Caller: Obama is Cuddling up to Nuclear Industry

might in india california list and
serious seller is serious ex and a mic what’s up they calmed really appreciate your
program are not registered but look at what point here are thirty but your career california and texas and currently uh… involved in the
uh… liability and print your formal
privately talk before about what it did make sure that in the
conversation about the carbon tax really what we need to be doing charging energy producers where the real
cost of their energy and as you point out the cost of the way uh… that uh… they uh… petroleum
industry is putting out but there’s one thing that i’m i’m very
concerned about and that is he all but administration seems to be
cuddling up to the nuclear industry in not because it doesn’t help carbon
emissions and ideas paid very very dangerous going
to be white uh… was involved in their uh… enabled any improper active seventies with that jackson
browne and uh… you know i’m brill turkey that
the fentanyl replanted team uh… mop all day became the first time in california and
i think it’s no longer going to be operating plant so many better solution yeah aura i’d remind ben and assistant anemia
again no no president is perfect to politicians perfect and to even uh… fantasize about such a thing is
probably a big mistake that president obama has even back to
his days in the state senate now and i’ve always been a supporter of nuclear
power now it’s ’cause a lot of the the
electricity produced in illinois is from nuclear power and they’ve probably been
supporters of his uh… beyond i’m putting the most
cynical spin on it but i’m guessing that that’s what it is that’s how politics
works the fact of the matter is that nuclear
power plants actually do create enormous carbon dioxide emissions they don’t do it by fission they don’t do it in the
process of of you know boiling water for the reactor they do it instead through
the process using fossil fuels of brining up hundreds of thousands of
tons of of her wrist extract a few tons of uranium and then transporting that uranium and that that it consumes enormous
amounts of fossil fuel and then transporting a uranium to processing facilities which run on and uh… power generated by fossil
fuels and refining that down to fissionable levels of uranium you know concentrating and down to below
three percent and and and then transporting that’s a nuclear power
plants in then and then keeping that that you know
after the nuclear power plants are decommissioned keeping a low score
materials in waste material school for thousands of years uh… you know as soon in the worst or
using fossil fuels in the future and and the enormous amounts of concrete
to go into the construction of nuclear power plants a lot of uh…
of uh… uh… mostly coal is burned to make uh… concrete and so pipe my understanding is that a five-day the nuclear power plant doesn’t start
producing carbon free energy until around its eight to ten th year but that one when we do uh… project within our
industry we look at the total cost l from uh… you know line through
construction operation and it made a point co point right as you know daisy
almost like waste out you know i did what i propose and
pro i don’t want to why emo op on the prayer but hurt um… there is a solution few our energy
problem and if we have a date manhattan or am
all over biol project to cap the gulf off of our eastern seaboard there is
more energy out there that we can possibly use and hit is a uh… flow that is these that that was
called the coriolan and in technically your happen red in our pocket and that is the flow of energy that can
be used generate electricity directly proctor the eastern seaboard put into
the great used hydrolyzed water in the hydrogen peroxide urgent economy um…
jewel cells or electric cars uh… hikes p trail you know it just blows my mind at that section obvious solution and this is not it you know it
is not something that uh… isn’t mechanically engineer feasible from a mechanical engineering
standpoint matter-of-fact you know and some other under uh… he well-written technology that
you’ve got the wind energy uh… turbine nha um… industry is what that what that that anarchy production unit um… equalled by mine did deadbeat uh… the powers that be the oil
companies in our politicians uh… refused uh… look at solutions emily rests on the right hand
and to to thoughts on that number one yes we could the harvest energy from the
gulf stream and it would be in and is using the
power of the spinning the plan we got also heart harness energy from
the rotation of the mood around the planet which would be our way of entitle energy
nato just platforms going up and down on polls following the to the tides in the
waves and and field make though make the the platform a giant uh…
coriolan the poll magnet in bom you’ve got a an electromagnetic a generator and uh…
but here’s the other thing the cautionary note about the gulfstream if the arctic exit if the green land ice
shelf melts sit with sufficient repetitive
with fast enough it will dilute cool the more than a land of quarters to the
point where the gulfstream which originates uh… thousands of miles on the pacific
ocean and you know where this is john
upwelling and and as warm air in this in the center of the uh… that the pacific cargoes deepak at that had more or less
the surface goes down underneath the coast of africa south africa loops
around comes up to the to the east coast to the united states goes up the east
coast for ways and and and then out in the middle ear
lang just couple hundred miles south of greenland it did there’s like basically a giant
whirlpool i mean you can actually see you know this photos of ships actually
their cert certain times a year you can actually see the dent in the surface the
ocean ’cause it’s hundreds of millions of gallons of water
blowing from the surface down to the bottom of the ocean where he had been traces the same
circuit all the way back out to the pacific at the at sea level and they
keep it a releases ad which causes it to call and fall disco thermal healing circulation tree
knows batik that releases is the reason why
movie why europe by france which is at the latitude of northern michigan has
the climate of tennessee and you know in and effect gulfstream were to stop then than europe would be thrown into at
the very least a perpetual winner at the worst another ice age and the evidence
is quite strong that if the green land ice shelf melts it will stop the
gulfstream so there’s a cautionary tale for at at
binder hard to believe given the poor but rotating by and their cockpit moment the
rich korea was or but uh… i gather that the other person
would be established for that particular time depends on the salinity and temperature
of the water that that particular latitude that if that changes
dramatically bill it’ll happen someplace else but what happened there so and and i can tell you the europeans
are very very concerned about this music that it can’t be held bulimia product
called datagrid stood still and it’s based on that science mike
thanks for the call

