Brotherhood (Ring Of Fire)- The Five Men Of Faith: Part 3 (Ep 7)

see Jesus said for my sake for my name's sake you be persecuted he already told you in the beginning before you who came to existence that if you carry me on your head do come for you and I think every time I look at the cross I look at the fact that it took negative things to give me salvation to reconnect me to my father so that's already it that's that's already given up once you carry this cross once you accept this life you're going to be facing you're going to be dodging stones but the grace that is going to keep me going is greater than any negative force that is against me so at the end of the day Jesus himself selected Judas knowing that this guy would be trimming but tip Judas away from the twelve the only salvation so where Judas carried an L was an the fact that he killed himself before he were except eternal life which is mercy of God now for me I think even in my weakness I am I own it and I make it something that it's a point of reference to show that I'm still humans the life of the upright of the Christian of a Christian person is struggle I don't anybody to ever think the following god is easy it is the hardest thing but the easiest thing at the same time because you become who you actually are right and then you're walking on eggshells because you don't want to end off giving into the flesh which is constantly calling you back to who you were you understand but the Spirit does we didn't use greater than he does in the world so at the end of the day I feel like no matter how many people watch what I do I am being true to myself people always fight what they don't understand true and I saw something but see first again we said the problem they had with Jesus because they couldn't categorize them and because if they can't categorize you then they then they want to crucify you because they can't categorize you they can't put you in a box and a walking contradiction to what I repeat everybody expects of what a pasta should be how kind of pasta being Nollywood I got a pastor I got a pasta girl his beard why does the pasta have muscles why does he work out why would he go on a Hennessy cipher were there a lot of sinners and sits amongst them and be comfortable cuz at the end of the day the one that I know who has called me has validated me and the issue with men is we have identity crisis we don't know who we are and we struggled to find ourselves and define us about the meaningless things of life I am finding absolutely in tune with who I have been called to be and just like everybody has a taste for everything I know who I've been called to and I'm not trying to please everybody I mean you might not like just like I like I might like plantain and you hate beans but you might I might not be your cup of tea but as long as I'm ghost cup of tea that's all there matters you know at the end of the day I'm fine with who I've been called to be and when the storms of life comes because a lot of times I tell people live life long enough you're gonna experience storms it's a guarantee it's a part of life and I was talking to them yesterday in church about the storm and when the storms came of Jesus was sleep on the boat and I said the question you have to ask yourself is who's in your ship who's in your boat because when the storm comes to rock there bad boy and you're what you know fails you your intellect your personality your connects how you've defined yourself your money all that doesn't matter I'm yet to think the ship is still sinking who do you have in your ship and he says Jesus was asleep because he knew that the one that was in this ship was bigger than the storm outside and so when people come and they tried to judge and ostracize and tried to define you and try to say you have to be air you have to be at the end of the day like you said getting instructions from your father if Jesus said go then I'll go you know the Kanazawa just was sit with sinners and why he would see some comfortable and reach the people outside of church and like listen we've got to be the light of the world not the light of the church go into the world and make disciples don't go into church and recycle which is what we do we define our influence by how many churches we speak you know if we have this mentality of us versus we and how can you just save them if you've been how can you ostracize them and then you've been called to save them you know so that there's there's a lot of issues we have and at the end of the day I'm like listen the end of the day as long as I am right with the father and I'm getting my instructions from him and I am validated by my purpose and what he's called me to be and I'm continue to be a light I'm not going to stand where there are lots of lights I'm gonna stand where there is darkness so the effect of lights you don't take a well man to the hospital you take a segment to the hospital so at the end of the day you touched on two things and for me that's this whole concept of knowing who I am and integrating with what will help me matter what where I can add value light in light literally has no value and and salt I always say this way the purpose of salt is not to be in the shack in the salt shaker here salt will never fulfill its purpose and that salt sand until salt gets in in fact it is it is best trampled on the feet if you know what I mean and and a lot of times we you know when we think about about this thing that we call life and those whole essence of godliness people don't realize that it's not it's not a it's not it's not a a part of your life that oh this is my spiritual part of my life and then this is my work life and so this is yeah yeah so this what I do work and then I go I do spiritual I saw my spiritual life has certain activities like I pray ideas I then I go to the search service yes yeah yeah yeah I'm doing a game of my business the life I love the way you said life is is this whole essence of you not only being God but bringing God into the things that you do so that people can see God in the things that you do so so it's in the song and the song does not have to be about God but it's about you singing in a way that the voice you sing with the spirit you sing with is so God that when people listen to your