Building a Successful Banking Relationship

(light music) – I think relationships are really the primary differentiator in banking or in any industry today. What it really means is
you’re going to look out for your customer, do
what’s the best for them, find the best solution for
them, and take care of them. – Yeah, I’m a lawyer in the Toledo area, and have been there sort of long time. I do a lot of real
estate, business related, and then estate planning for my clients who are typically individuals or you know, small to mid-size businesses. And that’s worked out terrific. Kind of along the way, my
brother, who is a builder, we got into developing and
building some office buildings, and so we own several of
those in the Toledo area. And that gave me an opportunity to kind of reunite with
my good friend and banker, Nelson Shaffer. So, through the years, we’ve kind of done a lot of things together. – Jim and his staff have
really come to utilize a lot of the services that we have, whether they’re checking,
savings for liquid funds, loans, lines of credit,
pretty much the whole gamut of the offering that we have,
they’ve taken advantage of. – We’ve come to use the
Merchant Capture services, so we can process our checks
from tenants right through, and then we see it
instantly on our account. And the online features,
being able to pay bills, being able to adjust and transfer within those accounts
have been helpful, too. I think the convenience factor is good, and we’ve been real pleased
with how that’s worked for us. – Well, from time to time, I do remind Jim that he was my fifth grade baseball coach. Truth be told, I was probably
the worst kid on the team, but we can laugh about that now. – Toledo and Toledo area
is kind of a small town, in many respects, and it’s
interesting how paths cross. ‘Cause really, we attended
the same high school and the same college,
though at different times. He tells me that I actually
coached him in baseball one time, too. – You know, obviously
what’s interesting is, people like doing business with people that they get along with and
have things in common with, have relationships with. – Yeah, Nelson is, I think, is
kind of a unique individual. He really tries to understand
what your business is, and how they can make their
products kind of conform to meet our needs. And I think he really goes
out of his way to do that. And I really like the
relationships with Citizens, as well, because I think
there’s a great niche. I think the folks there
can make a decision pretty quickly about
whether this type of thing makes sense or not, and
I really kind of like the way they do business. I think it’s more hands-on,
it’s very responsive. So, we’ve done a number of
transactions with Citizens, and I’m very happy, both with
the products they produce and just kind of how
they’ve gone about it. And Nelson certainly spearheads that, but I’ve had a good opportunity to meet, I think, several others
in the organization as time’s gone on, and I
do like their approach. I just think it’s very
kind of down to earth and kind of gets to the core
of what we’re trying to do pretty quickly. (light music)

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