Café talk: Sin, freedom and baptism – teaching with Torben Søndergaard

hey guys I’m sitting here in a cafe right now and want to share our amazing teaching with you it’s really sure but it’s life-changing first I want to share a teaspoon for my own life I got a saved or start to get save it how you look at it the 5th of April 1995 I came into a church I heard the gospel I repented from sin I later got baptized in water and the Holy Spirit but I did not live in the freedom God had for me I was not free from sin in many areas I have experienced a new heart I’ve experienced that I could not go on sinning I stopped many of the sins I was doing before but I was not free but when I experienced that freedom it was 6 years after I gave my life to Christ I experienced that freedom and when that freedom came he was so different it was like I was stooping back in my life and I was thinking was I truly saved before was I really born again before because that freedom was so amazing and I became an I experienced freedom from sin and they create a boldness in me our relationship with God I had never experienced before and from that day on from that time on my life really got changed and what I’ve seen now when I’ve been working with people and sharing the gospel that what took me six years to discover and start to live in many people today experienced the same day when they hear the full gospel and know what baptism water is know what repentance is know what Jesus had done then they the first day experienced the new birth the first day they experience the freedom from sin and I believe the freedom from sin is where everything should start if I look at the church today there is a lot of wrong teaching out there when they come to freedom from sin and in many ways is so easy to be deceived in the churches I know in Denmark we are lured on country and there is a Lutheran teaching in Denmark and that teaching is that we go on sending the rest of our life that we are we are bound to sing and we can never become free from sin but this is not what the Bible says I want to write start read our words from John 8 what Jesus saying this who whoever commits sin is a slave of sin so whoever commits sin become a slave a sin or is a slave of sin it’s like I remember many years ago when I started smoking when I started smoking and took the first sip of cigarette I I could control it and I just body was nice and I didn’t feel I was a slave to it I felt I was always I was controlling it but short time after short time smoke and suddenly it took control of my life and I became a slave to it and I felt like I needed that sin I needed that cigarette and it’s the answer control me the same many people have experienced when it comes to drugs and alcohol but also other things like looking at porn at the internet and other things there is people who have done things and suddenly it takes over and you become a slave to it and people in the world today we are slaves to sin because we have sinned we become a slave to that sin and this is what he is saying here but then he continued and I slave dot not does not abide in the house forever but the son abides forever so everybody who is a slave to sin do not abide in the house forever but the son abides forever therefore if the son makes you free you shall be free indeed so Jesus came as the Lamb of God to remove away our sins he came to forgive us and he came to set us free she forgave us is not just that he do not look over our sins anymore no he came to remove it to set us free so we do not need to be a slave to sin anymore so we are free free to not sin and for me the best way to me for me to explain it was when I I would say stand to God get saved when i repented and I experienced the Holy Spirit and baptism water I experienced like the law was written on my heart I experienced that in many ways I could not go on sinning I and I stopped many of the big sins I was doing I stopped going to bed with my girlfriend I stopped looking at porn on the internet like I did before I stopped lying and she didn’t like I did before but I was not free it was like I could go on in a freedom for a few weeks and then I thought I could go on a few weeks and then I fall I could go on a few weeks and then I fall and I felt so condemned again and again I again any and and and I was like so tired what is wrong with me I have to mind I want to do the right thing but I feel I could not do the right thing and the bad things I did not want to I did and I felt that was a battle inside of me some people was teaching that this is the normal Christian life and some people was rolling even from from Rome in chapter 7 where Paul is saying this he said I’m carnal soul on the same for what I am doing I do not understand for what I wa will do I do not practice and what a date I do this is not the non Christian life I was living like that in six years and many people out there is living like that today they want to do the right thing but they cannot because they feel a bound to sin their slave to sin but Jesus came to set us free from sin Jesus came to set free so we are not under that law of sin anymore I can use another picture it’s like we have here I have some sugar here we have the law of gravity if I let go it will fall down and no matter what I view this will fall now if I say now I do not believe in the law of gravity it was still fall down why because it had nothing to do with what I believe and do not believe there is a law working called a law of gravity the same way the Bible’s talking about another law the law law of sin and death and the law is spiritual and the Lord do that when we do sin we become a slave to sin so before I was a slave to sin I just live in sin it was not a problem but suddenly I got the repentance in my heart I want to do the right thing so my heart was now I want to not