song they hear God in it even when the words did not say God do you see where I'm coming from I came to a revelation once that my my table my desk is an altar and my work is an offering unto my god and the quality of that work is the quality of the offering and that you know it I understood that that it was all about the quality of the offering Cain had not sinned when his offering was rejected you know it wasn't because he sinned he wasn't a sinner in fact after his offering was rejected God said to him sin is knocking at your door had not even come in yet so you realized that what read what led to the rejection of his offering was the quality of his offering and so when I see Christians for instance who think that you know I am solid with God but my work I just do it shock you don't know no no no do everything you do with a dimension of excellence understanding that this is my altar and everything that comes from that altar goes to God and it must be acceptable hopefully in the way that I deliver with excellence doubted but I think the problem we have as Christians I think or people we we have accepted things to be true because they were told to us and the Bible says be ready to give a for an answered to answer for why you believe what you believe a lot of times people if you ask a question why are you a Christian or why do you do what you do most of the times they don't have the answer to the why they're so focused on the what this is what we should do this what we've been told to do as opposed to why do I do it and so a lot of times we have Christians who don't they don't read and a lot of times they get when you have someone who's an atheist and I had a conversation with a gay 80s and it's very interesting and where the conversation a lot of times when people skew questions and people who are not of the faith and they ask you questions most faith-based people don't have answers well why do you believe that well well I just believe it and they get defensive I get if you don't you can't understand it under step obviously because you haven't taken the time to so a lot of times when I've had questions people ask me about the validity of the Bible how can something that was written eight years ago still be valid and they talk about the Nicene Creed and how he was broken I mean we go to all extents of the left and right but what it has done for me is I have taken upon myself to know why I believe what I believe to study it study to show yourself approved have an answer for every one that asked you why you do what you do now there's some things of the Spirit that can never no matter how you twist and turn it will always be spiritual masters and you cannot debase it to physical or or logical or my most of what I'm looking for you cannot bring it you can't make it so basic and try it because even they're the things of the Spirit are beyond human understanding however in the things that we've been given most of the Christians we don't read our word or we don't we don't dig deep so for me it's a onus on me the responsibilities to to read and study to understand and when it becomes real to me when I see it there's words I give a spirit and their life and I begin to see it work in my life I know it's not just text okay that your first question was very important you know about you know do you do doubt the Bible so for me I didn't doubt the Bible but I questioned a lot of things in the Bible you know and for me again it was a case of hope you know always having to go back to the father and ask I don't understand how no I got dinosaurs into the ark because by the time measures of this act we know by science that they could never have you know we could maybe would not have been able to fit dinosaurs in that in this so so you know you sort of begin to ask and they say that you know you won't begin to study size but this happened about these millions of years ago and I know that the Bible is about 2,000 plus yeah so how did you write about the beginning 2,000 years ago when really the water printer was formed so this was early days you know but you know you leave to direct questions they were not really moving doubts you know they were questions and they and sometimes they still are sure you read something I was like I don't I don't understand this but I came to a point in my life where I started to understand the Bible for me revelation point of view and from an illumination point of view and they're two different things so revelation is the pure word that you read you just release been get baptized up you know it says that every word has been given by inspiration so that the man of God is thoroughly furnished unto every good work so as you read it is clearly stated as well you know but if you go deeper than that have you ever anybody knew at some point and I don't know if it happens to people when you read it and then something jumps at you strikes under you you jump or you scream you shout and then somebody somebody else will read that same like why don't you shop is for you yes that is illumination that's when it becomes so and a lot of time what I've gotten with this I've been it illuminated knitted at me or for me or whatever I want to say from the Bible they have been things that maybe add question for a very long time and all of a sudden I get a moment around my goodness this this has been here all along and I can give different exam I mean empty you would want to share with me about about Sabo right how some are said to David to to to snivel Oregon said to some yeah arise yes I'll write an anointed one would think some of us sit him down yeah right but the previous verse go ahead yeah so the previous verse someone already came and was already already said that we will not see it until you bring him so he was already actually already standing but God said arise and unknowing so somebody that was – yeah so somebody that wants to now question the Bible there are these what is this this is rubbish because the guy was already stand because you got no use logic forgot the I rise ago was talking about this the different kind of a rise is arresting your position of responsibility as we do wanna thank you here to two different things I know that's no what you get by revelation you get up by illumination and illumination