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Hi I’m Bob from Titan Tiny Homes, and behind
me is one of our 28ft Everest Models, which was recently featured on Tiny House Nation. This model is 256 sq ft on the 1st floor and
you have an additional 150 sq ft between the two lofts above. So as you come into the house, you’ll notice
that our doors are on the sides, much closer to the front of the unit. The reason we do this, is we wanna maximize
as much space in the livingroom as possible, and by having the door come in the back of
the house, it really the living space. And as you see when we come inside, you’re
really gonna like this. So here we are! One of the first things you’ll notice as you
come in to this house is you’ll see the very tall ceilings. It’s very important to us that you have a
very open airy type of floor plan. We don’t want anybody to fell claustrophobic
when they come into the house, we want them to feel like they’re not in a tiny house,
like they’re not covered up inside a little hole somewhere. So, it’s one of the things that we really
focus on, is architecture that really expands the mind and really opens up the space. Right here we have the kitchen, you’ll see
the cobber backsplash adding a real detail to the kitchen. We have a full burner stove, four burners
and a full size oven as well. One of the other things you’ll notice is we’ve
got a lot of cabinet space in this unit, this is full storage both here and over here. As we move over to this side, we’ve even got
more storage. Lots of drawers. More storage down here, you come over here
we’ve got even more storage in here. In here. There’s even storage in the oven as well. This unit has one of the larger all purpose
washer dryer units. Made by LG. We also have a full size fridge. And more cabinet space above. As you come into the living room, this is
where it gets really cool. You gotta have a place to sit down and relax
once in a while. So we have this nice couch here which also
can kick up and relax. But before you do that you might want to watch
TV a little bit. So we’ve got a nice size TV underneath this,
but it can be hidden away as well. Along with on the sides we have plenty of
storage, and I’ll just turn on some lights here so you can see that. This fire place is also a heater, it’s not
just decorative, it also does put out an amble ample amount of heat. So as you’re sitting here you’re not gonna
get cold. Plenty of storage again on the sides of the
fire place. So even though this living room is already
pretty large with this sofa, notice we have these end tables on the sides which means
you can even have a larger sofa if you so wished. So as we come out of the living room, we come
up to the staircase that will take us into the master loft, but before we get there,
I want to show you some more storage. So we have this nice pantry pull out, but
also have a draw down below. There’s storage in this cabinet right here. But the coolest thing about this, is this
is where the kitchen table is. So this opens up here like this, I’m gonna
move that over to the side for a minute. And then we’re gonna slide out our stools,
which we’ll set one right over here for a minute. This is gonna be our table leg, and our other
stool. And then we’re gonna flip this up. You have a nice place to sit and eat dinner. So up here have a California king mattress. Still, I’m on a 10 inch mattress right now
but I still have plenty of headroom up here. So it’s a really nice sleeping arrangement. We have plenty of room for night stands on
both sides of the bed, or more storage could be done along the back wall of this unit. We also have another place for a TV. So if you want to watch TV in bed you can
do that. Plenty of room still to both get downstairs
but also to have another night stand and a place to have a TV. I mean, look at how big this place is. So as you look across the unit, from up here,
you’ll really get a sense of how much space and room there is. And across there is another loft that’s actually
above the bathroom, you can have another bed or you can have more storage for your clothes,
your belongings, whatever you so wish. One of the things you’ll notice as you’re
looking from up here is that you’ll see that the tops of the cabinets are finished, it
doesn’t look unfinished. We also have a ceiling fan to help circulate
the air in the space. Just everywhere you look it’s gonna look finished. It’s not gonna look like something should
have also been done. And that’s one of the things we take a lot
of pride in, when it comes to building these units. Let’s go check out the bathroom. So as you’ll notice in this bathroom, we have
a four foot wide shower that also have a seat. So it’s very comfortable, much like you’d
find in every house across America. We also in this particular unit we have an
RV toilet. Which is just a standard low flush RV toilet,
you just push the foot pedal, and that’s pretty much it! It goes into a holding tank, so this unit
is also a off the grid style unit where it has a place for your waste, your soapy water
and also your fresh water which is 36 gallons. So you have the ability to not always be plugged
into system, you have the ability to really take the unit any place you wish to go. So as we move across you’ll see that we have
an 18 inch vanity, which is pretty common in our units. Plenty of storage underneath, towels and things
like that. Also again, really nice features, we try to
focus on anything you’re gonna touch we wanna make sure that it’s really quality because
it’s gonna have to last a long time so we wanna make sure that we focus on the things
that matter most which is your faucets, your floors your light fixtures, things of that
nature that really need a longevity we wanna focus on high quality stuff so we don’t really
put any cheap things in our unit, we feel that if we’re gonna do it once we’re gonna
do it right. Again, just like all of our other houses,
this house is build with steel stud construction, which means that you’re not gonna get termites,
dry rotting, the house is about 10 times stronger so down in a place like Florida which you
have hurricanes and nasty weather, you can ensure and sleep well that your house is going
to stay very strong and tight, and not going to fall apart. So thank you for checking out this house today,
it’s really been a pleasure both me and by crew who really put it together in the last
couple of weeks, you can check this house out on Amazon.com, it’s featured on Tiny House
Nation. And also please if you have questions at all,
please leave them in the comment section below. Thank you and have a great day! Okay we’re in Florida but it’s super cold
and Morten is seriously freezing. Yeah I’m wearing two shirts. But we just wanted to let you guys know that
one of the things we really love about the Titan Tiny Homes, is that they really focus
on affordability. So if thats your deal, if affordability is
your primary concern about building a tiny house – because some of them can get pretty
pricy – then I think these guys they are a good option. They are doing a good job about it. And they are also super cosy houses. This one in particular with the fire place. Yeah. And also the way they did the stairs and the
table, we just love that. We’re all into the multifunctional furniture. Really awesome! Yeah. You wouldn’t even think it was there when
we saw it first, it looked like a kitchen element or something like that. Yeah. It’s great. Yeah. So if you like this house give it a thumps
up and share it with your friends and leave us a comment below if you have other places
you want us to check out we do travel a lot as you know, so we can go pretty much anywhere
– it might take some time to get there and some planning, but if you have some really
cool space, tiny, small is fine for us too, I think we feature up to a 1000 sq ft and
not feature anything bigger than that. So see you guys next week, bye! Take care.

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