BrotherHood (Ring Of Fire) Premiere | I Met Zeelicious Foods | YouTube Week Nigeria Day 2

good morning today is day two from of her school there's no school of our youtube boot camp about to get ready to start off ID alright I hope it's an amazing day I'm looking forward to what we're going to be learning today so what's learning so much fun thank you so much – we are ready we are going by train it all right let's go let's go let's go Serena – okay out of the one video me yes let's say 700 million are ready for marriage out of the six billion women let's see a four billion in what five billion please don't put me on camera don't you day if you will put publicity I will sue you so my my so I'm just like what will happen baby is it God's will that those people I wouldn't buy lots of photo by lots of hammurabi I want to marry photo Marie I love it because I want to marry those equates my life last year I was like I want to marry if I didn't marry this last year or this I'll be sad why is what I want and this should be so what is your what is your what is your should I see your solution or your thought process on how this can be done we're here good morning to take hey check choose a brakeman time very so guys to be honest I think this is one of the most difficult things that our instructors had to do put us together to take a group picture like everybody's always doing something like see even me I was busy looking for the best light to vlog and I ended up finding one and then everybody just gravitates to the camera in the best quality that was Toby you see the video now so I'm thinking we could use ability to use 2021 the other twice to travel its job entity main lifestyle on my channel then my audience beautiful six things that we find people that interested Hey [Applause] why do you know this for your sake watch out for me tonight look at the detail you must hope for my unit so guys this is what I ended up having lunch some chicken some fish for more vegetables and some jello fries after launch just take a few pictures before the next session which I was really excited about by the way wait and see who came [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] my name is my story how do you get on YouTube and what generally inspired you Oh power like I said before it wasn't you I knew that I wanted to cook I knew that I wanted to teach people how to cook how the culinary industry in Nigeria was viewed because I had a lot of times to preserve so many hottest stuff about Nigeria our food right that's my passion I didn't think that I could make a new form well story for me was not gorgeous fashion show and sharing it was that I could generate on the table me personally great people a lot of great content creators but we usually go with what is offensive to me animate student what can we face as well the two learning session over we are going to rest swami elapsed to welcome this woman this means technically a camera we are sure we are sure action welcome a rush of your camera oh he was a tech talk work so he must free was launched last year and it's like an all-rounder i if you're looking for AI adduce yeah you looking for a video and it was a camera only one this is my best friend thank you for the information all right all space of choices the whole safe space to play by Travis your stories the coordinates are bad word of perseverance of patience of goodness of heart of restate and then you cannot equality so Connie and I judge everyone here today mr. Velas when I stopped before the fantastic I was hey guys good evening my voice is a little rusty please bear with me we just got back home from tonight's event it was the unveiling of Brotherhood a new show by accelerate TV on YouTube so gonna watch that Brotherhood thing so Mia to be honest I wasn't there to go upload my video because the Internet is so I just uploaded it if the video about the day that YouTube invited us to go in and shoot a one-minute video so it's like it in my life kind of like Indian have war sheets yeah me I met amazing people I'm a PJ shout-out to Pete I'm a cheap girl I met camión de teba only celebrity people you know the team it's so nice when you see them but when they see you I am NOT a family of please well then go for these creators Tom thing because when I go up to them I introduce myself like I am a creator in the bootcamp cause do you know that a bootcamp is going on sure yeah and when you have something nice to say about them like I could relate and it was good to like any random celebrity that I couldn't relate to so for instance kami I did see Baja King we made series if you've watched any of the kingdom a series let me know in the comment section like and especially the one with her mom Sal Lutz was amazing so I just went to compliment our King man King woman or King woman I'm not sure the animation you know and then PJ kosice-mesto like he's awarded man of God and he's entering into entertainment I think that's amazing so I just like that he's like a role model for other people who are pastors or ministers to go into showbiz life so this was good today was really amazing wynant so much Ament delicious I met Juan doe from Nestle she amazing thank you so much for all the tips tricks and the honest sincerely honest responses to our questions I met a Bimala from Danny TV and then who else who else Martita how can I forget my tea time when she tells us in structured this morning and she did an amazing job thank you so much YouTube boot camp day to tomorrow's e3 thank you so much for watching this video give me a thumbs up and if you're not subscribe to my channel what more a beautiful we're heating we are here to subscribe or thing until next time don't forget to be the best version of you bye

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