live in sin I want to do the right thing but my body was still under the law I was still not dead to Christ as the Bible says so I tried tried tried and fall down I try to I try to fall down I try to I try fall down I could not be free because there was another law working in my member in my body called law sin but when I spirits that freedom when I got that revelation it was like hey I don’t have to fall anymore how free and and when I experienced it was I was sitting at my office at that time and I was starting Romans 6 7 & 8 as I’m going to talk about here and when I was starting Romans 6 suddenly it just dawn to me just came to me I’m free this is what Christ did he came to set her free and when I experienced that revelation I stood up in my office I did like this new job and said but they’re not free but then I don’t have to do it anymore I don’t have to fall every third week or every second week I don’t have to fall in the same again again I am free I’m not under the law anymore I am free and when I spear instead revelation it changed my life and I suppose a freedom I’ve never experienced before and I want to live a short till what how it works first I’ve been a lot of misunderstanding about what the Bible says in Romans six and seven and eight when Paul in Romans 7 verse 14 is saying I am carnal sold under sin these words is there is not the normal Christian life Paul is here talking about how it was for him when he as a Jew as a Pharisee know the law by his head hit and want to do the right thing but was not in Christ was not free from sin and it was what I experienced a few years I wanted to do the right thing but I could not why because I did not walk in the freedom Christ head for me so how is it today we are free from sin because in Chapter six very short the Bible says that when we are baptized to Christ we die with Christ and we rise up with Christ we buried the old body who was under the law was under sin and because we are buried the own body verse six we are no longer slave to sin we are no longer a slave to sin in Pepsi’s in water we die with Christ we rise up with Christ we are no longer slave to sin and he talked about that freedom that is from saying that we are not slave to it anymore was 14 sin shall not have dominion over you for you are not under the law but under grace and this is the revelation I got whoa I don’t have to sing I don’t have to sin anymore sin have no dominion over me I don’t have to go on sinning why because I am NOT under the law anymore I’m not under the law sin like the law of gravity I’m not under the law the law working our members we are free and therefore sin have no dominion Awards and he continued and talked about how he was when we were slave and now we are free from sin and we are not anymore slave for sin but we are free and so on and so on and so on so very short what do the Bible teach us Jesus came to set us free he’s the Lamb of God who was going to take away the sin of the world the one who do sin become a slave to sin but the slave is not going to abide in the house forever but the son is and the one Jesus said free should be free indeed how do you say the free to baptize in water when we recognize we have sinned against God when we turn away from our sins and we get baptized to Jesus Christ we died with Christ we rise up with Christ it’s not just as simple when that happen we experience that amazing freedom this is what many people experience today when we baptize them but for me when I got baptized I did not experience the freedom right away why because nobody told me nobody was teaching me what baptism truly one so I was baptized I came up again but because nobody told me what I had not experienced you know how I should live I did not live in that freedom but short time after when I studied Roman six what baptism really was I got the revelry and when I got the revelation I start to live in that freedom and from that moment on I was free so want to ask you if you I want to tell right away if you are from Lutheran background or Cal Poly background where they don’t have the biblical purposes you have not heard this teaching then you have heard teaching like you are slave to sin and you continue being a singer the rest of your life why because this is their experience because they don’t have the biblical purposes they don’t have other experience that they are slave to sin sin and they are because they need to come in rice they need a freedom but there’s also many people who are baptized biblical on the water for you if you are baptized you take Roman six really true again again and understand that this is how you should live this is the normal life and then get that revelation and experience that freedom and then your life will get changed like my life and like many other people’s life where we experience our freedom freedom don’t mean that we do not experience temptation freedom do not mean that we cannot do something that’s wrong and we repent but we are free to not do the same thing again and again and again we are free and I would hope that I could just give you this revelation and say here it is take it but you have to take it in faith you had to understand what it is so I just want to say take Romans chapter six read it through again and again and again and and read that this is the normal Christian life for you you are free sin have no dominion over you because you’re not on the law but under grace but again if you are not baptized on your own faith with full immersion you cannot take this revelation and start to live in it then you need to get baptized first and when you then get baptized and come out our water you can live in it so here’s what I want to say but take Romans six eight really true and let the word change your life and experience of freedom I and many other people have experience god bless you