20 thoughts on “Caller: Obama is Cuddling up to Nuclear Industry

  • he sure is, he pitched Chile a reactor (for the ignorant that is a South American country that sits on the Pacific ring of fire) at the same time the meltdown was taking place in Japan

  • Nuclear energy is just fine, so long as uranium is ditched in favour of thorium as the fuel for fission reactors, and reactors which operate on nuclear fusion are developed and adopted.

  • "assuming that we are still using fossil fuels in the future" That is if there is a future. If we continue to use Fossil Fuels there won't be much of any future for humanity.

  • From what I have read, the fossil fuel industry didn't invest in Green Tech, because setup cost is high & immediate profits low & slow. Many energy alternatives also prevent them from controlling the market. The few Green Energy Investments they do make concentrate on buying up efficient competitive alternative design patents & slowing down any change through ads. They won't stop until forced to do so. Protest, go green & off-grid.

  • When the Arctic is free of ice in a few years, the point at which the water sinks in the North Atlantic will start traveling North as the Arctic warms. I believe this will create a very severe feedback effect.

  • Thorium-fueled nuclear reactors, specifically LFTRs, are a viable option that we should be working towards. They are far less problematic than urnium-based reactors as they cannot meltdown, they don't readily produce material that can be used to make bombs, the waste only emits dangerous levels of radiation for at most several hundred years, there is much less waste than with uranium, it is much more fuel efficient (90% of fuel is spent compared to uranium where 20% of uranium fuel is spent).

  • Nor does thorium need enriching from its naturally occurring state, cutting down on the cost of processing the fuel. It is three times more abundant than uranium, and as a byproduct of rare-earth mineral mining much of the thorium currently available sits in mines not needing to be mined.

    So why don't you give a good excuse for why we should ignore this enormously advantageous fuel source that could solve much of our energy problems. Then there is fusion, which has many of the same advantages.

  • Stop your fearmongering. Everything around us produces various amounts of radiation. Every element is in a constant state of radioactive decay. It is the half-life and type of radiation that is of concern, not the presence of radiation.

    Because the half-life of thorium is much shorter than with uranium, it only emits dangerous levels of radiation for several hundred years. Due to the small amount of waste produced in thorium reactors it is much more manageable and can be more easily contained.

  • You have only demonstrated your ignorance of nuclear physics and NOT given a good reason for rejecting liquid-flouride thorium reactors.

    One added benefit of LFTRs is that they can be used to despense with other forms of radioactive waste, including spent uranium and plutonium.

  • Actually you couldn't get a Fukushima type disaster with thorium.

    What happened at Fukushima was a number of hydrogen explosions caused by a release of the gas due to the cooling systems being compromised by the tsunami. The explosions breached the containment buildings surrounding the reactors. Those explosions only occurred because of the increased air pressure surrounding the reactors, which is unneccessary with thorium. Fukushima could NOT happen with thorium.

  • 7:50 "There was a kind of campy Hollywood movie made about it called The Day the Earth Stood Still?"
    No. It was a 2004 Roland Emmerich epic-disaster film called The Day After Tomorrow and starring Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal.
    The Day the Earth Stood Still was a 2008 Keanu Reeves film about an alien who visits Earth.

  • The Keanu Reeves film was a remake of the the original 1951 film of the same name, which is vastly superior to the remake.

  • 1951 predates, by several decades, the theories upon which the plot of The Day After Tomorrow was based.

  • Several hundred years worth of fuel(Thorium and Uranium) is already been mined. It is located in nuclear waste and nuclear weapons. this can be used in breeder and liquid thorium reactors. Don't like nukes Thom? Some actual CO2 numbers would be nice. FYI: The day the Earth stood still is the wrong movie. I really like Thom on social issues, he is one of the best. As far a science discussion…well not Thom's strong suit.

  • People fear what they don't understand… and latch onto false notions of how something works because it confirmed their fear, or was scarier…

  • sure its possible to run an entire nation off nothing but ocean currents, but to build that much wave power so far from the coast would require engineering on a planetary scale. I dont think we're at that stage in development yet.

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