Buttigieg Says Medicare For All “Infringes” On Our Freedom In Disgusting New Ad

So a couple of weeks ago, mayor Pete Buttigieg
released in ad a minute long ad titled makes more sense and this ad was specifically attacking
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and their support for a Medicare for All program here
in the United States. Bernie Sanders, obviously a little more involved
and a committed to the Medicare for All idea. Elizabeth Warren has occasionally kind of
a, you know, been back and forth on it, but she says she does support it. So Buttigieg wanted to go after these folks
and he wanted people to know according to this ad that Medicare for All is going to
infringe upon your freedoms here in the United States. Now, Buttigieg himself did not make that claim. That claim was made in the ad with a clip
from CNN analyst, Joe Lockhart, but they felt it was powerful enough to include it in this
ad because they believe, I guess that Medicare for All does infringe upon your freedoms. And to that, I just have one question, mayor
Pete, what freedom is that? The freedom. I have to not purchase my kids, their EpiPens
for their severe nut allergies because I can’t afford $1,300 for the two. That’s the freedom I have right now, and that’s
a freedom. I’m living with the freedom. I have to not be able to go to the doctor
to find out why I can’t get rid of this cough after five weeks because that’s a freedom
I have and that’s a freedom I’m currently living with or the freedom of people to have
to travel to Canada to be able to buy insulin, the freedom of people to choose. You know what? I think I need to eat food and therefore I
can’t afford my prescriptions. Or how about the freedom, and this is one
few people talk about on this issue, the freedom to be stuck at a crappy job that you hate,
but you’re too afraid to leave it because then you lose your health insurance may or
Pete. Those are the freedoms that the corporate
for profit healthcare industry has given us today, and those are the worst freedoms anybody
could ever have. Here’s a couple of quotes. These are from mayor Pete in this ad. “Medicare for All Who Want It” is different
than Medicare for All because this gives Americans a choice and those choices are the ones I
just mentioned. If you prefer a public plan like Medicare,
like I think most Americans will, you can choose it, but if you prefer to keep your
private insurance, you can. I trust Americans to make our own decisions
regarding the type of healthcare that makes the most sense for each of us in our families. Listen up, mayor Pete, I know you’re a bit
of a corporate shill here, but the truth is most Americans have no choice whatsoever in
their insurance. The choices, you either have it or don’t. I don’t have a choice of my insurance. The human resources department at the business
I worked for chooses that for me and every December at the end of the year I fill out
a little piece of paper that says, yes, I am going to have this insurance or no, I’m
not. See, I have preexisting conditions as do my
children, as does my wife, as do most Americans. My wife gave birth. That’s a preexisting condition according to
health insurance. So even though I can’t be denied at the moment,
according to the rules of the affordable care act that Republicans are trying to take away,
um, insurance, if I were to go buy it on the private market would be absolutely through
the roof and would eat up probably 90% of my paycheck versus it only eating up 25% of
my paycheck now. So I’ve got to go to the 25 but I have no
freedom of choice. You idiot. Most people in this country don’t,
and I am sick and tired of corporate shills like mayor Pete tried to go out there and
act like I am everybody’s best friend. I speak lots of fun languages. I play lots of musical instruments and none
of those things are qualifications to be president of the United States. Because you also in that list of great grand
things you do, you make horrible decisions for your constituents as we’ve seen from the
people of South bend, Indiana, you cover stuff up. You covered up the death of a black man at
the hands of police officers. That story is still being fleshed out a little
bit. Mayor Pete, you would have an amazing shot
at being president of the United States if you just switched your registration from Democrat
to Republican, but as long as you’re running as a Democrat, calling yourself a Democrat,
then I’m going to keep calling you out because you’re not a Democrat and you’re dang sure
not a progressive, you’re a corporate shill and in time everyone on the left is going
to come to understand that.

100 thoughts on “Buttigieg Says Medicare For All “Infringes” On Our Freedom In Disgusting New Ad

  • insurance companies make the choices for you. try telling your insurance company you have the freedom to choose

  • Speaking as someone under the wing of the NHS, I can tell you that the NHS is priceless to British people. It's a rare time the British government actually did something good for the people. It's not perfect and it makes mistakes, & our version of Trumps government are selling bits off on the sly against the publics wishes), but it is a God send to the country. a precious resource that everyone appreciates very much.
    Everyone who works pays in, via National Insurance contributions and taxes, so it's not exactly FREE, but no one ever has the worry of not being able to afford treatment, whether they are employed or not. 1 thing we are all sure to need is healthcare sometime in our lives.