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  • How are we to understand 1 John 1:8? " If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us."?

  • Really interesting video. It has got me to think. But isn't Romans 7:14-25 in present tense? It seems like Paul is talking about himself at the time he is writing the letter.

  • Torben teaches that we can ALL help each other; healing with touching hands, coming out from sin,….and being reborn.

    Our individual lives are not in our control without Jesus….we all need Jesus….not any other thing or God….for there is no other God…the father of Jesus Christ.

    I ask everyone here to pray for me….."Frank"…..God knows me…you don't need to know "exactly who I am" as a mere man…but your prayers will collectively help ME,…as a man asking for help via your prayers…then my strength can grow…and I can help others too.

  • Angelathisfeet…you may need deliverance. If you struggle with one sin over and over, it's often a spirit that needs to be cast out. I have experienced this myself. Command any spirit of gluttony to leave you in the name of Jesus. You have authority to do this. He has given us all authority in heaven and on earth. This may set you free.

  • YES! ‘The second man is the Lord from heaven’ (1Cor.15:47 KJV), therefor, not only being in the flesh of our Lord Jesus Christ the Holy Ghost could reign over all spirititual wickedness, but also today, in your and my flesh, He surely is capable to do the same! Knowing this, and after I repented, have been baptised in water and with the Holy Spitit, by that Power from Onhigh, I can withstand and overcome the attacks of demons, lying at the ‘door’ of my ‘live house’, trying to enter. (Gen.4:7)

    Everytime, depending on the holy Ghost I come out stronger as the winner, because the Lord Jesus Christ gave me His enduring grace in my weakness. First, He showed me great grace by forgiving me all my guilt, I collected myself in my old existense, by sinning as a slave working for the devil!

    Then, secondly, the Lord even showed me more grace, when a repended to Jesus, He gave me in Matt.3:15 His example of baptism to follow, then He gave me the holy Spirit of God. Now I can pray and sing in new tongues, Hallelujah!
    This is what Scripture tells us that our heavenly Father the Allmighty God gives His obedience children ‘grace for grace’ (Joh.1:16)
    I could also say, He gave me His Holy Ghost, after He gave me amnesty!
    And now, with this Power of God in us, we can final overcome all sin attacking us.
    Glory to Jesus Christ, because of Him the law of gravity to sin no longer exists for us, who also ‘live in heaven’. (Joh.3:13)
    God bless you my brother and sister!

  • Jesus is our Savior.

    Gravity is a secular theory based on the belief that the earth is a sphere. Density brings things down. Not gravity. The earth is flat. The Bible supports the beautiful flat earth that God stretched out and made.

  • I'm just now, finally !! having a REAL relationship with JESUS, I read the bible daily, I pray from deep in my heart, BUT..I have no family who are religious. I have no friends who are religious. I want to go to church, I so badly want to get baptized! I  don't know what exactly to do, I feel as if I'm doing this all on my own , With Jesus. He's the only one whose answers my prayers, my questions, if I don't understand something, I'll pray about it. What you talked about in this video , is what I'm experiencing! I feel so condemned more and more ~every time I sin. I feel the same, as you said.."Like, what's wrong with me?" I just don't feel good about myself…I'm struggling with, I'm very interested in getting baptized and hopefully I too can feel free as you are.

  • Freedom from sin happens by repentance and faith in Jesus, by the Holy Spirit and the blood of Jesus. In Acts 10 they received the Holy Spirit as soon as they believed. Keep our faith in Jesus, not in a physical act such as baptism, communion, etc. These are all good things we should do, but it's faith in the cross and the blood of Jesus that saves and sets free. Through our faith the Holy Spirit does the work in us that the water represents.

  • thanks Torbin for a great teaching. if you could pray for me, that I have the break thru that I know you have and is available to everyone…. I'm a returning combat soldier from Iraq and Afghanistan, I'm broken in so many ways that I need help. thanks for all your doing, eternity will show it. Daniel from Brighton, Michigan USA.

  • Tom, thank you for this teaching 🙂 I was in freedom, but i know this will help others to come in freedom what Jesus give to us 🙂

  • Du er syg Torben ligesom din teologi. Du fejler totalt i at læse bibelen i hele dens kontekst. Du er herlighedsteolog med et stort h og jeg vil bede for dig, at lyset må gå op for dig, og at du må erkende hele sandheden som den er.

  • From what I understand, you are not preaching sinless perfection, right? We do get tempted and we do fall into sin, even as Christians.

    You are preaching that we are no longer bond to sin, and we have the ability to live a life free from habitual sin by God's grace.

    I like that you say that it was the reading of God's Word that set you free through a revelation of truth (John 8:32). Our experiences do not save us, ONLY Christ saves through His Word.

    Do you believe water baptism saves?

  • Baptism in water has nothing to do with it. It is fine if you want to but John baptized in water as a sign of things to come. Jesus came baptizing in the Holy Spirit. John was a sign of the coming Holy Spirit, the spiritual immersion.

    Secondly, the freedom comes from our conscience. Hebrews 10 ''our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience''

    Remember the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil. It was the KNOWLEDGE of good and evil that God did not want us to have, that conflict that Paul speaks of.

    The law was then brought about to reveal that we need a saviour, that we cannot do good in the eyes of God, under the law. It was a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ.

    The law is perfect and the payment must be perfect – Jesus is the payment.

    But once you have had a revelation of Jesus in your heart, you can be free from the knowledge of good and evil, free from guilt.

