Cameroon : The Most Peaceful Country Of Africa

Luca Marrone eyelashes a maroon is lucky von de água don't ask me why we are a country of peace you need the bit all around us is war silligan and we cannot pretend to be better than others as good as the Republic of Cameroon has been an independent country since 1960 since then it has had no civil war no major ethnic or religious clashes no rebellion no violent coos and no famines an unusual circumstance for this unique African country often surrounded by chaos indeed Cameroon acts as a shelter of peace and stability in the midst of a troubled continent you the many different nationalities and religions that exist within Cameroon could spell a potential recipe for disaster its population of 20 million is not only divided between French and English speakers but comprises 200 ethnic groups quite different from and often suspicious of each other although the major religion of Cameroon is Catholicism there are large numbers of Protestants Muslims and Animists who once fought against each other the wars and conflicts in neighboring Nigeria Chad and the Republic of Central Africa have also displaced millions of refugees here making Cameroon a complex country to govern so how is this remarkable equilibrium maintained and an increasingly competitive and conflicted world how might this peace last this peace that must coexist among so many different groups of people let we see very few instances of rivalry or clashes between churches and mosques it doesn't really exist let's keep at it is the North that sometimes experiences problems because of Islam being the dominant religion has a tendency to assimilate everyone else don't ask my ICMP to wander as Casilla John do not around 1800 Islam arrived in Cameroon from the north nomadic tribes known as pools invaded and colonized lands from the northern plains all the way down to the Adamawa platter the animist who belonged mainly to the Kerdi tribes fled to the Mandara mountain range where they continued to live and maintain ancient beliefs and traditions remarkably these dry and inhospitable mountains were carved into terraces in order to cultivate grains such as millet and sorghum surprisingly this is one of cameroon's most heavily populated areas as land and living space became increasingly scarce some Kerdi started migrating back to the plains settling down amongst the livestock breeders that had been converted to islam by the poles or amongst farmers who were converted to christianity by European missionaries violent fighting has erupted between Christians and Muslims in the northern provinces of Nigeria since the establishment of Muslim laws what does this mean for neighboring Cameroon might the violence spread across the border Sulli is 45 married and has 10 children and works as a driver he is a practicing Muslim if were sometimes Christmas in Ramadan turnout on the same day a Madonna of our if this doesn't cause a problem may say yep I the problem of Christmas I go to the Christians and when I eat I drink in amongst Dubois during Ramadan Christians come to my home to eat and drink among it why it's no problem it's the same God same MDA and apart DDS mm dia some of my children decided to become Christian Grey tea and three of them go to church I don't have a problem with that I live with them Cynthia it's good if your heart is white but if you'll go to a nice place ace tanker room with air conditioned lung Sybil but if your behavior is bad you go directly into the fire glass only Sombra Team A to Z – two – two men to travel a mile to drift among down the food the north of Cameroon is still ruled by about 50 traditional Muslim Lords known as la Meadows the most powerful Lord the Lamb addo of mayo ray reigns over a territory as large as Belgium from his palace in a small town of rabbu bar he collects taxes from all his subjects nominates village chiefs resolves local conflicts and is responsible for delivering justice continuing the age-old practices of a feudal and patriarchal system women must be bare-breasted to enter his palace and subjects bow to the ground in front of him as they are not allowed to look directly into his eyes how do the Christian subjects of this traditional King live under such a system of sovereignty sach J is a small predominantly Christian village with a mere four thousand inhabitants a number that has doubled with the recent arrival of immigrants who do was raised in the Christian faith however in order to become village chief he had to convert to Islam resolving to regularly attend the villages tiny mosque many Cameroonian families have members from different religions such as the case for Joseph and his father both are Lutheran's marriage to Muslims clinical attendings Umar here are the Christian and Muslims we live together there's not a Muslim area or a Christian neighborhood she limited my life the Muslim celebration I like most is the festival of the sheep they prepare a lot of couscous and give it out to everyone so if you're a Christian or a Muslim you're invited with lucky Louie's a mongoose lucky liquor today only to the one imagined here children usually follow the religion of their fathers or the found well go through when my daughter grows up she'll choose between her father's faith and mine but with my dog my husband says the right things to my parents I'll become a Christian otherwise I'll stay Muslim now her family wouldn't reject her they say since your husband is Christian you have to walk the same path the condition right now she can sing more Bible verses than I can and come she memorized as well I think when you reach a certain age you're educated enough to change to say no my father is a Christian but I want to be a Muslim because Muslims go to Mecca I can get a lot of money really it's money that makes people convert to Islam because Muslim men are respected on the other hand Christians aren't really respected you know don't party tomorrow sweetie I will believe in Allah with all my heart for eternity but not me la la pelota the big difference is the Muslims believe in Muhammad wah personally I don't