comes only from the Holy Spirit and the war does not receive the Holy Spirit of Ephesus because they know him but here's what I wanted to contribute right this is this is a construct cause my Ministry of priests in where I come from where I was coming from in terms of being a human being so I come up most of my conversations with people that were like who I was before and I realized that a lot of Christians are Christians by association my dad my mom they took me to church I'm a Christian and the truth is I think you know this is salvation it's personal they used I would have understanding because do you know God personally no but as open your matzah salvation is personal how you don't even understand what you're saying you understand so I think a lot of Christians are Christians by association and they're not Christians by personal relationship with God of the Holy Spirit now questioning the Bible happens a lot because people always feel like if you use the Bible to analyze their life you are judging them but that is not judging the Word of God is just simply convicting you you understand but oftentimes it's like you're being judgmental and there's a difference between calling what is wrong wrong I say you are going to hell for doing this both of them seem like judgment but only one is and that is being God saying you're going to go to hell for this but if your day stop doing I say God by this standard this is wrong I don't think if you do this it's not judgment you know what I'm saying so people question in the Bible I I don't think I haven't had the liberty of question in the Bible before I give my life because I'd never read the Bible but I see things in the Bible that I'm still yeah to understand I don't think maybe it's time for me to understand those things yet but I ask people like with all this back and forth we do our arguing about faith the only question I want to know is these things your question or distinct I refuse to accept is it going to make you a better person or not is he going to draw you closer to God or not and if something is not going to draw you closer to God what is the why would you sit down and let that be a stumbling block for you to get to know this God look up Paul Paul never met Jesus Christ he was in prison and all this revelation came to him there was a reason why he was put in prison because if he wasn't in prison he won't sit still do you understand what I'm trying to say so at the end of the day people like to argue a lot of things but this is a man who his life was the joy he got from life was to kill Christians to press these good Christians and then BOOM one day God sees the zoo in him and says you know what this thing that this guy is using to walk against me if I change his heart I'll use him to work for me and he's responsible for majority of the New Testament so I always tell people like if the Bible if the argument you have with the Bible is not going to better your life leave it alone because even even God tells you that my ways are not your ways you understand so once you argue with Scripture das already said that it things of the Spirit it would not be in agreement with the flesh then why argue it so now you asked a question about men of God being accountable and I would use just one scripture to justify what I want to say Bible says by their fruits you shall know that so for me I don't think someone calling himself a man of God makes him a man of God because there's a man of God that might not have been called by God but they're men of God you understand so why I would look at you and say you're a man of college because of the fruits have seen you there over time because even Christians were the first time a Christian was called Christian and the Bible was because they had observed them for the time and seen the fruits and that's how Christian and came about so because the man is when whitelisting on his lapel and it's carrying bhavani has a church it does not mean your man of God unless your fruits it you understand so by your fruits you are accountable for the foods you bear because these are the things you do that will qualify you to be a man of God you understand so I'm not a pastor I'm not a priest but I'm a man of God why because this is who is at the center of my life and this is who has given me this mission so going to the water make disciples of all nations so by that virtue I am a man of God and I think that fact alone is what saves me in my time of temptation because the greatest thing that keeps me away from sin certain sins because obviously we sin every day but there are certain sins that by His grace I would never fall into ever again the reason why is because first of all is there any safe fear god I don't look how godlike I'm afraid of him but the fear of hurting the code that I know that loves me personally and saved me in the pit of sin that I was wallowing in and proximate untoasted me this the fear of putting shame on his face for what she has done for me would keep me away from doing those days do you understand I think that mindset is what keeps me accountable for the path I've chosen to walk on I think going with accountability I think for people who are called into ministry or even anybody you can't discount the place of submission submission is crucial submission and and and mentoring who are you submitted to a lot of times I hear people say you know what I've been called by God and there's no one III answer – there's no when I submit – because a submission comes accountability when you're submitted to someone and then they see you going – very that can call you to be accountable say what are you doing and when people say well my inspiration is from God so no man on earth is big enough for me to submit to and I ask the question where you getting your theology or your doctrine from because even Jesus he led them to he less submission to the things he suffered he went sis to the into the gardener said Lord left to me let this cup pass away from me but nevertheless not my will but yours so if Jesus who did not find it who was equal to God do you not find it robbery you know to become man who submit to God then so where are you getting your pole from you know so I think accountability is important submission is important because in some