CABIN TIME. A Trail To Contentment. Simple Living in the North Woods.

you you while breaking trail with a cabin here a lot of snow a lot of powder I'm sinking in Oh probably your foot 14 inches even with snowshoes on I tried to dig out my big pair of rawhide snowshoes it would have been better for this powder I got my big heavy lacrosse ice Kings on the bindings didn't fit these big boots it's really cold today it's really pretty though the windchill factor is about 30 we'll all I don't really know what the regular Fahrenheit temperature is though if it wasn't for the wind it'd be really nice but I had to get going on this trail I want to go back to the cabin and I'm not going to be able to pull a sled without packing trail so it'll be I got a packet double wide be about four trips I'll be two miles total not bad utilize your exercise nice deer trail over they've been going in and out of here pretty regular yeah a lot of deer activity in here trails no digging out a little tend to sheets there stubs where they've been cutting there must be tough for a big animal like that the Phyllis belly would nothing but little tiny buds off of branches and stuff I feel for them you know and the temperatures we can get aha I'm anxious to get back to captain Dolan and get a fire going get a cup of tea going well I got some trekking to do man I'm enjoying it definitely need my biggest focus not a critter track anywhere beautiful this is cattail fluff here the stubborn it's actually really valuable material the insulating properties to this stuff I'm holding it in my fingers and I can feel how warm my fingertips are and you can use this in place of down when making you know quilts er garments a vest or mittens or something it's got really good insulating properties and it doesn't absorb water like down does it's really cool stuff a lot of uses for this I got a fire going at the cabin and should be quite a bit warmer by the time I return I'm working on my second trip now I got to make it wider about a snowshoe with wider to accommodate my sled one of these days I'll buy some one meal but I don't need one right now I like I like snowshoeing I like the exercise you need the exercise with a fire going in the trail all packed I returned to the homestead to grab some birdseed and pick up Frankie for a little cabin time it's smooth sailing now I'll tell you but the sled got a little heavier towards the end of that journey and I don't know why the chickadees are always happy to see me and the feeling's mutual I must admit a bird in the hand is better than two in the bush is what they say and they're right they're not bashful about accepting a handout that's for sure they're always a joy to have around simple pleasures are always the best come on bugger that's it this is a feeder one of my viewers sent up that he makes and it's a squirrel proof feeder at first glance it doesn't look really any different than the other type of tube feeders but it's got spring-loaded perches the squirrels can't perch on it neither can the Blue Jays from what I can see I watched some Blue Jays come in the other day and they couldn't access the feeder which I like I like the other birds but the Blue Jays they just fill up and fill up and fill up and take off and then they come back a few minutes later and keep doing it all until it's empty and I hate that you know I don't wake the damn Blue Jays anyway but I love my little chickadees as you guys can tell so whenever I come in the feed is empty I like to feed him out of my hands like that and it was added quite a crowd of them today feeder at first glance looks like any ordinary feeder the perches are spring-loaded so just the little birds can feed and it's really nice it's the squirrels they try and feed on it and they have not been able to yet and that's really good it's an excellent feeder and I really recommend them some green tea leaves a bunch of chamomile flowers few other things and not pinch of cinnamon thrown in the mix brew it up nice and strong that oughta warm my image just fine yessuh now that's a nice hearty brew right there smells good too it's gonna be some crazy right that's good stuff Calvin's warming up nicely now man it was pretty frosty up here when I got here warming up good let's cut the cheater on the inside that's the way to have tea a lot of the teabags now petroleum-based sometimes they have some other crap and I might forget what it is you pay a lot of money for just a tiny bit of tea that's the way to have it I sat on my damn glasses last night and they're all meant to how do I look I think they look funny you got to try reading out of them well all that snowshoeing wore me out so I figured an afternoon nap was in order but I can't say Frank he was agreeing with my idea you

30 thoughts on “CABIN TIME. A Trail To Contentment. Simple Living in the North Woods.

  • We want to know what music you like do a vid show us your sound system in your work shed or where it is. Just A Idea.

  • Completely LOVE this video and your lifestyle, sentiments, and peacefulness! Thank you SO MUCH for this ministry to us viewers!!

  • Perhaps you could feed the squirrels corn on the cob and peanuts; that should make them nice and happy. It's always nice seeing little squirrels scampering around. =)

  • It's pretty there and looks so peaceful. So sweet how the little birds are eating from your hand.

  • Hey man your a kind man 2 take care of the birds you have a nice camp if you are Trappings this winter the very best on that keep up the good work

  • Watching you feed the birds reminded me of Inky's last summer. The dogs were in the garden and Y-Y came in putting her paw on my kneee to tell me there was a problem. I went ouside to find Inky with a Blue Tit chick between her front legs as she was protecting it from a Magpie. I picked the fledgling up and the mum was bombing me as I was putting it on the fence.She didn't mind the Collies with her chick but didn't like me I guess. What a wonder Inky was 🙂

  • Hello I live in Washington, DC and I just found your channel and I love it!  How old is Frankie–when did he join you?  You make a great team.  Many thanks for your inspirational videos!   Jennifer

  • I want your life, I had enough of city living and working for the city, 5 more years!!. I do enjoy your videos, thank you!

  • That was super interesting about the cattail fluff. I took note of it and added it to my Homesteading Journal. Nice video. Frankie is a great dog. Also noticed that handy wooden towel hanger on the (end) side of your kitchen cabinet, quite nifty.

  • Life can be so funny. I feel as though you are my friend and we have never met. I found myself off work the rest of the week. So I drove to Arkansas to see my son for a few days and to visit the woods at my fathers deer camp. My great grandfather donated the land back in the 20s for a Ulm AR deer camp. I've been going there since I was a knee high to a toad. I have been away for years now and rarely get a chance to visit the camp. I'm in AR tonight. My son is tired and already in bed. He is guiding goose hunts every morning. I had to sit down and watch some of your videos before I turn in myself. Big day tomorrow. I plan to hike the entire camp during the day. I love your stories and your humor. Though we don't know each other I do enjoy spending time with you… your video stories. Thanks for the great entertainment. We are kindred spirits for sure.

  • You don't like the blue jays ha? Yeah they are definitely the bullies at the feeder but they are beautiful. Chickadees are my favorite. Kind of fearless. I love it when deer hunting and they come through in flocks to visit me. They've even landed on me when sitting in a tree. Another great video!

  • So glad I found your channel! I have learned so much about nature and about how to live the right way. Thank you Sir.

  • Howdy JC!!  Hope you and Frankie are doing super.  Life's not too bad.  I thought I'd just pop-in and say hi and how you and Frankie are doing.  Jackie (wife) are both doing pretty good, all things considered!  :o)

  • I was browsing through a few of your old vids and was curious as what was the recipe you used for that tea. It's starting to get chilly around me (almost time for trapping!) and some good home brew tea sounds amazing! Whenever you get a chance could you share the recipe?

  • More I see of ya the more you remind me of Dick Proenneke. I saw that documentary years ago and was lost in admiration for the man. Actually it's one of the ways I'll know if I like someone, I'll ask, "Did you ever see that documentary about the man in the Alaska wilderness…" my boss answered before I could even get it all out and I knew we'd be good, as we have been for 10 years now.  How's that spoon coming? 🙂

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