    By his grace we are forever pardoned. There is no sin to those who are in Christ. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.

    We must first know that without Jesus we are all sinners and all deserving of Hell.

    But once we abide in him there is no sin. THERE IS NO SIN FOR THE BORN AGAIN BELIEVER. If you try to fulfill the law after you have become born again then you cheapen his sacrifice for you. You are saying that his payment is not good enough and you must still try to live under the law, you put Jesus to an open shame, you bring yourself back under the law where you will always be guilty.

    1 John 3:9 KJV Whosoever is born of God doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of God.

    Sin is not a deed but a state of being. In Christ there is no sin. Without him you are a sinner. Once you are born again, it is done, complete, finished. No more need to beat yourself up over every action or thought, just rejoice that you are forgiven, born again, filled with the holy spirit and your life will be so full of peace and you will be so hungry for Jesus and his Word.

    KJV is the only unadulterated version for the Born again believer. Ask the Father for the Holy spirit and he will give it to you and HIS Words will come alive.

  • I was studying this very topic and Romans 7 and 8. I was having a spiritual struggle within myself and then my friend sent me this link. I have not been so blessed by a youtube video is such a long time. Torben. Thank yu so much. Praise God.

  • Isn't Torben teaching the principles of Baptismal Regeneration, relating the baptism in waters with freedom from sin? Isn't this wrong according to 1 Peter 3:21, where says that baptism in waters is not about the filth of the flesh but about our conscience towards God?

    I'm not saying, of course, that unregenerated people, non believers, people without the salvific faith, people without the Holy Spirit, and so on, can be freed from sin, but i'm saying that baptism in waters doesn't grant freedom from sin BY ITSELF. What grants us freedom from sin is repentance and the work of the Holy Spirit.

    God bless

  • So Torben, when you had the revelation in your office, did those sins you were plagued by still just vanish?

  • Allow me to start by saying may God bless everyone who teaches freedom from sin. There is freedom. That is what Christ came to do Daniel 9:24. he has finished the transgression and made an end to sin. Though it is through crucifiction with Christ Galatians 2:20. Our old man is crucified with him Romans 6:6. for this is what we preach Christ crucified 1 Corinthians 1:23. And the flesh is crucified Galatians 5:24 and the world is crucified to me as well Galatians 6:14. At this point we no longer walk in flesh but walk in the Spirit. so living in the spirit we also walk in the Spirit. Galatians 5:16-25

  • We are weak and we will sin. That is why we must focus our attention on Christ so he would give us strength not to fall into sin. Even though, it becomes easier not commit grave sins the smaller sins which are very important not to commit are not always very clear and not always are we quick enough to catch before we commit them. We are constantly falling.

    That is why you go to confession. That is where Christ forgives our sins and gives us penance.

    John 20: 20-23 ‘When he had said this, he showed them his hands and his side. The disciples rejoiced when they saw the Lord. (Jesus) said to them again, "Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, so I send you." And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, "Receive the holy Spirit. Whose sins you forgive are forgiven them, and whose sins you retain are retained."’

    As Paul says of the ‘ministry of reconciliation’ given to the apostles and their followers (II Cor. 5:18: And all this is from God, who has reconciled us to himself through Christ and given us the ministry of reconciliation,) while the ‘message of reconciliation’ was given to everyone who accepted Christ as their Saviour.

    Christ established the priesthood just like in the Old Testament where a priest was used by God as an instrument of forgiveness in which God was the forgiver of sin. (Leviticus 19: 20-21 "If a man has carnal relations with a female slave who has already been living with another man but has not yet been redeemed or given her freedom, they shall be punished but not put to death, because she is not free. The man, moreover, shall bring to the entrance of the meeting tent a ram as his guilt offering to the LORD. With this ram the priest shall make atonement before the LORD for the sin he has committed, and it will be forgiven him.)

    Baptism of infants was done by apostles. Such terms as “family” and “households” were used when talked about baptisms. This means that infants can be baptized. The tradition of baptism of infants came from the apostles. The baptism protects the child as well as an exorcism is said upon the child. When the child is older and with greater understanding of sin they have their ‘first communion’ and the next step of greater understanding of sin is when they have their ‘confirmation’. One step at a time their faith is strengthened. To believe that baptism is only symbolic in a small child who does not understand then it is not understanding the power of baptism. John Chrysostom says, “For this reason we baptize even infants, though they do not have sins: so that there may be given to them holiness, righteousness, adoption, inheritance, brotherhood with Christ, and that they may be his members”.

