame started to burn. Goosebumps all over. Hope this actually isn't a organized attack around Catholic Easter…

  • Brigitte you are amazing. Please contact Dr Bill Warner Phd about speaking at your yearly event. Thanks

  • I have lived in 5 different countries, and have travelled to many, I haven’t been to America, but I feel like after watching this video, I really want to go there

  • Its time for all non muslims especially Hindus living here in India to understand and learn lessons from this brave American women. God bless u sister.

  • We need billions of people like her in india, asia, europe, africa, america, whole world. Rise, wake up.

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