BuzzFeed Reporter Admits Trump Tower Story in Moscow Was Fabricated

Well the BuzzFeed reporter who wrote the
story about president Trump allegedly lying about plans to build a Trump Tower
in Moscow admitted on CNN that his claims were fabricated. What’s up
everybody, Truth Seeker here. Oh you can’t make this
stuff up. On Thursday night far-left outlet BuzzFeed released
dubious stories written by Anthony Cormier claiming that Trump had
personally instructed his former attorney to lie about the date
negotiations in order to obscure Trump’s involvement the story cites two unnamed
law enforcement officials who are privy to the special counsel Robert motors
investigation into Russian collusion however when asked by new day host
Allison Camerata if you have personally seen any corroborating evidence that
backs up his story BuzzFeed’s Cormier responded no I have not seen it
personally. (CNN on the phone with Anthony from BuzzFeed) You tell us Anthony the evidence but I know that in the report
you say that you have spoken you have two law enforcement sources who tell you
that they have seen evidence texts emails a cache of other documents maybe
transcripts with other witnesses in Trump organization that Donald Trump
pressured Michael Cohen to lie he suborned perjury have you seen any of
that other corroborating evidence? (Anthony)”No, I have not seen it personally.”(Price is right Losing Horn Sound) Amazing how that works yet the whole
world went off of it hell the FISA judge went off of it he went on to claim that
the two unnamed law enforcement officials referred to in his report
we’re aware of the evidence the farce against underscores how the media which
Trump has labeled the opposition party routinely relies on unnamed sources to
make monstrous allegations with no tangible evidence to back them up
yesterday was reported that Cohen paid the head of small technology company to
rig online polls in trumps favor and effort that was unsuccessful supporters
of Trump and Trump himself have argued that Cohen whom have labeled the rat is
lying and exaggerating in order to secure a reduced prison sentence Jordan
shed tell summarized the numerous holes in the bombshell story by all the small
lists and the tweet is as issues with story no documentary evidence for
supposed directive is provided number two BuzzFeed sources are 100% anonymous
number three Michael Cohen is a serial liar number four it is not illegal to do
business in Russia number five Moscow Trump tower project never got off
the ground I mean those are some really easy to learn facts that people could
have just found on their own without needing John Brennan and everybody to do
spying but it’s crazy how deep the operation crossfire hurricane even got
on this and what’s even more impressive is that all the prosecutors that are
supposedly investigating this have a blind eye to every single hit a
suspicious activity when these stories get leaked out how stuff was faked and
stuff was lied about and stuff was never verified or validated they turned a
blind eye to Hillary Clinton’s email server that was in her own house it was
literally in her own possession hey it turned a blind eye to that but they
arrest the guy for taking photos on a submarine of a reactor that you could
just google you could google the reactor and find photos of the exact same thing
that he took pictures of and they arrested him the Hillary still gets to
walk free amazing how all this works isn’t it but it seems like every single
day there’s always something that sheds some new light on this whole entire
Russia Trump allegation stories and I don’t know how much more things it’s
going to take for them to go this whole entire case is just a little
bull I mean all of us kind of figured that out almost two years ago but this
is the brains that we the people somehow elected very confused at that but the
only way to fix stuff like this is to admit there is a problem you know
recognition and then now actually wanting to create a change and I see
that happening more than ever now I have never seen so many red pill people in my
life it’s amazing how many people are connected together now because of all
this we all see that this is good versus evil and we got the one man in office
right now that is 100% against this globalist operation and we see all the
evil snakes poking their ugly heads out trying to bite at him and it’s amazing
how they all just group together and people are still in denial and they
still think that Trump is somehow part of all this left-right paradigm and
everything but you can’t see through any of this stuff by now then I don’t think
there is hope for you this man is stopping the New World Order I see it a
lot of my subscribers see it and we’re hoping for the rest of the world to
start seeing this AuSable in the news House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has
stunned the Democratic Party by supporting Trump’s proposed border wall
and claiming that walls protect people is it nice to finally hear common sense
come out of that side who are the second most powerful Democrat in house slams
comments by Nancy Pelosi who said the walls are an immorality asserting that
building a wall is not immoral obviously they work in some places Hoyer said
during a guest appearance on Fox News the wall is that protects people is not
immoral I think the issue is whether it works corners comments historically
aligned with most Democrat leaders including current Senate Minority Leader
Chuck Schumer who voted for fencing at the border in 2006 and 2013 former
Senator Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton also supported the 2006 bill border
security experts also support a border wall Hoyer also said that Democrats are
willing to make a deal with Trump who has tried to reach a compromise but they
have been rejected by Pelosi while the president is asking for 5.7 billion in
appropriations package that includes wall
funding the House speaker said she would only give Trump $1 for the wall the
stalemate has led to the partial government shutdown which affects about
25 percent of the federal government lawyer stated well we’re prepared for
that referring to reaching a deal with Trump administration I think there can
be a compromised position there are all sorts of alternatives that we could
pursue I think to come up with the contentious solution to achieve the
objective I think we all want to achieve and that is a secure and safe border for
our country and for our citizens Democrats in general have struggled to
align their messaging at times claiming border walls don’t work and other times
saying they do confronted by his previous support for a barrier at the
border Schumer tried to differentiate between a wall and a fence a fence works
you ask the experts a big concrete wall is expensive and doesn’t work he told
CBS New York earlier in January you don’t need just fencing you need drones
you need helicopters and you need roads the agents can’t get people crossing the
border because they can’t get there in addition to funding for the border wall
Trump has requested funds for supplementary border wall security
Pelosi though has vowed not to give any support for the wall calling it an
immorality Democrats currently had the majority in the house while Republicans
hold the Senate Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said he won’t bring
any funding that’s approved by the House to a vote in the Senate unless it would
be approved by Trump calling it a waste of time to pass bills that the president
would reject Trump has hit back on the claim that a border wall would be
immoral wondering why many rich Americans including Chloe have barriers
around their homes of it’s so immoral some have suggested a barrier is immoral
Trump said during his live address to the nation then why do wealthy
politicians build walls fences and gates around their homes they don’t build
walls because they hate the people on the outside but because they love the
people on the inside he said the only thing that is immoral is the politicians
to do nothing and continue to allow more innocent people to be so horribly
victimized I mean I literally think it’s just common sense I mean who doesn’t
lock their car or lock their house I mean come on the country should also be
treated as your home why are you just letting your door stay open you
shouldn’t want that majority of the American people don’t
they’re tired of this and it’s actually the whole main purpose why Trump
actually got elected to begin with is because the people are sick of this but
this is our home then we want it to be a happy place to live we want it to
actually be worth it you know it’s not really worth it every single thing that
you work for is just give it away or practically just stolen from you and all
the people that are around dying from all the drugs that are coming in it’s
just definitely time for a change and that’s why he won the presidency what do
you guys think about all that never leave your thoughts in the comments
below thank you for watching and I’ll see you guys in the next video peace
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59 thoughts on “BuzzFeed Reporter Admits Trump Tower Story in Moscow Was Fabricated

