Brotherhood of Leet – "Pitfall!" – Ep1 Part 1

yeah 1985 broke video game consoles flood the market and these dangerous fighting machines make their way into the hands of news from Europe to Asia to North America taking advantage of the disarray the evil forces of sega occupy europe in a bid to smash the gaming world into slavery the game army ripped through the latest and greatest machines from the boys of nintendo is determined to the beats a Gizem and all it stands for so remember when you're in the field keep your head in the game and your finger on the button you well when the game market crashed in 84 things got pretty hairy I can still remember watching news reports of trucks filled with ET game carts headed off to a landfill in New Mexico you know even with Sega and the big n fighting in Japan it took Sega's occupation of Europe before the US would get into an 8-bit war so a private my division he came into the arcade and said pack your gear fellas the lead have gone to war in Europe I'll tell you I couldn't believe it I didn't even play my credits I ran all the way back to the base well it was a different time I suppose nowadays my son's on for trophies and achievements back then we owned because it's what had to be done Bravo Company gather round everyone listen up there was a bug found in the RF switches on your NES kits you will need to bring them to hangar C for repairs launch has been postponed wait no month for this launch the other day won't kill ya yeah if I have to eat another still pizza popping the mess just might are you decent come on in what's this I hear about you rolling on max drops well I'm jewel speck now can you blame a girl for wanting to heal now and then one of these days you're gonna learn the value of teamwork get your damn hands off of me hey sergeant Worth's specialist can you know in a movie buff John and I really hey listen any news from HQ but when we're taking off for Europe nah man yo HQ doesn't tell me anything thought you would know being a fancy specialist and all that it's those 8-bit fighting units if they break down in action we'll get smoked in Europe I'm not worried about them breaking down I'm worried about those guys at Mattel getting them over to us by tomorrow yeah well they'd better anyhow it looks like we're here for at least another night hey I know a wizard that really could use some food badly want to go to the mess hall and drop some tokens on gauntlet no can do buddy stuff rights got us on strict finger discipline jeez what a noob it's a good policy it's a good policy he's still the new I guess drink well thanks never really been much for energy drinks come on look twice the sugar thrice the caffeine can you resist sounds like half the lifespan to me well I figure I'm gonna die in the war anyway so why not just nurture a few of my vices where did you even get that stuff anyways no I thought that was contraband I stole a crate from a certain lieutenant you don't mean Jaggi dude I sure do Wow explains a little bit listen up you maggots this is not the pro-pot Family Fun Center this is the gamer army the soldiers of the game or army are the few the pro and delete now you naab jobs look like the few the slow and the retarded now if you rejects can't hack it if it's a little unsettling to watch your best friend be blown into a pile of pixels then maybe you should jump back on that bright yellow bus that you came in on what's your handle private right again sir private Gibbs are you from Amsterdam no sir are you wearing wooden boots no sir then what is your excuse for this old Dutch potato chip stain on your uniform look you sir your weekend pass is revoked what's your handle private profits right sir Oh grab it sprite for send me your controller you want to kill Sega acts in the 8-bit War sir yes sir ah yes dirt on your disc pad ain't big weapons are highly sophisticated pieces of machinery how am I supposed to trust you with a light gun when I can't even trust you with this private dozer what is this game genie sir are you aware that a game genies consider contraband yes sir and why is it contraband because they contain cheat code sir that is correct there are no walkthroughs and launch games there's no nintendo hotline there's only one difficulty hard now get it to your PT gear you're speedrunning pit ball ok guys you heard the lieutenant so let's all get into PT gear assemble in two minutes my fallout seriously just keep moving you're gonna get us off Phil look man I only need one button to Fraga Saiga I take my 2600 joystick over this piece anything move it ladies pitbull Harry has a major boner for diamond rings and they're not gonna find themselves um hands creepy you'll face plenty more than just a little hand pain on the battlefield oh you'll face hangnails old dirty knuckles oh and don't you forget extreme loneliness come on pixel dogs we're coming up on 20 minutes now that might be good enough for your mom but it's not good enough for Bravo Company

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