Came Home from Hawaii to $80K worth of Checks

what’s up what’s up everybody how ya doing what’s going on yes just coming back from Hawaii let me show you guys real quick what I came back to CC I’m not the SN there’s a check for fifty three thousand dollars there’s a check for three thousand dollars here’s another check for six thousand dollars here’s another check for two thousand one hundred and fifty-six dollars and here’s the last check for sixteen thousand four hundred and eight dollars so we add all that up remember what I said the first check was for fifty-three thousand dollars so if you add all that up it equals to just a little bit over eighty thousand dollars worth of checks what’s up Shawn so what’s going on so here’s the thing if you guys want to know exactly how I was able to come back from maui hawaii all the way up here to the east coast factors snow and bad weather do me a favor like this video alright share this video and comment more info because here’s the deal i’m going to be coming to hopefully your town which is orlando florida I don’t know where you guys are from do me a favor guys tell me where you’re from right now okay do me a favor and just chime in and tell me where you’re from what city what state you guys from if you’re not from the United States and just tell me quickly what you know what country you’re from or whatever you from just let me know where you guys are from right now anybody in the orlando florida area or anywhere near there actually it doesn’t even matter we from because there’s no excuse if you guys want to come down to this mastermind then you guys are going to make it no matter what alright so what’s going on I’m actually from New York City i’m originally from brooklyn new york and i am i reside in pennsylvania right now with my family so cool atlantic city jersey was going on how ya doing Columbus Ohio cool I mean if I can travel away from east coast to Hawaii there’s no reason why all you guys here can’t travel from where you from to Orlando Florida and we’re going to be there very very soon all right so here’s a deal okay if you guys want an opportunity okay to network to mastermind to hang out with myself my family and other 78 figure earners then you guys need to go to orlando florida all right it’s coming up very very soon I don’t know at what point you’re watching this video but all I’m telling you right now is that you guys need to be there okay so if you want to know all right let me actually let me rephrase this okay who would like to have the opportunity to not only partner with me in my business but to also attend the next event the mastermind what you’re going to be having for free if that doesn’t excite you then you should have you watching this video but if you’re still on this video okay and if you want more information on how not only can you partner with me okay right now for as little as a dollar but you can also attend the mastermind the event that we’re going to be having in orlando florida for free okay guys it’s very important okay that you pay attention to this video because i’m going to give you a special invitation and show you how you can do this for free the only thing that you’re going to have to pay for guys i’m going to be honest obviously you’re going to have to provide your own transportation whether you’re driving whether you’re flying in whatever cases what are you walking some people actually in the area so you guys good you guys don’t have to worry about all of that stuff you guys can come to you know orlando some of you are in the area you can just go back home and keep coming to the event it’s going to be a three-day a three-day full event right in the heart of orlando by disney world so you guys have family you have kids that you want to bring they’re more than welcome to come as well you could bring the kids matter of fact I encourage you because I’m bringing my kids so your kids can meet my kids and we can have a lot of fun this is the real deal this is like family right here like we’re doing things of the family this is not just you know like you see some some guys some actor behind the television and say I’m gonna show you how to make all this money and all this stuff listen I’m the real deal okay I’ve been doing this for a few years right now I’ve met a lot of people that are on this facebook live right now so they can tell you that this is the truth this is what I do for a living this is full time I don’t have a job I get to travel and go places that I want to go in respects that I do have children they do have school and you know certain things that we you know I can’t just get up and do because of the fact that you know they still in school and stuff like that but I mean I know I don’t have a boss I don’t have no one to ask hey can I take time off of work I don’t have to worry about you know coming back and losing my job I don’t have to worry about that stuff I don’t even have to as a matter of fact I make money while I’m on vacation okay that’s the thing most people have to go to work they got to show up to get paid I figured out how to live the laptop laughs lifestyle but I can honestly tell you that I can enjoy myself and still get paid now that’s told that is priceless that’s free to might be okay so many people out there are you know some of you might have a great job might be making good money you might have a career but the problem is you’re still bounded you’re still in bondage to your job which means you can’t leave you can’t just get up and go wherever you want you can’t just say I’m gone for a month and come back whenever you feel like it so that’s that’s the difference between me and some people are watching this video is that you know you guys need that complete freedom package and i want to show you exactly how to do it but you have to do me a favor you have to show me that you’re serious and pack up your bags and meet me on Orlando Florida can you guys do that and here’s the deal like i said i promise you i will give you an opportunity to partner i mean one of my businesses and also okay come to Orlando and hang out with me my family absolutely free again disclaimer you guys have to okay get your own transportation and you have to get your own lodging which is hotel or maybe you know the guys have family out there you can stay with them and that’s the truth okay but you guys can attend this mastermind and attend this event a hundred percent free okay now the only thing that’s required is that you actually become part of my business model okay right now you have from now until the sunday that’s coming up to take action okay if you do that you will be the one you’ll be one of the people that are eligible to join the mass of mind for free okay someone says we’re in orlando right in the heart of disney okay we’re going to be in the disney resort area alright guys so the dates are April nineteenth to the 21st i’m gonna give you guys information for those who are serious for those who really want to hang out with me me my family and others seven-figure a figure in 606 figure leaders and stuff like that in industry and you want us to show you and teach you step-by-step how to do what I do and live the real laptop lifestyle then do me a favor like this video or love it and I take loves to okay to share this video and comment I want more info and i will send you a personal invitation and show you how you guys can take part in this and shoot down to orlando and hang