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  • God bless you my friend, God bless President trump. 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 🇨🇴 🇨🇴.

  • You see the retired FBI agent that talked to Tucker ? He said back in his day they used to try to keep the stupid socialist people out of government because what we are seeing is what they always caused.

  • Only an idiot would ever believe this sleazy lying Cohen. Knew when I first heard that it was a lie. These so called reporter's are as sleazy as Cohen. In fact the whole MSM are in the club. Only the brain dead swamp followers believe it including so called. Pinhead dems, contributers to the MSM that know crap. Pp like Juan Williams of fox is a great example. Some fox news pp have join the ranks of idiots. I personally don't believe any of them. Unless I hear it from pres. Trump it's a lie.

  • Heard it from you first bro!
    Way to go!

    Have you picked up a copy of my book, I predicted all of this 15 year's ago, but I couldn't foresee a President as presidential as Trump… sure wish my dad was still here to hear about how his boy was right all those times he said he was wrong.

    Trump has given my life a deeper meaning.

  • Guess what, l never voted for none of these 13 people. l was not into politics that much and too young to vote in most.. But thanks to video like this, l am waking up

  • Buzz feed guy shouldn’t be allowed to continue as a journalist/reporter… he should have his journalism card revoked and he should be black listed…. in a perfect world. sigh 😒

  • This get Trump media is better than any reality show on TV. I just can't get enough of it. Every time my liberal sister calls me with one of these stories I just laugh and laugh. Two or three days later I give her a call back. Hahaha!

  • People are coming around slowly. They have been polluted for so long it takes time. Some are lost.
    Sup Josh keep bringing truth……

  • Truth seeker thing is, the lying scheming libtard Main scheme media took the false story by buzzard feed and ran with it They wanted it so much to be true SMDH They are truly the no.1 enemy of the American people

  • Simone : Um, he's sick. My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night. I guess it's pretty serious.

  • I smell a leaker from within the Mueller team. A leaker of complete b.s. by the way. This is so damn stupid. Look at these liberals frothing at the damn mouth.