    People can also opt to pay into their own private medical schemes and bypass the NHS and go private, so if you can afford it, there's always the option.
    Anyone who disagrees with healthcare free at the point of access isn't doing what's right for the people.

    Seems Governments can readily find money to waste on wars and other pointless things, but when it comes to looking after the people they plead poverty.

  • I have always stood by my right to get fleeced by insurance companies who try their hardest not to cover my medical expenses, even though i already gave them my first born child as payment.

  • Of course struggling families on private health insurance have a choice. They can choose between buying groceries or going to the doctor.

  • Bernies right…. How many times do we gotta say that many countries have national healthcare systems that are less than half the price. We just took out the insurance companies and the greedy pharm companies and put the pharmacy companies under regulation. Guess what Americans are coming over the border to get medicine from Canada because they can’t afford it. If you can’t see that as a problem there is nothing I can do about it.

  • This is why I keep telling people to stop equating Democrats with socialism and stop concentrating on LGBT bullshit

    you need to realize that this war is between capitalist and socialist and communist

    if you are not a proud socialist or communist youre part of the fucking problem

    you might as well vote Republican

    you stupid fucking assholes

  • He's really just a joke. He's got a REALLY BIG scandal cover-up back home involving racism. No one should pay this bozo any attention at all.

  • As long as you have access to healthcare, whether you can afford it or not, is the most important thing. So open wide so the healthcare industry can reach down and grab all it can. Now that's freedom.

  • “How dare you infringe on our rights to be sick and pay more to the doctor when we get sick?”- every American arguing against universal healthcare

  • Are we sure that Buttigieg is really a Democrat, and not a Republican?? 🤔Because he sure as shit sounds like one.😑

  • I'm a progressive and it's time to face the facts: Medicare for All is not feasible in the foreseeable future:
    – If a Dem wins the presidency in 2020 but the GOP still has the Senate, there will be no getting around the McConnell firewall.
    – If a Dem wins the presidency in 2020 AND they take the Senate, there are still too many "centrist" Dems who would not go along with Medicare for All….
    – If by some miracle Medicare for All passes with a new Dem president and Senate/House, the law will be struck down by the conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

  • I have to agree with him you don't get a choice on your insurance. And utterly ridiculous on how expensive it is

  • Who is our?You mean the freedom for large large health insurances to make huge profits off of death and sickness. You call yourself religious like all the other charlatans you roll over for a little money disgusting.

  • Buttigieg just drove the last nail in his own political coffin… not that that makes any difference anyway. The police corruption scandal in South Bend had already sent him in a death spiral.

  • Yes, Pete Buttigieg should come out of the closet and say he’s a Republican.
    Buttigieg is so fake that I don’t even believe him when he says he’s gay.

  • getting punked up the booty, does not infringe on his freedom, just his chastity and manhood. opps! can i say that?

  • The freedom to die? The freedom to bankrupt? The freedom to have to stay at a crappy job as a slave? Wow!! How free we are in America!! To employers we aren’t free enough; we’re only CHEAP!!! 🤬🤦🏻‍♀️😡
    #BERNIE2020 🔥🔥❤️

  • Certainly sounds like there's no freedom of choice with employer sponsored health care……In Aus our Medicare system covers every single Australian citizen, no matter what….and every one of those citizens also has the right to CHOOSE private health cover with any one of a myriad of private insurers…….Choice:..Seems Americans have less of that with their health care arrangements than people in most other countries.

  • Thank you so much for this. Why would anyone think to promote Buttigieg when he can't even fix the problems he allowed to fester in South Bend? The fact that he couldn't even be bothered to take responsibility and drop out after what happened with his constituents shows he shouldn't, nor deserves, to win the primary. I'm so, so tired of having to hear the likes of him and Klobuchar during the debates with their nonsense, and deceptive claims about healthcare.

  • Well, I guess we know what type of folks have been contributing to his campaign, pharmaceutical, and medical companies.

  • I like Mayor Pete. Too bad I most likely will not be voting for him, primarily due to his oddball views on healthcare coverage. He's beginning to sound a lot like the Grand Old Prick party regarding medical insurance coverage. Dang.

  • No insurance here, I am my own doctor now. If you need a medical spell performed, I can play jaw harp in a shamanic way to help. I will do for free just ask me.

  • That statement from Pete sound like he is endorsing the option of Medical for all. But the ad says the opposite. I would LOVE Medicare for ALL. Bernie 2020. But he is F'ing up too right now with his most recent insensitive statements.