    I found the greatest freedom in giving my life to God and trusting in His guidance. I was born Catholic and was educated as a Catholic but sadly in a country which is becoming weaker and weaker in faith because of the so called freedom where only liberal views are right. I moved to a country where the Catholic faith is alive. Thanks to this and contact with the church when I was in crisis I was converted back to my church. It took a few years of prayer and practice in the faith when I gave myself completely to God. He guided me to the church, to his presence in the Eucharist. I was baptised as a child where you don't have to be dunked into water because God is so powerful that a small amount of water is enough. I follow the teachings of Christ, the apostles, the fathers' of the church. That is were God's word, truth is alive. That is where the work of 2000 years of the Holy Spirit thrives. No one person can come and say that he is smarter than the work of the Holy Spirit in Christ's own church the Catholic Church. It is called pride. I invite you to the teachings of the old fathers' of the church and learn the truth don't twist it to your own version of what suites you.

    I want to believe your intentions are good and the Lutheran church did not give you the best example of Christian faith but it also says in the bible Matthew 7: 21-23 "Not everyone who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, 'Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? Did we not drive out demons in your name? Did we not do mighty deeds in your name?' Then I will declare to them solemnly, 'I never knew you. Depart from me, you evildoers.' Please be very aware of what you are doing.

    God Bless.

  • I am just wondering if you could elaborate a little. Are you saying that the sugar no longer falls or there is no more gravity?

  • Thank you brother, this is the truth. Yes we have to live, we can live, we live free from sin. For our Heavenly Father gives us to live outside the sin by faith in Jesus sacrifice. Jesus not only died to forgive our sins but to get us out of sin. Let us not follow the whole congregation who is mocking us when proclaiming it ! We have to follow our God, not people. Whatever it costs. Even though we remain alone. Is it not a blessing to be persecuted for our God ? The greatest blessings are experienced while persecuted. Blessed be His Name !

  • The old man of sin doesn't die in the Water, he is Crucified in Repentance, once for all, dead, destroyed, NOT to be repeated, Rom6:4-6, that's what Paul is teaching in Romans Six, the Baptism of Repentance, not water. Water has no magical properties to wash away sin, only the blood of Christ can do that, Heb9:14, until a person is washed clean in the blood, (baptism of repentance) they are not Regenerated or Spirit filled. The Sinful acts of rebellion must cease in Repentance, not gradually over time, dying out daily in a sin confess cycle that never seems to end. This is the greatest error in Professed Christendom today, WHEN does the rebellion cease and the heart made Pure, Peter says in Acts15:9 of the Gentiles who came to repentance that 'He Purified there hearts by Faith!' and again in 1Pet4:1-2,

    Therefore, since Christ suffered for us in the flesh, arm yourselves also with the same mind, for he who has suffered in the flesh has ceased from sin, that he no longer should live the rest of his time in the flesh for the lusts of men, but for the will of God.

    Ceased from sin … done, finished, the root of rebellion destroyed, once for all, that's why John told them to lay the Ax to the Root, Until the Root of rebellion is removed from the heart and the law written therein, the sin will never cease.

    You sound very sincere about your faith and zeal to serve Him, but you err in the most vital part of repentance, the Putting death of the passions and lust once for all, BEFORE redemption can take place, your never even touched on that part of Rom 6, just placed all the emphasis on the water, but the water is a Symbol of what happens in repentance, not how it happens. Salvation in Christ is an abiding State of faithfulness based on heart purity in a holy Covenant with God, there is no cycle of sin confess, going in and out, back and forth across any line. Substitution theology is a cruse also on land, we don't enter into a Position with Christ, based on payment, but a Covenant with Him based on Redemption form the corruption of sin, the Blood was not a Payment but a means to set us FREE from sin once for all. The only good fruit is born from a heart made Pure in faithfulness to Christ.

    If you wish to open a dialogue on this subject feel free, but please do so by using my email, [email protected] because its much easier to pass info in that manner than on these threads.

  • Only he has freedom from sin who has RECEIVED God's Spirit, IF he LIVES under Spirit guidance. For freedom from sin is obedience to Christ in the Holy Spirit, and obedience to Christ is NOT ONLY water baptism.

  • Good and true teaching. Just please don't add the music in the background; it sounds so monotonous – like a video game.

  • so i got filled with the spirit a year before I got baptized. How do I know? I quit heroin and selling heroin on the spot and started telling my friends about Jesus. They were freaked out. A bunch of Church of Christ people told me I was not free from sin cause I hadnt gotten baptized. I didnt sweat it and I did get baptized cause I think its biblical. I dont speak in tongues or heal people but I did move the entire way across the world to preach the gospel in China and I did receive the spiritual gift of Chinese which for me is more useful than tongues cause English is tongues enough for the Chinese. A bunch of super spiritual Christians think Im not spiritual enough, but I dont sweat it. I just keep preaching the gospel which makes dead people rise from the grave. It's spiritual enough for me. Faith and grace come from a relationship with your Creator not some formula or ritual. Everyone is trying to define salvation. God's not interested in formulas or sequences of events. Jesus just wants your heart. Believe in Christ and dont let people look down on your for your faith cause it doesn't fit their formula. Know the Word and talk to God in prayer it will bring you great confidence and strength in your salvation and keep you from false teaching.