way it holds you accountable and as religion become commercialized the truth of the matter is there are a lot of people here like you said if just got you claim to be a man of God doesn't make you a man of God by definition you know them they love charlatans who who manipulate and you say that religion has become the opium of the people especially a society where everyone's desperate for hope everybody's searching for truth everybody wants hope everybody wants to then you have people come and play on that and exploit people for their own personal gain there's some people who do exploit men of God who exploits and they make it their way to enrich themselves but I think is absolutely unfair to look at one and make them that the judge that the measurement stick or the are stick for everybody else it's and I think it's something that we do is like if you've had a basket of one bad apple and there were ten apples and you pick out that one Apple and say because this Apple is bad and every Apple is bad that's stereotyping that's unrealistic and that's not true some people do I believe who use religion and they commercialize it like when I become your personal profit if I pray for you only well I pray for you can you get you your salvation or when I speak this only when if you could give good to anybody else they become they they become the the gateway and web says I am the only way but when they want to put them as I say if you give me this and for this amount alone then I will give you this obviously they're people who do that but I think it's unfair maybe which is more important a phone on a SIM card I know what it feels like for my details finish at one year and I can't use my phone because literally food is dead at up was a call to make a call I can't do the most important things that I'd like to do which is like email and stuff like that so a phone is us the SIM card is what empowers the phone that's the Holy Spirit does God right just yesterday I was at church and I was chosen as one of the few people to lay hands on people because we've been doing a program called life in the spirit and I this is not my first time doing it but every time I'm caught into these positions I feel very I can't explain how I feel become like what was that how many years ago look at what I'm doing now now all glory to God like this has the obvious for so many rubbish things our place on somebody I personal fall down do you understand for the person to receive the Holy Spirit to me Oh glory to God and even when that is happy now I'm holding I'm putting my hand on somebody and the person is on the floor you know at that point do I think I see what I'm doing or do I like a mind of God and I like how can you use me for this this is just yesterday so I feel like the moment you take that glory that is God's glory it's a very dangerous entry but it should be an offering from man to God absolutely and and it's very interesting thing you touched on glory because glory glory you can't give what you don't have right so if you have no glory you have no glory to offer and that's one of the reasons why God blesses your takes you blesses you and then he puts his grace upon the Blessed you so that your effort magnifies because of the grace of God on to this great effect that people would look at that effect and say I know what this guy did there's no way that this amount of effort should have produced this great effect and therefore conclude usually that you are an awesome guy that's the point where glory comes what you're supposed to do is to be able to say because you know this is where it's coming from and yet guess what it could be you it could be anybody else I mean take a look at Naima for instance and Naima has this amazing thing and he did it especially I think one of the ones I saw that was the master but it was what what happened in the fifa sorry UEFA final I mean in 20 2015 right and you know Barcelona Juventus had played Namath scored the first goal disallowed rights and then it thought it was full time and full time plus extra time and the referee still didn't seem to stop the game and it seemed like maybe about two three minutes after full time and extra time Neymar scores and then Nima runs into the crowd if you still watched it two days ago you cannot hear the referee blows the whistle it was like as though nameís coin was the end of the match and then he emerges from the place with a band on his head that he had been carrying in his pocket all the world 100% Jesus now what what most people don't realize is that at that moment right they they notes that it what there were 426 million people watching directly TV not look not we're not talking about internet now and so at that moment Naima had received glory and given that glory to God if Naima had not scored it would not have mattered that he was carrying 100% Jesus so you ask yourself how come the referee could not stop that match because God knew that this boy was going to give me glory and had to literally hold time still for Neymar to receive glory to be able to give to God you know let me leaning from this raid and and I'll answer your question because I hear the deeper question nema was a human being is a human being who forever be a human being yes strengths and weaknesses right and within the expression of his strengths and weaknesses God was glorified and everyone could relate with him and that is the responsibility of everyone positions to be a man of God it is your responsibility to let people realize that you know what you're human even though you're spiritual and you are not God and you're not God's gateway to humanity and you should not become an embodiment of religion because God does not care about religion God cares about what name I did draw all men unto me one of the scriptures that that blows my mind almost is let your light so shine before men that they will see your good works and glorify your father in heaven name I did it at that moment 426 million people knew who God was do you think that the Pope could do that I mean that's the biggest guy right could pop up done that no it was me Mary Mother of God yes lutely now who's more anointed in that moment Naima was more anointed in that moment to draw all men to God and so you know men of God must raise such men