California Chase Branch Celebrates 1,000 Branches – Inspiring Innovation – Chase

Good morning, everyone!
Good morning! Chase is celebrating a big milestone today.
This is our 1,000th branch opening, so are you guys pumped?
Ready? All right! This is a celebration of our thousandth branch
for the state of California. We’ve got a big bow surrounding the entire branch. We’re
in the Urion Parker location, it’s a wonderful neighborhood and we’re glad to be here.
A thousand branches puts us into the number two bank in California. And we’re not gonna
stop there. It means a lot of opportunities for customers,
and it also means jobs for people in San Francisco. This branch is just a wonderful, wonderful
sight. It serves a community that we haven’t been able to serve before. Our clientele base
is predominantly Chinese and Russian-speaking. I have a great team who are ready, who are
dedicated to the community we’re about to serve.
What you see today is the new Chase look. It is really open, no matter where you’re
at you’ll see a customer, interact with a customer.
It’s also very bright, well-lit. Lots of glass, it gives a very high-tech look. We’ve
also got Chase Private Client offices set up. The comfort zone in the middle of the
branch is gonna be very convenient. We have a self-service kiosk here. It allows
our customers to bank on their own terms. In the future we will also be able to do credit
card payments as well. It’s just like an ATM, but it gives you
more options. We have a teller line that allows customers
to interact with our tellers. The idea is to make the customer experience excellent.
We are presenting a check here for $75,000 to the San Francisco School Alliance.
What better way to connect with a community than to become involved in the public schools
in that community, and Chase has just been a wonderful partner.
On behalf of 56,000 students in San Francisco, I want to say thank you to Chase.
In addition, we’re coupling with the San Francisco school system in order to give away
backpacks. Backpacks are so important, because giving
a child a backpack with the school supplies they need puts them on par with the other
kids so they can compete and be successful in school.
It says that we’re here and that we’re here for the long-term. Not only are we in
California, not only are we in San Francisco, but we’re in Urion Park.

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