out on me one hundred percent free now if you guys are willing to do that then do those three things and i’ll send you the information i’m going to be doing more live streams i’m going to be sending out emails i’m going to be notifying you guys but you have to take action before this sunday okay if you do not you will miss out an opportunity now the starting price of the event okay is ninety seven dollars now most people have no problem paying ninety seven dollars so you have to take action because you’re going to compete against the people who are already paying ninety seven dollars will have no problem painting that I always look high man that’s just my look Lois is either you like it you love it or you just stop watching me so that’s just me man that’s how I look so that’s the deal so the tickets are actually on sale for ninety-seven bucks and most people are paying now the seats are limited there are limited in some room full of people and they have a capacity so once we hit that capacity okay you guys won’t be able to fit in so you got to take action now okay so do me a favor like I said like this video share this video and comment I want more information I want to go to Orlando I want to meet you operate I want me I want to meet you in the family I want to hang out with you guys and once you do that we are going to show you we’re going to give it a blueprint okay me and a couple of buddies in mind like I said a couple of other 7 figure earners even a foreigners are going to give it a blueprint for three days three days we’re going to be in a room I’m going to be teaching you stuff and showing you guys how to collect fat checks like this like I said all together this equals about a little more than eighty thousand dollars alright i already showed you guys in the beginning a video so if that’s you and you’re serious about this business and you want to be able to quit your job fire your boss have the ultimate freedom of not only you know having financial freedom but time freedom to do what you want then you need to be at orlando so we can show you how to do it guys some of you on this live stream actually just came from the event in the white and you know exactly I’m talking about okay let other people know for those who were with me hanging out in Hawaii you guys got pictures with me you guys got a videos of me let them know how real it is let them know how much value it is let them know what they can expect to learn in Orlando and how this can change their lives because people need to know this stuff people need to stop being a slave to their jobs and you need to stop being a slave to the system or to reality they need to wake up okay get out of that matrix okay and really start to learn how you guys can live the ultimate laptop lifestyle and let me tell you something once you figure that out is complete freedom you will never go back I promise you you will never go back so that’s you again I don’t want to keep this live stream so long I just want to give you guys a heads up and you want more information and how you guys can meet me and my family Orlando and not only me there’s going to be tons of people the reason why I mentioned myself because you guys on my fan page and most likely you guys been following me looking at my post we’re going to my proof and things like that so that’s cool so that’s why i’m personally inviting you because you are a fan of the alfredo the life-changer Delgado and I want to personally invite you guys to meet me down there like I said I’m a real guy you guys get to touch me and see that I’m real we could take pictures together we could shoot some videos you guys can pick my brain and like I said then this this is the real deal we just came back from Maui Hawaii we spent almost a week there and it was amazing i get to connect with a lot of real people people coming up to me telling me thank you for the wise words I’ve been watching you other than following you you said some things that impact in my life and that fact of you guys look at the pin post on this page you’ll see the I was on stage and I gave a speech I actually was touching on a very important topic of mindset so you guys can see on the real deal like i said they don’t just pick normal people to go on stage and talk in front of thousands okay so and represent the company okay so i think that you would take that a little more seriously when you’re singing on stage given a whole speech and it was just tons of value guys just tons of value guys will love and I’m telling you bring your family I want to meet two kids I want to be able to have my kids meet your kids and hang out and show you the real culture show you how we really are what kind of people really are behind the screen that we’re not just you know I’m not just here to sell things I’m not just here to you know make money I’m actually here to change lives and to inspire people I get more excitement when I hear somebody come up to me says man thank you for those words you know I loved what you said on stage I’m truly inspired I’m ready to quit my job I’m ready to tell my boss i’m done you’re fired and i’m ready to travel the world you know i love the ferrari drive on a nicer car like people tell me all kinds of things and it’s cool because that is what really excites me guys all right so if to you and you want more information you ready know what to do and i’ll send you a personal invitation okay and show you how you can attend this event in orlando absolutely free and get to hang out with me my family and we can do this alright guys so I’m gonna get off this live stream I’m to do more because actually listen I got some really really exciting news for those guys watching but let me tell you something right now I don’t want to tell everybody on this live stream I’m only going to invite and tell the people that actually make a decision to come to Orlando okay because I got another surprise for you guys but something going to tell the people that actually make the commitment to come so i will talk more about that later like i said you guys want to attend no problem i’ll give you information like this video all right share this video and comment i want more information and i’ll send you guys the link and show you how you can get started and how you guys can join the event for free alright guys so that’s it for now keep looking for life things i’m going to you guys some more information some more tips some more you know goodies along the way and really i look forward to meeting you guys so please do everything you can to be there because I promise you it’s life-changing i’m probably going to be on stage again in orlando given another segment so it’d be really cool man be really cool to meet me in person and hang out and like i said if you want to know how we’re able to collect checks like this i mean i just came back from maui hawaii and i came back to you know almost six figures worth of checks which is you know somebody’s freaking yearly income alright guys so that’s it I’ll see you guys I love y’all like I said do that right now like this video share it and comment I want more information and i’ll send you guys to make and show you how you can all meet me in Orlando I’ll see you guys love y’all peace out Shawn showing the one showing number two daniel i’ll see you guys deals- shouts you guys I’ll see you and we’ll keep in touch real soon love y’all take it easy

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