and I allow such men to glorify God and they must not kill those peoples anointing and there will be some people in their congregation whose anointing them bigger than yours your responsibility is is toufic acknowledge it nurture it and let those guys shine now our men of God all of them doing that no because they have their own issues their own inadequacies and so our own agenda is if all you can do that if all you know everyone that has that responsibility or that assignment can do that we will as a nation as a continent we will explore because they had too many such neighbors that too many people like that like the Davies you know in the wilderness that God wants to raise and that's why we're still struggling as a nation because they are free fair judgment yeah because they become main thing or is it oh man oh man generally yeah they are afraid of being judged they don't have a sense of identity you don't have a sense of purpose they're not ultimately submitted so they have any father and so what man thinks about them and how man will relate with them you know guides you know those kinds of decisions well guess what I don't send you know because I I know from the work that I do you will form your own opinion anyway for your opinion matters not only God's opinion what you can't have this attitude if you do not have a personal and intimate relationship with God and that's another responsibility that men of God must have they must stop sharing and teaching religion so they must teach spirituality because God hates God hates religion it's about spirituality it's about you knowing that you're a spirit being with in mind living in an earth suit it's about you understanding that you're a spiritual being having a human experience it's about you knowing that the very essence of your spirit every human being whether you I got it or whether you're gay whether you are lesbian that the very essence of your spirit is God's Spirit and I are God's child and that that merge merging of your spirit with the Spirit of God is really what not only breathing is all about believe it so if I if I if you think about it and and while it might be predominantly African but I think it's actually a man thing not to you know – sometimes deal with certain things privately and quietly you know women are by nature share us it's unbelievable I mean if this table was a table of of both women you will see just I didn't I would just be flowing you know my own personal things took a bit of time before if I came at nothing and it's never been out right and that's because we we just we're how we deal with things by nature privately if you look at it somebody used it in fantastic analogy that for me describes the a man's brain and the woman's brain that a man's brain is full of almost like boxes boxes of different yeah and that that the a and this is in by the way no disrespect whatsoever and just to either male or female so and the female it's like you know cooked you know you know you haven't broken spaghetti this but yeah just long but your cookies is long all so that's like a woman's been so when you pick one item here and draw you serve like keep pulling typically coupling I mean almost never is almost never ending and god help go home see if it leaks to another one and attach it you can't just keep pulling break it must break you can't take one item here and that's we would like to process the you take one you open it so inside this one is financed at that time that's what he wants to think or talk about almost to share about once it was his finishes it closes it he puts his back it takes another one and his marriage it takes an analyst a woman's one is interconnected marriage finance everything yes I got that because I the conversation with the lady with her as your mom I can end it in our house got burnt and I know only how did we get from mom to house but a guy is one bar I didn't they we are also special because there's another box in this in this bed of boxes that is there has nothing inside you know other it's called it's called nothing you know that that box is is this this that's why when I did he ask you on a Saturday morning you're just sitting now your living room and your wife is asking you what I what are you thinking about nothing you know what to tell me she cannot relate with the fact that you can actually see though are usually not thinking about because they are wired to think and share and you know what the other way around it or not because we go through turns and a lot of time when a man is going to return our you're going through your curve most why do you think Jesus left the disciples and went into the guarding of gets man to go and cry and pray by himself even our Lord when it will left everybody did not I mean chefs on this with them but then when when you wanted to really ask for the father to take the cup from his head he didn't tell his disciples that this is what I'm here to do by the way do you guys think is a good idea that I should do this thing on North July Guam prayer but no no no no he said he left and went by himself to an egg cried like and a lot of times men just deal with certain things on your own now is it safe now the answer is not always right so which is why you know the place of the woman and makes you know so the formative the more I've grown the more have realize ABEO sharing with God and opening up and being naked and not being ashamed in front of God in the place of prayer and the Holy Spirit he's then also fine and then and then be married to do you know the most amazing woman and they being able to also be naked and speak without without being judged you know but at times where you go for a long week and you see I will share the things because you're saving it for the for with the right time so the truth is that we we deal with things sometimes privately differently you know nature and nurture I mean we can start at the gate but man is nurtured into that nature by his upbringing yeah so when a little girl runs to her mom and a dad crying and want you to talk he issue Serling's wanted to talk about her issues right they allow her to cry was wrong with you where they will happen you know and then she own burdens they are not doing happy to be able to express our emotion and to be able to talk