believe he's a real prophet we Christians believe in Jesus who is a real prophet okay perfect in sac je the Lutheran Evangelical Church is a simple clay hut the pasta takes care of several villages and does not come regularly to the church part of the roof has collapsed and the believers donations will not suffice for repairs how will they avoid future damage from torrential rains during the next wet season because Protestant churches have asked for independence from their German Norwegian and American sister churches funding has become quite a problem for the bush parishes there are six other Christian churches in sac je most of which were built by arriving migrants of different denominations the situation is equally troubling with unified evangelists Adventists and Roman Catholics churches are made of straw with makeshift pews and priests and ministers are seldom present despite this the believers faith remains strong and sincere no further our families are basically families of mixed religions even here in the south of the country our family our family my family a large family was is made of Muslims Protestants and Catholics Dulli while Muslims hold most of the political power in the north Christians have control in the south so what does this mean for the Muslim minority in the south mrs. Bello has left her family in the north to settle in Douala the hometown of a Muslim husband she runs the business center in a large hotel she problemas con but I'm not discriminated against we don't have those kind of problems in this country zoom:1 I feel as comfortable as I do back home for example I keep my prayer mat in the office my carpet might be like the Pierrot bureau multiple Shapley it was that one so at any time during the hours of prayer I can go out and pray that lovely ya see I'm practical are you mrs. Montes Kelly if the Muslim religion was practiced as it was decreed the woman would be a goddess look at the Quran it says worship your mother respect your father that means that the woman has a central role mrs. Bello and her husband raised their children as Muslims in a land of Christians how do their children feel about their differences from others are they self-conscious when they pray to Allah they find it normal they've seen us pray since they were very young so doesn't surprise them it's the youngest who often asked questions about his friends at school and we explained that others are different than they are that's not a reason to hate them they have to accept students from different religions otherwise they wouldn't have friends there are fundamentalists everywhere even here there are some who won't accept others we have to strive to get along because Islam is first and foremost a religion of Tolerance in the capital city of yong-dae Saudi Arabia has commissioned a large mosque good attendance during times of prayer doesn't necessarily mean the people are paying attention to the preaching of the Islamic precepts of the Sharia Muslims in Cameroon actually understand French better than Arabic it is perhaps surprising them that there is so much tolerance between people of so many different faiths in a country like Cameroon indeed on a hill facing the mosque a Catholic Center has been built by a particularly dynamic priest for this young a famous critic the llamas are no horizontal – or Cameroon they conceded to pulpy Hardwick on venture Quebec legacy of a CEO directly I don't dare lemis Arnold a distant relation a journal bugzilla really glad to monitor as Reverend jean-marie budeau has confronted the state radio monopoly by creating the first private radio station in Cameroon a project he began in 1997 today the church must stake its claim in the media because the media is an important tool therefore I met with the bishop and told him let's start a Catholic radio station he tried but he couldn't get the funding and got discouraged so I said okay I'll try to do it on my own and we didn't wait for government authorization they weren't ready to let us broadcast so we said here we're working for the good of the people I mean in offices across town at certain times almost everybody stops working for example for the Lord's rosary prayer in ministries embassy schools elementary and high schools everywhere people listen to the 30-minute prayer it's a Christian radio for citizens that means we're Christians and we have a presence in the world we have to define ourselves in relation to politics and to the economy as well as in relation to development problems necessary tt aside from creating key partnerships with radio Vatican in Rome and radio not Road am in Paris Reverend boda was also a close friend of Pope John Paul the second after whom he is named his new auditorium the auditorium is the site of conventions and concerts as well as televised masses this passionate and driven priest plans to start a private Christian TV channel and a health clinic for homeless children people may think oh he's got a lot of money that's how he can do all this but those who work with me know I don't have the money we only managed to succeed because I really believe in it I put all my energy and trust in this the majority of Cameroonians are true believers attending church services regularly or praying in the mosque could religious leadership be the key to understanding the peace and harmony between the many different groups what exactly are the people of Cameroon looking for in religion Reverend Father Hebda created fr tur a prayer group that has come to hold enormous influence throughout Cameroon and even in the Ivory Coast and France his teachings are broadcast regularly on Cameroonian national TV and his masses draw large crowds [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh say yes you have to come again for Team Aqua much more now if our two followers witness spectacular healings through collective prayer the love of Jesus and sharing the mass is almost over when a young woman at the back collapses to the floor Akilah sake children with salsa and Belle carcinogens like a nice little gentle arbiters of all you know college kiss penetrant