Building Your Freedom! – Seminar on the Beach

Good morning. Dave Witte here
with EZ Real Estate Life podcast. I just want to share with you this morning
a little bit from Unicode 2087 down in Riviera Maya Cancun And talk to you
for a little bit about how you look at your real estate career. You know, a lot of people get into real estate and
they just want to make a lot of money and they want to make
it right now. You know, they don’t care about what’s going
to happen in a couple of years. They want that money now, right
now. And I want to be RICH! I wanna make 200,000 this
year, 500,000 next year. You know, I want to get up to where
I’m driving the Bentley. You know, Bentley sounds great,
but guess what, you know, in three or four years it’s
just a crappy used car. And I’ve driven up nice cars to know
that it’s nice with the rolls off the showroom floor, but in three
or four years it’s just, it’s like driving a crappy Pinto or
something and you have to go out and buy a new one. But, uh, the point I’m trying to get to is it’s
good to make a lot of money at once. You know, you flip a house, you
make, you’re making 30, 40, $50,000. You do a wholesale deal, you’re going to make anywhere between
$2,000 and $10,000 depending on what you’re doing. But if you’ll look at
some of your real estate like annuities. If you can get something that will pay
you a couple of hundred dollars a month, you know, even if you
don’t have to own it, let’s say that you did a master lease
for someone that didn’t want to do property management and you
leased their property. You know, they’re still responsible
for the maintenance, but you take over and master lease it
and then you lease it out for a couple of hundred bucks more a month than you’re
paying them and you’re just taking care of the management. And because
you’re a principal in the deal, you’re not really a property manager. You do this enough times and you
got $2,000 a month, you know, and then you start adding in some rentals
and things that you’ve bought on your own and you get to that, that magic $10,000 a month number and
the world just kind of opens up to, you know, I don’t, I know a lot
of people say $10,000 isn’t much, but if you’re somebody
that’s working a real job, $10,000 a month throws that job away,
you know, it pays for everything, you know? For your average run of
the mill, everyday person like me, if I’ve got 10 to 20
grand a month, I am set, I don’t really need to do anymore.
Do I want to? Yeah, of course. But you know, getting into that five figure a month
range puts you in the upper echelons of people in the world and pretty high
standings of the people just in the United States. And the fact that you’re not
punching a time clock to get it, you know, the fact that you can sit at Starbucks
or sit here at Riviera Maya and still make the same amount of money as if
I was sitting in the office back in Sarasota. You know that
that’s the big key. That’s, that’s the thing is it’s building your
freedom because that’s what it’s all about, is being able to
go where you want to go, do what you want to do and
do it on your own terms. And the best way to get to that is to
get those little annuities, you know, 200 300 $400 a month and those
things stack up on top of themselves. And suddenly, you know, you’re in five
figures a month and once you get there, then everything’s roses and
sunshine after that baby. So I just wanted to throw that out there
to you, want to share that with you. It’s a beautiful day, it’s a
little bit windy, but if it wasn’t, it’d be hotter than hell.
It’s beautiful here. I was going to do this right on the beach, you can see the beach in the background, but the winds are so bad that the mic
won’t pick it up. But have a great day, I’m gonna, and enjoy yourselves. Go out there and get some
of those annuities and make
yourself that five figure a month income. We’ll talk to you later.

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