Building Our Own Island with Ronald / Minecraft Realm

Hey Which is actually kind of sweet. And were Gonna make this our private Island Which is kind of cool. So we’re just burning down the trees cuz they are gonna be a distraction [I] am [gonna] be now keep on recording my realm cuz I miss playing it. Yeah, I miss it too so um I’m gonna just burn all this down. [I] might be flat here. Oh yeah, I was gonna do that too. I was gonna So I [think] about this flat right here Why so flat you gonna reach the cave you know and then we’ll just cover it up I hate when [that] happens. Oh, yeah, I hate it when it rains. [don’t] like it. [oh] [all] [right], this is going well Seriously alright. I’m gonna grab this seriously looking mean seriously do that And I’m gonna break it just like that Does it have to [be] that flat yeah exactly oh i thought someone was in the game but it was just a dog That’s that’s kind of funny Wait, did you end up in the cave? No I didn’t then ,what is that? That’s my digging I’m going to expert at it am I right wow you digged a lot I need to get my .Alright I’m gonna do it like that Need to get my [pity], [Er] Yeah, kind of like stairs. So we could get to every work nicely I guess We can actually make stairs like this slap no no okay, so [alright] So what we need to do is break one more layer. Just one more like this just break this Let’s just break this. Oh. There’s some business of going on just break that Um oh everything fell oh wow, Doc Say [wow] squid I’m shooting this squid over all right? So what kind of house. Do you want to make? It’s a [core]. It’s a corpse and a purr purr. I think it um Yeah, Karina, they match, okay little blocks that match Okay, sure [all] [right] so um really quartz And the Dark oak wood door and we need um I Wanna Choke or sword Her pepper pepper there we go kills There we go killed. I don’t want a lot of squids near our house. Yeah, that’s not Gonna Look very pretty. I ain’t gonna grab my sword. That’s what’s killing them All right, I need um You know what I need night vision [wait], why do you are wearing a grip? Oh yeah? I need [that] [too] husband [ask] for night vision Like a Berry see [underwater] still How I don’t know wait, you can see you can’t see at all I Do I could do see I could still see squids perfectly all right? Oh, no, but not when you’re close not when you’re not close over here there yeah, I Think that’s good enough Ronald All right now cigars welding it right there. We don’t want that Okay, look I get it looking straight through to water. I know that’s grab so cool All right, so what we do Right this layer really what? sometimes you gotta break the layers Okay break Delay [I’m] gonna do that and [then] I’m Gonna do that Yeah, dead. I’m gonna do it they’re at. Just gonna break all that and then we’re gonna start to have Soon-im [Camaron] Farm – and maybe even a tree farm because we broke all the trees So we all blacked her Looks a lot agree. I’d already build the house. Yeah, that’s gonna be after we thought the house. Oh Look we have our own flat land Now this is how we roll in our place [K] alright, so our door is Gonna be here hmM Alright, I need um Just like this I’m already getting into it. Yeah me too. I think probably not That’s bad. I did so bad not my fault. It’s the clicker mine either need Glass – Does that look good? Sure, if once I look I’m Gonna know Because we can still use barriers right? Oh, yeah, we could use barriers. Yeah for kind of like [windows] wait really yeah, oh Good. I’m gonna use my barrier for this window here [there] here it’s like wait We have to look at it for a little den. It’s gonna turn like turn invisible Well if you hold out your barrier you see if [its] barrier Okay, I take it out and disappear. Slowly slowly here we go All right, [I] do that There we go. This is cool. I Like this house, it’s a night in a nice shape It’s getting lots of exercise We came out of your mouth. It’s getting lots of exercise We don’t need the house too big actually yeah, but we need a really nice All right now. I’m gonna build it [over] yet up there. Well. That’s a big arena Why is the raining so much time? I don’t know I see a [slip] duck Nope, I broke that by accident and this Meter okay there we go So I’m just gonna Whoops there, we go. Okay. You know what’s gonna be funny what? There’s gonna be windows at the bathroom No, don’t put windows in the bathroom, but the bathrooms Gonna be right here [no], you put it like someone in the middle of the house not there. Oh Okay There we go that’s finished. It’s nothing British. So what if it do say so myself It’s if I do say so myself Look at that. Ooh pretty stylish stylish there yeah I’m just fixing that up dario alright. So now what do we need to do. I’m gonna bring this this way We’re gonna have a big roof here. Oh You know how to build like a base now I? always did Alright, it’s about here. So we need to do that there ya, go I don’t know I would drop that by accident. Oh Building is not really actionable Yeah, but soon. We’ll get to the actionable stuff not just this stuff We’re going to be adding the rooms and the bedrooms which is going to be awesome So stay to the end What are you better skip ahead to the end [no] no don’t do it [okay] now watch the entire video Wow, this house is good All right You ain’t finished your booth yet? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? I’m not working on the Roof now That’s how I build quick Road just brewed what what’s rude about that? Oh? No, [I] dropped that wait. You messed up a [bit] here I Did yeah, how dare I? If I you’re gonna say, how dare you? And that wouldn’t make sense I’m telling [you] you messed up, okay. That’s good. Good thing [K] [callie] yeah, a strange human being what you’re strange human being I? Said it first you can’t copy me So but I have about for our reason okay, whatever. I think it’s looking great Yeah, and most of it big is because [of] me No We got the idea blocks, but nope Yeah, you you’re like wanda blocks And see it was good idea then I like it. Don’t like it that much Wha oh you just said look at this house? No, just in the style not in the blocks You see what I mean you see what I did there. You see that [no] I just see that you’re picking your nose all the time you’re so disgusting ahnold oh