one the healing has been performed by a shepherd from the prayer group the young woman recovers her senses he invokes the Lord with his cross and the audience to Allah seized on Suzie he asked the audience to invoke the Lord the only Sanctus the only God the only Lord who can free us the ant that died and when he says those words someone can actually rise up and go into a trance we know right away that that is the possessed person Reverend egg dies no longer the servant of Jesus but his friends because Jesus gave him a great power and he uses it extremely well it takes care of the sick on what we call small demons who come along and have no strength the Reverend crushes them through prayer because he lived with Jesus Christ who's now listen to the commandments of God I listened to the priests advice it gives me a tireless faith in God because I believe in him and you and it puts me in instead of Ecstasy my life is filled only with Christ if we often pray from 7:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. yes and people are enthusiastic until the end I mean here in colleton even when it rains like last Wednesday there were 1000 to 1500 people and they didn't leave I belong to Jesus I belong to Jesus I belong to my Savior and in the audience you can find high-ranking officials such as ministers wives who are not afraid to show their faith also they're thinking about Bernadette Mashiro father had cos healings and exorcisms are influenced by animist beliefs in villages deep in the rain forests of southern Cameroon deliverance ceremonies resembling voodoo are held regularly such as here near the town of Eber lower these practices come from the neighboring Gabon in Congo since the dawn of time Cameroonians have feared demon possession and harmful spiritual influence from ancestors the witch doctor uses iboga a hallucinogenic substance found in tree bark that supposedly fights evil and helps him communicate with ancestral spirits iboga comes from a rare species of tree found deep in the jungles of Africa put him over there see the little things will give them a bog [Applause] you the devil has invaded the world and we're here to save those who are possessed Humana so when we liberate them it means that the healthy spirit in them is still there and that the religious world still exists through chanting and drumming the patients are slowly lulled into a trance that is intended to freedom from possession among the different rituals the burial ceremony is frequently performed the principle of this ritual to take back possession of one's soul through a symbolic death share similarities with Christian beliefs of renewal and rebirth is the purpose of using in Bocca is to bring back the divine spirit for the natural spirit is about to die so here is its functions battery to make the patient react when the evil spirit is about to take over and control the patient boga is necessary to crush that spirit book i Lanyon see after spending an hour 6 feet under the ground in total darkness and with very little oxygen the patient is brought out of the grave and symbolically resuscitated by the witch doctor many Christians consult iboga witch doctors sometimes as a last resort the sickest patients the most strongly possessed as he says must stay at the doctor's house away from the evil forces that have invaded the patient's home repeated rituals and treatments are necessary to liberate the patient and heal their soul many Cameroonians still believe traditional healers can cure a wide range of problems even fatal illnesses this explains why so many here still see aids as a spell and some witch doctors are believed capable of freeing the body from the deadly virus soul medicine body deliverance and those who are able to speak with the ancestors are considered powerful by many in Cameroon they are the link between the spiritual and material worlds [Applause] when the patient discovers the truth the patient is free to go to church or to come to me Danny because the patient wants to be healed and wants to know the true healer this issue one for ages people in Africa have been convinced that evil forces exist and that these forces have power over them people may mock them missionaries may tell them oh this is pagan superstition this is irrational but it has no effect on them people are in anguish Lygia so down Worthy animism hasn't disappeared in Cameroon it nearly hides behind other more socially respectable faiths such as Christianity or Islam animism is particularly prevalent among the Kerdi in northern Cameroon Oh each Kerdi witch doctor has his own technique this particular doctor uses crabs which are supposed to act as the hand of God in moving small round stones inside a covered pot the final position of the stones helps him predict the future allowing him to advise his clients on a course of action yeah there's something like an invasion of churches and calls people are having a hard time making a living getting health care and finding a job and all the different cults promise them the moon oh yeah now there are hundreds of secret cults buddy people will say right out if you want to get a job join such a such a cult or secret society yeah I wanted work on trade it even happens in the university they're like clubs it's all complete Club yeah at the point is that uh need some practice Satanism in this country I've been told some incredible stories from girls who go into the cemetery at night to invoke Satan and ask for a husband or a nice car they return with nothing they receive no husband or car and they lost their ability to speak religion is growing like never before there are countless young men who are ready to become priests the Vatican even said to slow down that were are gaining too many priests one year the archbishop announced twenty new priests we already had sixteen sixteen is quite a lot for one year in a diocese Pellegrini doesn't you say what are the young Cameroonians looking for today in the Catholic Church rank recognition on the foothills of Mount Cameroon lies Thole a village in the english-speaking part of the country thali is