Bulldogs experienced disrespect at 1992 Freedom Bowl against USC

Hilper again, down on a knee. That’ll do it.>>Fresno State, they’re gonna go wild. The Red Wave is beside itself.>>Look at all the players
running to the endzone.>>I’m listening to sport radio and
people are calling in. They’re calling us Raisin State. How is Raisin State come in and
beat the Trojans? I’m like, I think by now we
should be called Fresno State. We just beat USC, right?>>Las Vegas. The Bulldogs 24, the Trojans 7. [MUSIC]>>It was funny because nobody
gave us a chance to win. Everybody thought for sure USC was gonna
spank us, although we’re pretty loaded. [MUSIC]>>One, we feel confident we can run the
ball because we were getting all ready, especially with the two backs we had. And we felt confident in our
passing game because we had four or five really good receivers, plus you
know Trent was doing ball pretty well. I think it was keeping the pressure
off Trent was critical.>>And then we started playing. And I think one of the first couple plays,
we ran the ball and got seven yards. And all of us came back to the huddle and
like, okay, let’s go.>>I don’t know about you, but
I was starstruck, a little bit. When I was on the field warming up, he
had Tommy Dechildren come out on a horse. You hear the [SOUND]. I’m telling myself, I’m playing SC,
I’m on the field with SC. I grew up in Southern California,
here at the Trojans. And then it’s like, okay, man,
back to reality, let’s go.>>I tell you, I think Coach Sweeney,
what he did for us got us to really believe in what
we can do and how we can do it.>>But in terms of football, man, I think
that game really was a stepping stone, one of many that’s gotten
the programme to where it’s at. I mean, we just came out of
the Big West into the whack, and now, we’re playing these big name schools. Going down there,
I’m not expecting to even do anything, and then we hung one on them.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>An emotional win for Jim Sweeney. A huge step for Fresno State.>>That’s the one thing that stands
out to me more than anything.>>Was that the disresect?>>The disrespect, I mean,
we would go to Disney Land, out whole team was there,
five or six of them showed up. The Midianites, same thing,
a couple big names, done.>>Where the hotel was, we walk in
there and their van was out there. They were calling us a CIF football team.>>They were.>>I remember that.>>The one that got me
when they said is Fresno, is that even on the map in California? Where’s that at? That’s disrespectful. So now they know, 24/7,
they know where Fresno’s at.>>[LAUGH] Here we go. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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