about what's on her mind and then they comfort her when the little boy comes Christ man boys don't cry stop dust of that so your nutrient that going to keep it to himself to retreat and go figure it out so and solve the problem and so you know and I say that nurture creates nature because really and truly we all come empty right and so our nurture becomes our nature and how do we change it because really and truly the women are complaining you know society is not you know the best for it because the real complete story is really really welcome create a holistic society where you can share your weaknesses on your strengths and people can benefit from both because today right when a young man goes through the challenges that we've gone through right he feels like he's inadequate and he's not a real man because he's looking at the finished product or the almost finished product that hasn't shared his journey and he feels inadequate and it feels like he has failed and what men or God need to do and what we real men need to do is to be able to share our weaknesses our failures our stories so that when other people are going through it they can know that is normal and this is how we were able to overcome all of those challenges you just said it perfect took out my mouth it's a narrative we grow up with may not supposed to cry men real men real men don't cry men aren't supposed to be vulnerable and so you grew up with the narrative that that nurturing where you believe there you're not supposed to sharing your emotions and you're not supposed to cry and there's also like you said the fear of of being vulnerable and because the truth of Matt says they say familiarity breeds disrespect and you're careful who do I especially when you are on the when you're on the posterior side who do I allow into my inner circle because human beings don't know how to separate who you are from what you do to different things who you are from what you do you know Jesus can separate the sin from the sinner but we don't we throw the baby out with the bathwater you know the prayer for example not to preacher when the woman was caught in adultery you know let me just excuse the man that's a whole different conversation but you know they focused on the woman and and they the first owner and he said he who's with us in the first cast the first stone everybody disappears and he asked where are your accusers and he says neither do i condemn but go and sin no more so he condemned the sin but not the sinner and a lot of times we can't call we can't separate that so that's that fear of who do I allow into my inner circle that I can unburden and trust that I can share my weakness with that they won't judge me and define me by my weakness and so I put it you know and I'm saying and so now from the moment forward when I when I move past that they're still stuck in the fact that he told me that he struggled with this yesterday I hear he is standing out saying you know because I'm afraid and it's that afraid of being I've been able to trust and to be vulnerable and that I don't I believe that what I tell you you will not use against me where you will not understanding those people's very important because we're very skillful in being able to you can tell me everything about you and I can listen and advise you and not tell you anything about me oh we're good at it we're we're great at equative like people call me they're like you're my secret keeper I keep a lot of Secrets but you don't know mine because it's the way you know we'll listen we'll talk but I don't know who I can open up with and find that who with the safe place that you know that would you know separate who I am from what I do who design or posture said this and so that's that's the issues finding those right people it comes through this for me from my perspective it's I I feel like half of the reason why people are certain ways because the ego is very dynamic and in the ego as so many different lanes that entrap your ability to set yourself free from certain things for example looking at being born again by the spirit as a reason you are being born again because you're born empty and whatever people point to you is what you more or less become so you be you become born again to refers to being empty in an adult stage which now you come watch what goes into you so you know what you are made of now the Morrigan for me the first thing I learned that was key was to die to self and that means that in church when I'm serving I'm holding crypto mineral sharing two people doing programs as a goddess top man he said he said Bravo for you yes he does he for television today there they said I say they try us I blew it to God you know the reason I say that is because the moment you can eliminate who you think you are in your head it becomes easier for you to operate like for me now whenever I'm going through stuff I think I find joy in sharing with the people are selected to be my brother you understand the reason I say that is because in my weakness that's where God shows himself the most for me to share something with you are you sure so do me back and I realized that wound up struggling with is even smaller and more of those to you so you are strong with a greater thing and then we cannot help each other because God gives me the insight to help you and God gives you the insight to help me you understand so I feel like most men do not want to share out of if we um if we unpack the ego I'll call it ego but in the ego comes doubt comes fear comes all the negative things that work against you moving forward you understand because you're thinking of me me it's all about yourself if this person does this to me this person should share my secret my my my but when you get to the point where you have put death UV we've killed your ego and you are the points where you realize that God can use anybody to solve this problem I believe that in your life God graph put safe people around you and by discernment you should be able to tell who is who it's for me just sitting at this table has been such a privilege and so it's not just a privilege to share but a present privilege to learn and you know many of the things that I almost every single time that I've had the proof you know the privilege to go and stand in