  • Thank you Torben! I needed to hear this so desperately today! I'll read Romans 6 and ask to God for revelation!

  • I will listen to this guy and give him a chance, but I must warn everyone about these fringe YouTube sects. Make sure you compare what he says to sound orthodox protestant doctrine.

  • Now what can i do. can i do it myself or with my wife ??

    But i am greak orthodox.. i think i am baptised that way. But my wife and children are evangelic. Do they need it ?

  • Hey Brother, thank u! Please pray for me! I struggle with mastrubation, sometimes I can't be without 2 or more weeks, so I want experience the same as u!

  • Anyone who say they no longer sin at all……have just sinned by telling lies.
    Can anyone of you say to me you havent ever sinned since being reborn.
    Somehow i dont think one of you can make this claim.

  • The Last Reformation is preaching that you NEED to be baptised to RECEIVE salvation. This is definitely a LIE!
    Jesus ALREADY washed away our sins on the cross!
    You don't need to be baptised to be freed from your sin, when you believe in Jesus! NO external act is necessary for salvation or to wash away your sins!

    Salvation is by divine grace through faith alone (Romans 3:22, 24, 25, 26, 28, 30; 4:5; Galatians 2:16; Ephesians 2:8-9; Philippians 3:9, etc.). Water baptism is certainly important, and required of every believer. However, the New Testament does NOT teach that baptism is necessary for salvation!

  • I think something just left me here and now. I’m on week 7 of repenting and praying and i was writing to Jesus and i felt something leave from my body especially from my arms and heart. Still have many demons to fight against but this just happened and i wanted to share it. Thank you bless all

  • Merci, mon frère Torben au nom du CHRIST ;OUI, Moi JE SUIS pécheur homme, charnel, rien ne peux m'enlever que nous sommes TOUS nés pécheurs de la chaire, Même si nous sommes baptisés… on est encore pécheurs (différement), pour, certains selon la marurité spirituelle devenant parfait avec le CHRIST par le SAINT ESPRIT , celui qui est baptisé et qui confesse ses péches, ses péchés restent excusabRIST est le JUGE) Mais celui qui pêches et qui n'est pas avec JESUS CHRIST est déjà condamné dans ses péchés est même jugé " puisqu'il ne veut pas le Christ qui nous sauve ?" Pour ceux qui sont avec le CHRIST; même, si, nous péchions, nous ne serions pas jugés : " SI, nous prenions le repas du SEIGNEUR appelé la CENE " pour laver nos péchés tous les ans " avec le Pain sans le vain et le Vin rouge ou avec l'eau… Et surtout, SI: nous mettions en pratique ces paroles de Jean 6: 13 à 18 nous serions a coup sure sauvé par " la GRACE du DIEU le PERE YAHWEH " qui nous offre et nous donne gratuitement SA PROPRE GRÂCE pour nous qui ont la FOI en respectant la LOI de son Fils JESUS CHRIST et d'avoir de l'AMOUR selon Matthieu 5 : 43 à 48 qui nous sauve.

  • Acts 19 does refer to adults being re-baptized, but the fullness of baptism hadn't been revealed yet by Jesus, so re-baptism makes sense (just like the Catholic or mainstream protestant churches would likely "rebaptize" someone who converted from Jehovah's witness, etc, because they didn't understand the fullness of baptism in their old tradition). However, nowhere in the Bible are Christians re-baptized if initially baptized in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Also, forgiveness of sins on a continual basis is of importance…though Jesus establishes the sacrament of Confession, not rebaptism, to accomplish this. Look at John 20:22-23 here:
    22 And when he had said this, he breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Holy Spirit. 23 If you forgive the sins of any, they are forgiven them; if you withhold forgiveness from any, it is withheld.”

    This is where the sacrament of confession comes from; it's no coincidence that to this day, Catholic priests are ordained by being breathed upon by other clergymen (which ordination also comes from the above verses). The sacrament of Confession is very healing, and we know our sins are forgiven by Jesus when the priest absolves us BECAUSE JESUS HIMSELF SAID IT WAS SO. 🙂

    Now back to baptism as a one-time, life-changing event in which original sin is forgiven and one is entered into the mystical Body of Christ. Several times, baptism is compared with circumcision in the New Testament, such as Colossians 2:11-13:
    11 "In Him you were also circumcised with the circumcision made without hands, by
    putting off the body of the sins of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ,
    12 buried with Him in baptism, in which you also were raised with Him through faith in
    the working of God, who raised Him from the dead.
    13 And you, being dead in your trespasses and the uncircumcision of your flesh, He has
    made alive together with Him, having forgiven you all trespasses."

