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if we wanted to do a 10 second review of the honda fit it probably looks something like this the honda fit has always been a value that’s roomier and more fun than an entry-level subcompact has a right to be and now in its third generation it still is of course you have to be a grade-a moron to think a crazy short review could possibly do the fit justice especially since there’s so much to know about the latest iteration of the honda fit or dimensionally similar to other sub compacts the fit remains oddly roomie for example its interior is larger in nearly every dimension than the similarly sized Ford Fiesta that roominess is made possible thanks to cleverness like a gas tank that’s crammed under the front seats making room for the fifth so-called magic seat the magic seat folds flat like you expecting any hatchback but you can also flip up the seat bottoms and carry tall items or if you have something really really long you can flip down the front seat and oh look at that Altos you’ve got sixteen point six cubic feet right behind the second row and if you drop the second row 52.7 add to that a really low lift over height and wide opening doors you have an exceptionally adept cargo hauler the fit performs similarly well when hauling people Headroom is excellent up front a little less though and back still decent and the rear seatbacks offer a two position recline feature compared to the previous generation fit Headroom is decreased slightly but rear seat legroom has grown by nearly five inches a surprising fact since the old fit was actually slightly longer than this one you following a theme that’s now very common amongst entry-level cars behind a fit boasts expanded use of soft surfaces that’s nice but where you really want softness are the places you touch like this super hard door armrest this center armrest is a little bit softer but oh no it’s so low I can’t use it without sitting at a ridiculous angle are you doing and as long as we’re offloading complaints the Sun visors don’t extend and even though this touch sensitive slider works fine in a dynamic our environment i’d really prefer a volume knob that said the climate and audio controls are easy to reach and understand the front bucket seats are nicely vulture and supportive and there’s an abundance of cup holders and storage spots one of the benefits of driving your cars are small is that it’s really easy to squeeze in and out of parking spots that’s doubly true in the honda fit thanks to these big windows that make it very easy to see out of yes I recognize this isn’t the smallest spot even so parking only constitutes a whole amount of the time you spend driving during the other ninety eight percent of the time the honda fit performs well precise steering confident brakes and a very predictable driving demeanor it even rides pretty nice at times as you can tell it gets a little bit noisy in here but that to be expected considering the price point one notable improvement over previous generation honda fits is a bump in horsepower 130 horsepower is Earth scorching but it is enough to keep that semi from occupying your magic seen the Honda Fit receives its motivation from a 1.5 liter direct injection four-cylinder engine paired with either a six-speed manual transmission or an eight-hundred-dollar continuously variable transmission that bests the manual when it comes to fuel economy I’m not fun Honda Fit prices range from a little more than 16,000 dollars including destination for a base LX trim with a manual transmission to nineteen thousand dollars for a CVT equipped TX trim pricing tops out at a little less than twenty one thousand dollars for a leather-clad EXL trim tack on an extra one thousand dollars if you want an EXL with navigation HVAC competitors like the ihsan versa note Ford Fiesta kia rio and hyundai accent each undercut the fits base price some by more than a thousand dollars but that price advantage is tempered by the fits exceptionally strong resale values and long list of standard features buckle up that list includes a rear view camera automatic headlights a 5-inch audio display cruise control power windows and door locks a OneTouch driver’s window air conditioning steering wheel mounted audio controls a tilt and telescoping steering wheel bluetooth six airbags and a 160 wat audio system with USB and auxiliary inputs for even more goodies step up to the e ex trim which adds 16-inch alloy wheels a 7-inch touchscreen a moonroof keyless entry with push button start an upgraded six-speaker audio system an extra USB port that replaces the base cards auxiliary input and Honda’s cool Lane watch blind spot camera if you’re feeling fancy the EXL trim adds leather upholstery and heated front seats the latest time to fit is roomier more refined and offers more features than ever before it also has its shortcomings just like all cars do our buyers can’t demand perfection but it’s totally reasonable to expect certain things from a modern subcompact hatchback things like a cheap purchase price great fuel economy room for gear maybe some friends and it sends that the car isn’t punishing them just because they’re frugal on all those counts the honda fit its london i have a winner you

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