Brotherhood of Man – How to Succeed (Daniel Radcliffe) – The View (05/20/2011)

29 thoughts on “Brotherhood of Man – How to Succeed (Daniel Radcliffe) – The View (05/20/2011)

  • I freaked out when I saw him (Daniel Radcliffe) singing and dancing for the first time. He really is amazing.

  • After seeing this and Gypsy I finally get the appeal of Broadway, that West Side Story all but destroyed.

  • even watching this a year later it's like I'm watching this for the first time :') dan was absolutely amazing in the play and it's a shame it's finished its run on broadway. the somersault off the table gives me chills every time <3

  • I liked Jonas more myself. Radcliffe is great in a lot of things (Potter, Woman in Black, My Boy Jack, Equus etc) but he does not seem Finch-y enough to me. Jonas had a different sort of Finch-ness to him than Robert Morse but it actually worked swimmingly. Morse is my Finch but I do listen to the Jonas EP quite often and I'm not even a fan of his work prior.

  • @Dramactica I apologise profusely for calling you pathetic, an ignorant comment from an ignorant black girl. I can see you feel victimised amongst all these harry potter fans and I was immoral for attempting to correct your sterling grammar. I respect your opinion and shall now leave youtube for I have a C.S Lewis book to read, i was thinking Chronicles of Narnia, have you any suggestions?

  • @Dramactica
    *There IS hardly any plot
    *Why the war is involve with Muggles? (this is just blatantly incoherent)
    *Rowling is NOT C.S Lewis (really?)
    You're beyond pathetic, @MissKiwi12345 was correct about the double negative, saying 'none of them aren't in the proper sentence form' suggests that all her sentences were in the correct sentence form, which I'm supposing was not your intention. Do us all a favour and take an English class before you start criticising other people's comments.

  • @Dramactica you are right in the sense that you have the right to criticize, but i felt it was a bit harsh. And why would you post that on a page that is full of Harry Potter fans anyway? look, you know what? this arguing is annoying. im done.

  • @Dramactica none of them are not in the proper sentence form? double negative much? don't see THE YOUR logic? learn to proofread. you haven't experience? two completely different tenses there…. Dan is a really good actor and the plot is AMAZING are you kidding me? there is SO MUCH development of the plot. J.K. Rowling created a ton of characters and the whole thing is just awesome. Thank your for the literature suggestion… I will consider reading the book.

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