    When was the last time someone was circumcised over and over again? Never…and "ouch" just thinking about it. One time was clearly sufficient to enter into the Old Covenant. Sacrifices of atonement and thanksgiving were given at the Temple for the forgiveness of sins, not returning to the initial covenental act.

    Acts 2:38-39 Refers to baptism being for "you and for your children" Just like circumcision in the Old Testament was performed on the eighth day following birth as a sign of entering community with the Jewish people, so can baptism be the outward sign of entering into the Body of Christ. As we see in Genesis 17, when Abraham was circumcised in his 90s (ouch!) so was every male in his household, regardless of their personal faith in God because Abraham's faith was sufficient, just as the faith of the parents that baptize their infant is sufficient for a valid baptism! Romans 6 and Acts 16 are also examples of whole households being baptized (and if children were indeed excluded, don't you think the Bible would have made a point to explicitly say that?)

    I know that was lengthy, but this is an important point. The act of "re-baptism" after a valid baptism is not biblical and if you are looking for a sacrament for the forgiveness of sins, you might want to ask yourself why your church does not have the sacrament of Confession. Just because "you believe", which you say several times in the video without scriptural support, that infant Lutheran and Catholic baptisms are invalid doesn't mean they are. The Bible itself refutes your claim (which you seem to be OK with the Bible, which was compiled by the Catholic Church), as does early Church history of baptism (read the Church fathers and you'll see by the 4th century, the only real argument was whether to baptize immediately after birth or wait til the 8th day, such as was done for circumcision). The Nicene Creed explicity mentions "one baptism for the forgiveness of sins"…not multiple! All this said, I say in Christian charity and as points to think about. God bless!

  • I remember someone once explained it like this: Once we repent and are baptized to Christ we are set free.. the doors of our prison are thrown wide open for us to walk out and be a slave no more. But because we are to used to sinning, and it is so engrained in us.. we don’t walk out. We sit there in the prison of sin even though the door is wide open. We need to stand and walk out.. and live a free life in Christ.

  • I see a lot of comments disputing water baptism and freedom from sin. Torben I believe is not comparing Jesus blood shed on the cross for the sins of the world to water baptism. The blood saves, the water washes, receive the revelation on the true meaning of baptism, Romans 6 and freedom to not sin. Jesus set us free and gave us the authority over sin so we no longer fall to it: Romans 6:14 For sin shall not have dominion over you: for ye are not under the law, but under grace.

  • Torben, Thank you for this video. I find your teachings to be mind blowing. I feel like everything I have learned and experienced was all wrong, so distorted and so binding. I needed a renewing of the mind and a new infilling and these videos help…so very much. Just this morning I screamed at the top of my lungs, like a crazy person in my car because I felt still bound…even after being baptized by a TLR member. I feel like God brought this video to me so I could see and understand that I am free and no longer bound and that fear is a liar. Thank you for the revelation, God. I AM TRULY FREE.

  • Jesus is who in our conscious that helps us change and want to sin no more. But it is Him alone. We are flesh. Flesh is weak. We can not change ourselves. We can not stop from sinning. We are all sinners and will be until He comes in the clouds to get us. But Jesus in us starts to change us. From the inside. The more we love Him the more we search His word. At His timing He will start to change us. To look more like Him. Just love Jesus. Ask for His guidance, love, grace and forgiveness and watch Him work in you. We are saved by His Grace and Mercy alone. That is all. Not by any works on our part. He forgives us and makes us new every morning. Look to Him. God Bless you and everyone who comes across your video. I love you all in Jesus Christ. Our Savior !!

  • For me Holy Spirit showed me that it was understanding and faith that I needed. It is clear in scripture Jesus has broken my chains but I needed to believe/build up my faith that this is truth. After Holy Spirit led my into this understanding I got up and walked away.

  • Can people please pray for me? I love God the Father and I love Jesus. But I feel so confused…at times I open up the bible and feel as if it's come alive to me. I seem to have helped a few people become believers. But I suffer from a severe anxiety disorder that's so intense, I literally can't leave my home without wearing my glasses. I think I have this social anxiety because I am mildly autistic. All I want is to live the life of Jesus but it's so hard in my condition. I've had a few Christians brothers tell me that I am not a true Christian because, if I was, I wouldn't be plagued with this huge problem. And I am even starting to believe them….is it possible to have the spirit but suffer from extreme anxiety? People please help me brothers and sisters. I need prayers…please pray that God will release me from this pain. Thank you 😊

  • I experienced that freedom.. that revelation.. being washed completely clean from sin.. being completely forgiven and free.. happiest and best moment in my Life.. but I was not baptized in water… it just happened.. under the shower.. was this the baptism?