front of people and share word whatever it is I always pray a prayer Lord thank you for helping me to be a channel of blessing but please don't forget to bless me it was you and that's what I have enjoyed and I'm really very grateful to camión to every one of the guys that are sitting here because I've had the opportunity to learn so much from you all and the wisdom that you share and sometimes it's the same wisdom but but understanding in another dimension and something that you said that I'd like to close with that as I touch on also this much women matter but you said something about how many times the ego is all about me and and you know I've always come to believe that the greatest challenge that we faced as a nation was that we went from a generation that was a we generation not a me generation and that generation laid down everything it had to be able to get liberation for we not for me because most of those guys are female or Nnamdi Azikiwe of those guys they had gone past the place of of colonial harassment but they knew that people were still under oppression and so they made everything they had down to get a we benefit not a me benefit but it seems like somehow we didn't share enough about what they didn't share enough about those struggles so they they kind of like produce this glory state and then it produced a next generation that became a me generation and that meat generation wanted to get me above we and that's the ego generation the one that wants to be bigger than everybody else not to have a bigger ass but a bigger me and everyone else so I can have a bigger account even if we have a smaller economy so that I can have a bigger car even with our roads are bad so I can have you know bigger generators even if we don't have light for for a longer period of time it's a new generation of any generation and I believe that look there is a word and a mandate over Nigeria Nigeria will become the most desirable nation to live in by December 25 by December 31 to 2025 and I believe very strongly that it's going to be a we generation that will build that nation and that will be that generation that again once again comes back to this thing that says hey guys if my pain will be useful to all of us I will share it that there must be purpose for my pain and that you know everything that I have gone through is not just about me like you know what my glory or glory that God gives me is not for my benefit it's for the benefit of other people but then it's the glory to God but also the pain that I'm allowed to overcome because pain was not never allowed to come into your life except you could overcome it so the pain that comes into my life is something that I overcome not for my sake alone but for the sake of others and once I come into that we mindset it becomes a lot easier for me to share with us but when it's a me mindset then I'm trying to project glory I'm trying to project myself as a correct guy I'm trying to project and I'm so I don't want you to see what else is dealing with me because I don't really care about what's happening to you you know and I think that that's the most important thing but good I know you want to say something about the women I mean just rounding out thanks rings James : and fella and you know I I think it's an honor and an honor and a privilege just see here talking about God you don't have and the way that I feel you know I know that God is pleased we're having this conversation I mean what so many are just talking about God I know God is here and you know his hair not just for us to talk about him he's here specifically for everyone that is watching this program right now now I don't care what it is that you're going through I don't care what it is that you have gone through but what I care about is truth you've got to learn to separate what is true from truth what we've spoken about today is absolute truth and that's the only thing that can free from your bondage your challenges you know whatever you're struggling with just receive God accept him as your father now perception is stronger than reality you really need to understand what I'm talking about God the Almighty the grand master of the universe desires for you to see him and to receive him and to late with him as your father now that is a one-sided relationship you meet to see yourself as his son and I accept yourself as his son now the prodigal son was the one that stopped being the son the father never stopped seeing him as one kind of father of the other even when the son had left the father was always expecting the son to come back so I believe that this is about the father expecting every son to come back and my prayer is that every son that has heard the sounds of our voices will come back to the Father and develop that intimate personal relationship with him so that you can become everything that God has created you to be now God created this world from two people from Adam and Eve God is not crazy he understands you know everything before he does it and so he created man and woman so that he could create society and so society and everything is shaped around man and woman so every man needs women in his life and every woman needs men in her life and so we cannot have a functional society or community or country or continent or world without having functional men relate with functional women are functional women relate with functional men for us to create that holistic functional world we need to create and become functional men and functional women and I hope and really really sincerely pray that this program will begin your journey towards being home thank you for listening thank you fella father we thank you we thank you for the gift of you we thank you for the gift of brothers thank you for the gift of life and above all we thank you for the gift of the Holy Spirit thank you for calling on choosing us as your sons and thank you Father for endorsing us into sonship we just want to return all of the glory to you for all that you we know that you would do with what I just happen now Lord please take all of the glory let it not be about us Oh God take the stage and when you are done take all of the doing in the name of Jesus thank you in Jesus name we pray

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