Call of Duty Modern Warfare Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – Fog of War (COD MW)

what is up everybody Savage Barlow here
and I’m back again with a new video and series for the channel call of duty
modern warfare now this is the first time I’ve done a face cam so it’s gonna
be a little a little awkward for me but anyways I do plan on doing the entire
campaign all the way through so if y’all want to keep saying that just subscribe
to the channel now previously I had tried to come into the campaign and they
tried to throw me right into a mission so I’m just about to restart and I don’t
know which I want me to play on I was planning on playing on realism but I’ll
just put on regular that way I don’t we wage war without the only way that’s nice okay I want to point out if you’re about
to go and might blow up a block what’s the point of having a gun now go 3-1 to Charlie to actual gopher
actual LZ is in sight right on top girdle about two three one hit man teams
are locked and loaded for assault you are green to go colonel we may have a
problem – lately as well for alive not until I say so
watch it a 3-1 how copy hey chief Blair as well traffic general barkhov was sent
a new shipment of cloning gas to his Depot but his mercs are prepping to move
the council doors extend via convoy tonight
you’re still clear to engage but live fire on Russian military is prohibited
we cannot have an international incident controllers vibrating okay understood
Alex just locate the gas comment dear Bart cause drugs and get off the equity
for the tiger I’ll be watching let’s move it dear we need to keep this on a tight loop or
cause matter moving to gas tonight what are the odds to gentle Barca Russian
general would be caught dead out here okay hold up give me just a second okay
all right so I’m really loving this game already like the graphics look crazy I’m
just gonna say that right now and I’m playing on a regular ol Xbox are we supposed to go attack them or
what I’m not I’m not sure okay oh come on bro
I wanted to get a shot in let’s get the way the way and I’m gonna try to not to
talk while they’re talking but if I happen to be talking I’m not gonna stop
talking I’m gonna finish what I was saying
anyways I said let’s get going I’m so excited for this game we wanted a blue
Viking 5 call for fire standby for target confirmation copy its Ricky the
area and make sure there’s no Russian army down there people coming in the
main game medium transport truck transport for the gas vehicles on the
move movement in the rail yard that’s how the gas comes in okay so it’s heavily guarded right there
I see a few guards there one in the tower left side hi not army what
what’s our no Russian military presence call it it CIA call it enough oh man
like in five this is echo 3-1 troops in the open south gate you are cleared hot five seconds oh snap Viking we’ll take
it from here well just to let you all know I haven’t played a Call of Duty
campaign since black ops 3 call of duty black ops 3 I’m not even sure if that’s
a Call of Duty game is it I don’t know anyways I haven’t played a campaign
since that game I didn’t even buy black ops 4 for the Pacific reason of them not
having a campaign because that upset me a lot I really like games that have like
storylines that campaigns to go along with the game and if you don’t have a
campaign how can you like really have a game cuz it really has no backstory on
what’s really going on you just have a game with the game modes so I was like
yeah I’m not gonna buy that game so I skipped out on black ops 4 I got I got a feeling that this whole
thing is just gonna be a bad business like all of this smoking come on bro I
didn’t even get a shot in I’m still trying to learn like the mechanics of
aiming in and a me down my side because it’s it’s kind of slow for me I think I
need to increase my I forget what it’s called
my aim sensitivity like I had to put my controller settings on tactical because
like normal settings the default is B to crouch down and uh ya know I can’t do
that so I have a changes to tactical so I can melee with the B button but I like
that little maybe that double melee like you could just keep spamming B and it
just keep going it just keeps saying it’s like it’s faster than other Call of
Duty games I can notice that right now oh that must be the tower day they were
talking about okay bro he is on fire that is a bad way
to go out oh man bro he is smoking baby oh now that was
my first shot this sound like I shot more than two bullets but I only shot
one what’s this oh that’s a light okay oh my gosh I almost just died I suck I