  • I'm sorry, who are we talking about? Pete Buttigieg? Yea never heard of him. And he wonders why he's polling so low.. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • I thought I had to pay a lot for epipens here in Canada, about $100-115. We have medical insurance now and 80% of the cost is covered.

  • If Pete Buttigieg is going to become a freedom warrior, does that mean he's NOT going to restore the Individual Mandate? The Individual Mandate impinges on freedom even worse than a public premium, anyway, since it (arguably) hands the power of taxation to private, unaccountable tax farmers? How much momentum would there REALLY be to bring it back?
    And HOW is he going to pay for HIS public option? I think he said it would be paid for by reversing the tax cuts. Is that enough money to stop the public system being crushed? Will he drop his policy altogether, if he CAN'T reverse the tax cuts?

  • Pete Buttigieg is wasting his time and money in vying for the presidential office. He should try for the senate where America will not have to see his partner by his side every day. America and no other country on this earth is ready to see two men or two women at the top of their government calling themselves husband and wife.

  • He's the corporate media and Corporate Democrat fallback plan if Biden can't win. He's basically a pre-Trump Republican.

  • Are you all mad? How could you not understand what is on offer here? Of course you have freedom of choice, YOU IDIOT. Medicare if you want it, or you can choose to continue your 'private' plan. It's 100% what they have in the UK. You automatically qualify for the public option just by being alive, but if you want to take out private insurance and pay for it monthly, you can. Isn't that what's on offer through a President Pete? You try to win an election by saying you're going to take away the private option in it's entirety. Newsflash. You won't win. Many people are happy with their private option, especially if it's provided through their work…just like the private option is in the UK, via the likes of Bupa or AXA PPP. The national public option has to happen, and Mayor Pete wants to introduce it for everyone, but it won't happen overnight and many people won't want it at all, at the very least not until it is proven and the fears of government healthcare disappear. Before you make videos calling him a corporate shill, and mocking his intellect, or spouting BS about how he handles the most sensitive issues in his city, you might want to understand what's on the table first. Read this:


  • During SLAVERY.
    The slaves were given the
    " inedible " scraps that MASA wouldn't eat…..
    Today, it's called MINIMUM WAGES!!!
    YES, you are getting the scraps that YOUR MASA pays YOU!!

  • Buttigieg … Is that the guy running for the Reps ?!?!?! Oh no. You are right. Her's running for becoming President. Really ??? Spitting on people that can't afford any insurance whatever. Spitting on people, medium class, that will have to go bankrupt because their child was just declared cancerous. Spitting on people who their parent just started demencia. Another one with a heart attack, multiple scerosis, kistic fibroses, and on and on, costing them hundreds of thousands when all they earn is 30, 40 or 50k a year. Keep your mayor's job. You'll need it.

  • He is a liar a "White" Privileged gay man who is a corporate greed supporter. He is a shame to the community and all men. Stop saying what you do not mean Pete stand up be honest you liar.

  • Pete Buttigieg is probably worse than Joe Biden. This guy obviously criticized Bernie Sander supporters, not only that, he is one of the canidates in the Democratic Party that is accepting the most money from billonaire donours. Isn't this a shame for Mayor Pete.

  • Buttigieg thinks we should vote for just because he's gay. I don't give a crap if he's gay. I care that he doesn't give a shat about people. Another person who will give Trump the White House if nominated.

  • As much as I like your content and as much as I want Medicare for all the issue is getting the republicans on board. If I recall correctly this has always been on party lines and no easy way to bridge the gap. Realistically, Buttigieg's plan is more likely to pass than is Warren's or Sander's plan if we still happen to have a split congress or haven forbid republican controlled congress after the 2020 elections. Even if the democrats control congress would there be enough progressives that would vote for Warren's or Sander's plan? To be honest I don't think it would be there. His plan is at least better than the picked apart by republicans ACA.

  • And that's coming from someone who wants to get elected. What about my freedom to smoke marijuana instead of using alcohol that will turn you into a pickle brain.

  • Hold up folks! Peter Buttigieg is a man of many talents. He can suck on Pee Wee Herman's Pee Wee, ram his Peter into Lyndsey Graham's Butt Edge Edge, and give Moscow Mitch the Bitch a double fisted hand job. All at the same time!

  • It really is disgusting, the lengths that people will go to in order to sell out for the wealthy elite. All the while turning a blind eye to the suffering they're helping to perpetuate. Mayor Pete, I look forward to you going down in flames.

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