Building Bandai Gundam Real Grade 05 – Freedom Gundam – Session 01

I’ll be experimenting with subtitles in this video. If it’s not too tedious, I might use it to add instructions. Here I’m discovering the peculiarities of the RG inner frame. Lots of small pieces in the RG line. And here we go, one foot finished. Quite a bit more articulate that the HG line. Some disassembly and reassembly is sometimes required. Mistakes happen. Let’s just hurry up though this. And there we go. Feet. The Advanced MS Joint system is pretty sweet. It’s incredible how they pack so much detail in such a small frame. The skeleton comes mostly preassembled on the sprue. There are some issues, like some flashing and the joint tightness isn’t always consistent. Still, pretty awesome. Some loosening and adjustments required… speeding though. mah well The seams didn’t seem to quite snap together. What I didn’t know at the time, was that they were meant to not snap. Oooh. Bendy. Anyway, let’s get the rest of this built, shall we? Right leg is same as left but mirrored, so I’ll just fast forward though this section. And voila. Turn it how now? Way more movment than an HG kit. Some pressure may be required.

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