Are you gonna build um barriers yet? The windows not yet? [oh], no, I dropped it All right there we go Look, I know how to do that, and then [that] and then in Minecraft you cannot see yourself in first person. You cannot look down at your legs. Yeah, but that would be a great update All right Looking that’s Nasa not that not too sassy [I] don’t know [what’s] asking me is it bad or too good her nose to snazzy that means. It’s okay Snazzy means bad Look a little hang out up here. You can make a ladder No, not known a lot. It won’t look nice. Maybe on the inside We’ll have some kind of staircase hang out put like barriers here I Hate when that happens me too. I don’t like it when it rains. [oh] [dre] you don’t know Decker’s barriers, sir Do you know dr.. Spero barrier sir I do not know if there’s there is error sir? well, thank you for telling me ah [I] can’t go. I can’t go through the barriers head let me out I made it out. Okay now. We need to continue on That’s Gonna be the roof or /sleep ceiling, right? Okay, I’ll let you do that because it seems very complicated. I’ll do the floor. What’s the floor Gonna be? Four propellers like this Corina doing a roof is not complicated We’re Gonna have a nice chimney Are you gonna make em webs where to a? Smoke or fake I’m smoke to her to look good. Yeah, that’s gonna be a I’m gonna have a nice Jimmy. Yeah be Ghana Ghana So stay tuned These are more awesomeness Yeah All right, well well um yeah. Do you have any plans of excitement? Because I am a little bit bored. What do you mean bored? Don’t call me Morris is a strange human being I never lived He loves me for my career like an entire life But you were strange [10] mm But wow you are this is this is this is so strange My roof seems really complicated [now] I just said that my roofs are not complicated Look at how complicated it is to build in 40 seconds Wow Pretty complicated you’re Gonna have to cover the entire place Saturday how you’re gonna do that? Sim pill [week] and you’re Gonna be [how] maze You’re gonna be so amazed. How simple it is no, I won’t Guess what I will Okay, ron ah seriously well you have any ideas for a site on [stink] – No, sir, [sam]. You have any ideas for excitement – Okay, that’s not very funny. It wasn’t funny ever Yeah, he’s exactly how was [I] [think]? That’s [why] I don’t know if it’s we’re [rude] or not. It’s not Almost Spanish there floor one of the done is idiots in the world [why]? Cuz for here I did slabs, not blocks and now the block goes flying the slab So nobody just put something on top of it. Yeah, but I’m gonna have to do two laps of slabs, so stop All right, whoa. I just is boom I? Feel amazing. You know both Korea. Look how I did it that’s not amazing but Normal slabs connect wonders to slabs on top of the [oh], that’s fair no, but rub it on our 50/50 chance I Declare this as my bedroom. [oh] yeah, right? Oh, yeah, just watch me declare it on My bedroom. I’m simply Gonna slash, Killya. No don’t do it again bills on It would be very me you Okay, no no no you Don’t do it right no no no No, I don’t like to wait That was a dumb idiots life. Oh That’s a jump at life too bad, huh? I’m not gonna slash kill [you] Unless [I] get over to you know It says 1000Mg is not a real name. That is true I’m not real [no], just whatever. What’s your fake name? No Boom [no] yeah, I do not like that. Yeah. What if I do another time? You’re not declaring this anymore, or I’ll do it another time. No, no wrong. Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Then don’t [call] dick claire Then I’ll fake declare Its fake Ronald’s fake one stop I really mean it now mmM, but what if I dunno want [to]? Then again have to pay the price Then you’re Gonna have the paid What I said, you gonna have to pay price. What is the price the price? is simply much money to $50 it’s $50. It’s 50 okay. Why not? Billy you really would do it. Okay, whatever so here’s my bed, and then here’s my bed, and you’re not declaring it You know okay? Declared in my room Wait, that’s tiny. I’m gonna have a bigger room than this All right now me too This is the bathroom then okay. Fine dusted raff room. Hey look Yes, I see. Yeah a bronze and head oh, I’m not I can’t pick that up. Take that some money Money in the [end] like you just do not [care]. Are you raining it on me? I’m in lace money money Circling so I was actually going in the water How much you alright? Oh, that’s a lot of emerald I need a Ono [knows] my last emerald Holdren What if I give you what if a totem comes falling down Cal I? Just walk out and cold naked in whoa Yeah, made it indefinitely howdy’s look Holdren Kolchin : Did you just find one here? I in the air like [you] Ronald Oh, I was actually met – no no for real [Osman] – Claro, whatever cuz I thought that was the previous command I did look look Three cheers for [Corita] sitting on the toilet You mean male that’s alright. So we need any this room We need a cauldron and the anvil no, I don’t actually need that That is weird. I’m gonna play some games a few [Kareena] No, don’t look Okay, just but where to find cold your hiding spot Cauldron. [I] don’t know ready to see see and you’ll find it It will take forever But it’s worth it just for toilet ha ha There’s the hold up Cauldron cool Caldron. [oh], how could I not know that? All right, I need [Karina] [you] [want] your ticket My tickets look wait you have a skull on your head. Oh, I’m evil pick it up features for cooking and We feared free chairs for crane. I take his [barbary] tears under [a] [tree] and rookies Reach it. No you you’re all free wrong you wrote free tears for [Karina] You spell free wrong, but what if I [don’t] want to smell it right too bad? And the last four chairs for Korea’s Gonna go to me. No give it to me Give it to me or your play? now No eating caps. I have enough Memories [ah] ha ha give me the last weekís for Canada, okay? We already have 60 free Who will get it me are you me oh no get down one more time, okay? Up adair. Yeah. Look it again Pat it again Okay, [okay] [rock] continued bookish what how’s time to end the video is oh? Guys, I hope you liked this video if you did smash that like button, and I’ll see you all next time bye [three] cheers for Drita three Cheers Stopper dear

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