Business owners want freedom

business owners start out with this idea
of creating freedom financially and time to do what they love they think to
themselves are going to make great amounts of income and make a huge impact
but then the reality sets in there in one or two places they’re either in this
hobby they can’t get anything going or they get themselves just successful
enough that they have no time time and time again I see somebody build a
business that just doesn’t work for them and we’re all about freedom and fasttrack business I’m about building freedom and creating businesses that work
without you and if you’re interested in understanding how do you create a
profitable enterprise that delivers results without your time then I want
you to pay very close attention to this video because the first thing we do when
we look at somebody is you make sure their offers are actually in the right
place so that delivery can happen without them it doesn’t matter if you’re
a chiropractor or a coach or consultant a healer it doesn’t matter if you have a
physical product you need to have an offer you need to have something that
you give that doesn’t take your time now some of you go well Chris I’ve already
got something that can be delivered without my time fantastic the place you
might be struggling is how to actually bring on clients without my time and so
again you need to be able to create predictable sales and lead generation
systems that work without your time and so the way that we do this is we first
don’t think well what’s your story how do we position you and your story second
what are the steps how would you explain this to somebody without you having to
be there and thirdly what are you going to give as different tiered options and
so we really want to go through that with you the the third thing we look at
is okay so you’ve got offers that are going to be delivered without your time
you’ve now got you know a system that brings a new clients well how do you
consistently get new traffic and the shift is from free and organic
strategies to partnerships and paid you see if you shift into paid traffic if
you shift into partnerships then you’re going to be able to create this
predictable system of people coming in and this is exactly why I’m so
passionate about the Amplify Mastermind because at the amplify mastermind we
cover all of these and we cover the most important part the most important part
is the lead and sales system and having it work without you see if you truly
want freedom there’s one place that business owners waste the most amount of
time they get the most amount of stress and it’s bringing a new clients
making sales and what if you could have a system that consistently brings people
in without you having to be there the answer is amplifying your message
through a high converting presentation whether that’s on video or webinar a
live presentation you get that presentation right you can attract the
partners you can pay for the traffic you can offer different offers you can have
them work without you it is the fastest easiest simplest most predictable way if
you understand human psychology so if you’re watching this and you’re a little
bit or a lot excited I want to talk to you because out of everything I’ve
looked at this is the one thing that makes all the difference because once
you have a presentation that actually converts and works for you you can focus
on everything else so here’s what I’ve done don’t just listen to this and don’t
just think I’ve got to go out there and create a presentation because most
people will tell you do it wrong I’m obsessed about this for 10 years
I’ve put together a training I want to gift it to you at absolutely no cost
come along to this training what should learn about it and then if you’re
interested in the 90-day program apply to work with us we take on a really
small amount of people who want to scale out a million dollars through speaking
and if you’ve watched us to the end and if you’re even a little bit excited they
make sure you go watch that and then apply and just maybe we’ll be working
together and we can show you how to go big like we have with hundreds and
thousands of other people have an amazing day live with freedom click on
the link and I’ll see you on that video bye for now

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