CALL OF DUTY WW2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 5 – Campaign Mission 5 LIBERATION (COD World War 2)

We’re gonna liberate Paris the French 2nd Armored Division in the u.s.. 4th infantry arrive at dawn that means we move It’s been a week since we took out that train our platoons in the middle of Paris working with the resistance Russo and Crowley have a plan to sabotage the occupation and that means striking at its heart Using the documents we obtained from the Train Rizzo, and I will pose as Nazi officers to infiltrate the garrison This way gentlemen Yami-san was run by SS. Bullets I feel anguish And he couldn’t find me came for my parents and my husband And find me my son Tonight Everything we were lost everything we fought for will mean something tonight with dickbag oust the garrison Our contact there will supply us with explosives and when we blow the gates that’ll be your signal to approach But counting on you all Right boys, let’s get ready He’s crouched ain’t gonna give up easy. I figure we can survive Pearson we can survive anything Now fold along Sarnath kasseri We should all be surprised It won’t be long not missing me, but first we enter the wolves den. See you there You Mom you check Now some folks Soon its nightmare will be over If you’re stopped the cover story must be ironclad. Let’s go Ford again You are gay – Schneider a military attache He was sent by hirschbiegel and foreign intelligence to arrange for Heinrich safe evacuation to live in take some time to review the dossier This is our one chance Recruiting our inside man came at a terrible price. You ought to find him an exchange your briefcase with his Hopefully he’s obtained the explosives. We’ll need to locate you worried. You are tomato That’s my job I’ll meet you in front of the garrison when the operation is complete Who sent you Hershberger good Whatever happens once you make the trade you must maintain possession of the briefcase at all times. I’ve come this far I’ll be damn sure I’m going to finish it Good Navin Okay their fancy Vata you purpura bitter on bitter I can zoom to your etosha Bit isaiah Make a busy you know niggas in my sister come on tear us preserves a Habit I the Documenta for police. I feel her Heinle make you Oradell who banished inform yet But your to prepare certain ethnic design you can write upon a Schneider Your remember your contacts name is Fisher. He’s wearing a gray officer’s uniform Tell me the passphrase Well then good luck Yes Papa houses loofah lemons a stain on sagging Sierra popular So – I click Alison ordinals, I’m Zoom in here no sign he’s a stratum houses new fur of it, Sierra Sylvain Boise Police I feel Heinrich dear vermin in the banks Allah Almighty Saudis had happened him was before and having the hubcap at such reason Kinsey Chris we devote Kota Gede vu to our unit passer But if we work more poorly very level loser Vemma parole Lucio Welcome about Santoshi ma viva la resistance First Finzi ass-kissing exam Sastry Me make it skip last, Akashi now resistance ever be on Tula Welcome about Santoshi ma Vblock is dosa Ensuring Zippity dish to Holmen here began he nervin Man dr. Muir you couldn’t hear over special things you have mean your phone, maybe Nova Scotia. What scotty hoozy to Having city work of Olinsky losing yeah, how does half sleeve Markieff is honest Kiana? assists Alki nominally blinks Khadijah bitter here in La Jolla Must be brief, are you ready to make the exchange? No, you’re early, and I’m late for a meeting. I had the explosives in a case matching yours We’ll have to make the swap in the war on lead the way. No. They’re watching me Use your cover – get in – hi nice office on the third floor from there You can cut across to the north wing and avoid the checkpoints we shouldn’t be seen together Go now allow me to you in the war room Would an ardent Konishi unbelievely signed for line yeah, it’s a Verizon documented for her Niner a mr. da 9s moment an in an evicting expression the Conan Ganon’s anime over tener complex Niggas again dafif garden Fosse and my nephew Fenster Zuzu been having Fat seong Herr Kommandant, which what we are the net was full of tuna It’s been gay – NIDA Kamal Saleem um I the paparazzi bring foreign Schneider Cover of even Aslan studium you heard as far in Cambridge Yeah does a straightish venison your straightest Commission her eyes purpura time a common fear No see Vielen dank duncan is enough neat Free lunch neither Oh No if you will indulge me Perhaps we can converse in English as you know. I’m sure practice makes perfect Peter Maybe Zetas peanuts have a seat So here Gruber sent you to arrange for my departure It was her commander speaker Sir good very good one cannot be too careful these days You look so serious Let us drink to My return to the fatherland the French deserve each other But my god, I will miss the cuisine Take the Ottoman that tiny delicate songbird its eyes Poked out so that it can coach Then it’s drowned in cognac, it’s Ingenious I’m not sure what I will miss more savoring this sweet flesh While watching it thrash to death But there is one thing of which I am certain Watching your son flail as he drowned under my boot gave me the greatest pleasure of all This is what my son It’s for me Hi Gamzee mezzo-forte on a papaya It’s just blue Daniel Melman it frito, this is tinder what does I need he’s a tiger? Things here octant. Uh sure to inspect your naff didn’t ish Guitar wouldn’t have approved proline you Natasha the fault You never disappoint We’ve been compromised the whole bloody places honor that they kept at our contact Tell me you made the switch. Yes. I have the explosives They were staying on mission well rendezvous in the courtyard after you fight the charges Have to be quiet Just one more Thank you, I’ll be here if you run into trouble Come on Rousso we need to get to the gate Let’s get to the game Now it’s up to you and your team Daniels something’s wrong Get ready Pour it on Take your man McDaniels throw ready for mo let you come Send it this way Hey Pavan Oh shit Fit it out keep anything we have to meet with Crowley and set up defensive positions Get your aye vote Daniel’s Jerry’s still inside we have to take him out Yeah, take this Rousseau get a smoke in there, there’s a lobby of a suite the building Area clear Daniel, Sussman head upstairs and secure the second floor will clear out the rest down here Room clear Gotta set up defenses Germans will be here soon. We’ll see them coming from here If they get close use the mountaintops The whole city’s fighting back we’re almost there They’re throwing smoke down the street Here they come Daniel’s aim for the driver everyone else wait till they’re in range Snipers in the building across the set They’re getting too close enemies in front use your Malta Fuckin a mop it up your name Rene so the gray Oh The grade Laughing good night We’re making a push ball top cocktail Never treat Daniels Outstanding work boys Outstanding we did it The ghost forces are entering the city looks like we might get that champagne and caviar After all hey Daniels you still think there’s a young gal looking for a handsome GI Sorry, buddy. That was just a boost in morale now. He tells me City or lights Something to celebrate Baker. There’s no turning back Frost has retained Paris they say exactly Wars not done now come on chaos in Memphis That’s a Turner store you Taking the garrison and helping to liberate Paris is something I’ll never forget Hell, I think I might have seen Pearson smile. We’re gonna ride this momentum all the way to the Rhine

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