suck so bad at this game boys stay frosty I tried I really tried to be
stealthy but I almost died am i playing on realism because that’s
what it feels like like that they only shot me like three or four times and
almost died Oh was these guns Oh brew what come on
man there’s no way I just died whatever I was literally over there in the corner
like hidden approach corners there oh Lt okay I think I took out this light so
I’m gonna run over here moving change fire rate so what am i shooting now I
think I was on a single I think I’m tripping
oh I suck reload oh this is about to be fun I’m so excited right now come on
let’s go get some bruh oh this is this is good yeah my ain’t sensitivity is way
too low I’m turning the corners way too slow for my for my liking oh oh my gosh
I didn’t know that was an enemy he looked like he was a friendly shut up
alright his light is out so we’re gonna move around this corner real fast
oh my mother died about that yep I seen it coming
God dang it I pushed too fast I didn’t know it was somebody around that corner
okay that is the last time I am dying let’s go oh my gosh light is out come
back I’ll just do a flashbang get that boy I don’t let me take out this light
again so I don’t die there we go okay oh he’s dead shut up who’s hitting me out
of here boy oh my gosh oh my gosh about to die about to die again get out of
here boy okay there’s one there
sergeant Hoyt get out the way poit I thought there was a guy on Vampire
Diaries if I’m not mistaken and his name was Hoyt but that’s irrelevant to the
situation that we’re talking about right now which is called a duty oh my gosh
there’s somebody behind me bro where is he oh my gosh oh my gosh he was just not
my name brains loose okay I like that single burst I think I like single burst
better oh there’s somebody right there I feel like this gun a lot I’m not even
gonna long I come on hurry load reload reload there we go
anybody else but I’ll see nobody else to shoot oh he wasn’t even dead all right
so I’ve done twice already that’s not good but the first time was a
total accident gasps must be inside shoots the Dane
button the whole building blows up all right I wonder if there’s any like
collectables and emissions cuz I remember I forgot what game it was it
was some color do I think was black ops three maybe I can’t remember messed up what I have I collectibles you could
collect or somebody else gets shot go ahead
they cut off the power oh I got experience with this let’s go all right
if that m4 work you can’t go wrong with that in the air strike here oh my gosh
it was somebody here yes somebody here breath damn Slenderman Brad this is
scary I feel like somebody’s just gonna like come around the corner jump on me
and take my ass out Brock can’t wait to play our multiplayer because this time
I’m gonna be walking around the corners for like a few first matches because I’m
not used to this I’m not used to the game mechanics where are you are you oh my gosh where
is he bro bro come on bro
I didn’t even see where he was I died all right just go ahead on
Dorgan a dime throwing everything all right
worse oh he’s up here yeah I thought so cuz I was like there’s no way I didn’t
see anybody down here some like find this guy’s I don’t know where the
Powerball this might be it what’s going on here we go here we go
alright but if y’all are enjoying the series hit that thumbs up button it’s
got the Russian on Russian I knew I knew it watcher Marcos hired doctors in
witness we got Russian army care we need to vote now well I knew something was
gonna be wrong when eight when they was coming to get this gas or not these
chemicals jackpot the idea in the gas let’s move out watch something bad is
about to happen there’s no way we were just about to
casually ride out of here guaranteed I don’t know I know Call of Duty games
I’ve been planning for way too long hey my favorite would have to be
probably two and three I don’t think I could choose between the two occasions
we are Oscar Mike to the RV watch your sectors alright let’s go rally is the
hub point free rent I told you I told you I told you I told you he’s about these shot echo 3 1 – watcher terrorist attack
multiple Marines ki-yay gasps stolen we need evac now
Roger tracking multiple Russian forces headed your way
sit tight we’re pushing to you for fest XL watch your out

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  • I hope they have some dark maps in multiplayer. That way the headlight actually will have some use outside of campaign. But shooott, looking forward to the rest of the series mate.

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