Brotherhood 2.0: July 2nd: The Law of Compound Nerdfighting

good morning Hank it's Monday July 2nd the first day of the second half of Brotherhood 2.0 it's also coincidentally the second day of national finisher revision of your book I mean seriously come on month also known by its acronym NAFA rooibos calm incidentally Hank I still haven't settled on a title Hank holy crap you and me and the nerdfighters raised many many thousands of dollars for over the weekend hey Hank do you remember in my video on Thursday when I said that we couldn't personally open a microfinance bank because it takes really wealthy people to open a microfinance bank and so instead we would have to rely on it turns out that when I said that I was forgetting about the law of compound nerdfighting the law of compound nerdfighting is sort of similar to the law of compound interest which Hank I'm sure you remember from when dad tried to tell us about it a million times when we were kids as far as I can remember the law of compound interest states that you have to put a little bit of money in the bank when you're a kid and then by the time you're old it's become a lot of money and the reason for that is this very complex fiscal thing known as magic the law of compound nerdfighting is similar in that it also involves magic the law of compound nerdfighting states that 100 nerdfighters as a group can do things that 100 nerdfighters as individuals could not do in this example seen in this t-shirt that you own Hank we see that 100 nerdfighters together can beat up a popular kid by the way Hank I've been thinking that maybe the opposite of nerdfighter is decepticon do you like it what I learned this weekend is that we actually probably could have started a microfinance bank if we'd only known about the law of compound nerdfighting because people were extremely generous I mean we have funded a lot of loans now and over the course of next week we're going to continue to fund loans and we're gonna fund loans like crazy we're gonna help people open bakeries and shoe stores the other day we helped a guy who wanted to start a lasso factory a lasso factory that's so awesome how come I didn't think of that but there's only one problem Hank the nerdfighters are probably getting kind of tapped out what we need is more nerdfighters Hank I never really craved more nerdfighters until this weekend I mean there's plenty of people out there who aren't fighters and just don't know about the term yet Hank what we have is an acute nerdfighter shortage we got to do something about this Hank I think broadly speaking there are four kinds of people in the world first you have your Decepticons you know not nerdfighters then you have your nerdfighters you know me you Tobias utter all the commenters all the people who hang out in my pants all the people who write nerd fighting songs that kind of thing then you've got what I like to call your nerdfighters in training or your knits your knits or your workers your occasional viewers that kind of thing then you've got people who would be nerdfighters but they don't even know what a nerdfighter is yet that's very troubling Hank because those are the people who could be giving to to pick up where the current nerdfighters are having to leave off because they're out of money to lend so hank what i'm going to propose is a series of mass promotions first we have to promote the nerdfighters to being senior executive nerdfighters then we're going to promote the knits to being nerdfighters then we're going to take all the people who do not yet know that they are nerdfighters and we are going to promote them to knit Hank we have to find a way to tell these people that their knits and then we have to tell them to loan money to because the law of compound nerdfighting says it clearly Hank the more there are of us the fewer there will be of them I'll see you tomorrow Hank speaking of us and then there's an interesting conversation about post-colonial theory going on in the comments that's the kind of thing that maybe we could talk about in my pants oh and that's one more difference between people who aren't nerdfighters and people who are knits and people who are nerdfighters people who aren't yet nerdfighters are like why is that guy talking about post-colonial theory in his pains and then people who are knits are like oh man I should really join that forum and people who are nerdfighters are already starting the thread

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