  • You are such a safe place for me dude. What you preach is so wise and you have no idea how much this helps my walk with Christ.

  • 1 Joh 1,8 If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us.
    This is not teaching to spiritual freedom, but to spiritual blindness.

  • Please can you explain me: i am a born again follower of Jesus i have the holy Spirit. I was baptized AS a child so No ,,real,, Baptism. But through the Last years i really, thanks and glory be to God, experience that freedom from Sin. In Jesus i am free from Sin. Prideful thoughts etc… Some rare Looks after Girls but the perversions of pornography are totally broken. Other sexual Immorality IS completely defeated by Jesus. Lying IS a Thing of the past AS Well as Stealing and Anger and disrespecting my parents … I really do experience Grace. I am Not under The law of Sin and death.

    But i was Not baptized in water Just yet. I will be soon but can you please clear this issue for me… Seems to me that Baptism in the Spirit out of true repentance with Faith in Jesus as my SAVIOR equals salvation. Why the Baptism then? I mean in John 3:5 Jesus sais we have to be Born again in the Spirit and water… So i Just get baptized too in water but i am saved without IT? Faith in Jesus saves. Please clear my confusion…

  • 4:37 somebody who was very
    alcoholic before, says (i am free to not drink anymore) and its very true when you depend the something, you can't say i am free to not doing this, you are slave for this things.

  • This was me til yesterday,testomany coming soon God is faithfull and will do what he says he will amen.

  • We must KNOW that The Lamb of God's scourging & crucifixion forgave (healed) us from all sins, BUT HIS DEATH FREED US FROM THE "body of sin" we inherited from 1st Adam!!! He "condemned" that BODY OF SIN IN HIS FLESH!!!





    BUT HERE IS THE KEY TO BE IN HIM: John 6:56!!!!!


  • Simply envoke the name of Jesus in water baptism.Romans 6:4 buried with( him). Brother Torbin just preach Acts 2:38 covenant salvation that's God's redemptive plan.

  • I love this man's teaching. when I was without Christ and was sitting the first time in a church I tried arguing with God about accepting Jesus. Knowing nothing about Jesus and only knowing that God is and nothing more; I was assuming that was all. Knowing God is was enough? I did not even think about salvation, salvation from what? Spirit, heaven, hell, prayer, sin,holieness, repentance, etc. what was all that, never even heard those words. Boy, did I find out, just knowing that God is real is not enough. Even satan, a third of the angel's who fell, and demons know the reality of God, and where are they? Choose, to learn, believe, and trust not only in the existance of God but, in the message, the word, and go to a library and read real accounts of people who lived during the time of Jesus, the Christ(annointed) of God.

  • Torben, There is no Law of Gravity. It's actually a "Theory" of Gravity.. which has been disproven with Density and Buoyancy.. Gravity came from a Freemason who was an Occultist and worshipped the sun (Sir Isaac Newton) He was not getting his "ideas" from our heavenly Father, Gravity is a lie from Satan, God bless you xx

  • Reading the comments to a video gives a good understanding of the message of the video.
    The strong fixation at sin and how to be free from sin is the sign of legalism. In Christ we are righteous and by His imputed righteousness on us we are holy before God! Because it's not about our righteousness(which is like filthy rags but about HIS righteousness. If you understand that we are saved by grace through faith and that WE ARE righteousness in Christ you will not be oppressed by condemnation!
    There is no condemnation for us who are in Christ, so why continue to live under condemnation???
    You are actually trying to be righteous by the law if you mean that YOU need to repent and YOU need to be obedient and YOU need to stop sinning. It's not about you but about JESUS. He has fulfilled the law for us and the only way to be saved is to trust in Him. If you do that YOU ARE righteousness and your works neither can add or remove anything to that fact!

  • trying to break free from sin but its so hard!! any tips? im addicted to alot of things especially weed and i like to smoke weed alot

  • Great teaching that I am listening to again. My daughter got re-baptized under water, but I was very upset when her husband told her, correction- coached her right before she went under the water telling her now water baptism doesn't do anything, it's just an outward sign to others that you choose to live for Christ. Did Jesus disciples coach people like this before baptizing them under water??? We need to confront this false teaching in the church.😕 He does not know how much he causes my daughter his wife to stumble and get stuck in her faith and growth with Jesus.

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