  • DOH!!! 😂
    Actually, how much taxpayers money is wasted so far on the Obama Clan Coup Trump Team?
    No wonder Pelosi keeps trying to skip town to go get stroked by her EU massa in Brussells.
    The rest of the people under EU/Islamic state tyranny have HAD ENOUGH as well.

  • Trump has already amended the agreement on 3 demands the damned Democrats wanted. He will NOT compromise on the WALL. Meanwhile in Honduras 1000s are amassing & 1000s more are already trying to jump borders with 1000s MORE DACAS & anchors in the front.
    Check out King Dragon's channel. He's a guy who lives in Mexicali telling what's REALLY going on there. And it's awful.

  • Donald J. Trump was voted in as our 45th President of the United States of America by We, The People for all the common sense reasons you stated AND because the Clintons belong in jail, not the White House. The thought of HER messing with a cigar in HER mouth just didn't sit well with common sense thinking U.S. Citizens who still are upset that no Justice, equal Justice under the Law ever applies to them or any of their immoral activities. A long list of their victims proves it. ⚖

  • "Despite Buzzfeed's entrance into serious journalism, a 2014 Pew Research Center survey found that in the United States, BuzzFeed was viewed as an unreliable source by the majority of respondents, regardless of age or political affiliation." — Wikipedia


    The Democrats are Globalists, the Media are Globalists, many of the legal profession are Globalists, Big business too is Globalist lead ……………. Trump and the American people are not.
    Globalism/permanent state/deep-state/elitists etc are all Globalists …. …. To the detriment of hard working society . …….
    This is not just America but now in many parts of the World……….
    This media obsession against Trump is a disinformation tactic to detract from the true hidden agenda…….. and an attempt to get rid of him……….

  • A person who climbs a wall like that are strong enough to serve military and sent to war areas, as bullies they are to peaceful people here!

  • Anyone who doesn't know what the Smith Mundt Act is, look it up, then look up what changes Obama made to the act to allow MSM to lie about anything they want, then if you want to go a step further look up what the official ON PAPER description for these "news" agencies are. It's known as "INFO-TAINMENT" and it's all legal. Turn off your TV NOW, and save your own life.

  • Josh, I am not convinced that trump is not evil. He is listening to evil people, the religious rite. My trust in him died yesterday. It will never b the same trust again.

  • What!? Christine Blasey Ford isn't claiming she had a spiritual visitation by Lord Marx who revealed in a dream that one of those
    boys who assaulted her, was young Chuck Schumer? No seriously, he's a man and he's in Pelosi's way… he has to go!

  • Abolish the socialist communist ideology of the left ! NEVER vote for a democrat , NEVER !

    God bless America and President Trump !!!!!!!

  • The ignorant left have a 3 day memory span. The media know this and have come up with something new to keep that delusion alive in their minds.

  • You can spend a ton of words over the Deep State's activities but I know full well, the 1 percent has a grip on them as well as the whole media, including our Intelligence Agencies. I'm still leaning that a Black Star satellite killed all those people in Paradise California, and everything else is a total distraction to it. We're surmising that over 10,000 people were killed, and the distractions are still pounding the news cycle. Trump's gotta get that Space Force up there and destroy that menace, cause it'll only get worst.

  • What about Manaforte giving polling data to the Ukrainians that he owed money to..that was open for the public to see as not secret data and not to any Russians.. as that the media were saying as if that it was all true by their own information hot line that never seems to have an actual name as a source.. as if that.. "hey if you have the dirt wouldn't you want your name on that exposure".. but that what we are really still seeing is all the Clinton butt burnt media, are all still trying to get to trump as if what they keep trying to do, is even going to stick as truth, when it never is as being a very odd thing to try and do.. it's very much all as if they are trying to wag the dog… and ask that no one ask what the dog looks like… please don't look at the seeing eye dog.. as to ask if they are all blinded.. by their own arrogance.
    There were more Russians expelled from the U.S.. why.. so none of them could be asked about any Uranium deal that Obama did with Hillary Clinton.

  • We voted Trump and are being held from our pay checks while having to go to work. A lot of our coworkers voted Trump too. But at work now People are tired of being held as pawns over this Poltical circus happening and people are saying they aren't going to revote for Trump again over the strategy to keep the Government closed down and they blame both sides too. But feel Trump is using them as pawns. I don't think this will be good for Trump if he continues to hold Fedreal workers hostage from their pay. We want a wall too and I know a lot of people would be mad if they had to work for free and was being used as a pawns too.

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