an underprivileged neighborhood where police and doctors rarely take the risk of visiting here gaoler a young seminarist is completing his novitiate zeal activity precipitation tea is the main source of income here people come to work in the tea plantations few – the camel TV it attracts people mostly from the Northwest who come to earn money CMP – on your telly working on the plantation hardly pays people are still very poor in thali people often face unemployment and must deal with such problems as alcoholism prostitution and unsanitary conditions the village is populated with migrants from different tribes and villages but here you won't find the celebrated African sense of solidarity and community despite this a group of young people is attempting to change things my superior asked us to take care of the young history of the nation actually we have been able to get involved with a group called las vegas las vegas we've been working with them for five months now defeat digesting most agree you see if you TV here they mainly grow corn but there's also a few banana trees plantains avocado and other crops is a little catchy otra not Vemma we've really noticed a lot more sharing in fellowship if a group member or neighbor is sick the whole group is informed and we try to see what we can do together to get the person some help and prevent him or her from feeling isolated it's on appendix or hidden figured easily ICO identities a teaspoon and purchase a crib for me I myself have dealt with suffering and poverty a Catholic sister helped me materially and with my education material muscularis young I came to realize that it's better for me to give my life to others exactly Maggie as there are too many of my African brothers who suffer from tsukumo lossky when people face extreme difficulties it can shatter their faith and cause them to doubt yet what on the other hand having to face difficulties can help them open up to the Lord is a man who see as Suvorov on a very senior a joke on a in he didn't sit down I know a 27 year old woman who started to doubt her faith as a result of many burdens as I don't mind I'd let it give me you know why does God accept that certain things happen to me if I go to church I do what the priest says but nothing gets better that message basically gives me demanded miss Ana Philippa so we started talking and decided to meet from time to time first of all God is not a magician second there are probably responsibilities she needs to take care of to resolve her problems she shouldn't neglect that third she shouldn't give up she should take control of her life work on her problems and move on yes I see generally shares his experience with seven other Cameroonian and lie Geryon seminary students who work in San Vincent DePaul congregation they work with sick adults and children do I feel I'm gaining from this am i finding that this is what I want to do in life yes definitely my work here brings me happiness and makes me feel complete it else we grow in life and let's me get into a deeper relationship with God and with others as well as working in the communities fields Ginola has encouraged the group to write and stage a play dealing with AIDS one out of eight adults in Cameroon is HIV positive dangerous practices that may spread aids are emphasized in the play it has been performed several times and has been seen by many people in Tolley this is weld well to get the message of HIV and AIDS across to the people the best way to prevent AIDS is abstinence patience and waiting for the right time it's better not to rush into anything PC lid Li Xue the Catholic Church is against contraceptives and condoms instead it puts forward loyalty and so on he wants you to reduce your lamb here in Cameron D the Protestants have taken a different standards arguing that no one really stays faithful on his own best one not important if we condemn condoms we move right into disaster in Cameroon religion is playing an increasingly significant spiritual social and educational role a situation which poses the question of how these faiths are funded and maintained Islam is supported by Arab countries particularly Libya and Saudi Arabia Catholics receive redistribution funds from Rome for Protestant churches however funding is more problematic with attendance rising faster than donations arrived Presbyterians in Cameroon rely completely on the generosity of their parishioners a telling insight as to why Presbyterian ministers seek out large urban parishes like this one in Messer an affluent neighborhood in yon day on Sunday mornings up to 2,000 people attend the very lively service [Applause] [Applause] yeah okay little fun ah a new independent church had to get organized very quickly with Organa the L mm since we didn't have any funding we had to take care of everything on our own moobot open o proper Moya the church here has been built thanks to the parishioners donations we provide the building material and manpower we're gonna make video when you love Christ and all that involves him you give yourself entirely because you know that your faith will bring you eternal life as a reward donkeys if you consider a single mom miss Doane okay dear set of work with a compound study la villita net let me tell guys when they know that they're working for the good of the community the believers don't hesitate to donate uni there are always black sheep complaining we're poor we can't give we have nothing but faith is not about being passive faith is about giving yourself I've always told my congregation that as long as they believe they should be active in that belief a Christian is not one who sits with his arms crossed waiting for Heaven's riches to fall down on him no we have to fight life is a struggle and as long as we're alive we struggle as long as we look for glory that's the problem going after glory instead of peace the Lord said glory to God and peace to men but men have twisted that into may peace be with God and glory to men it's not like this only in Cameroon but also in Europe in Cameroon's major cities it doesn't take long to travel from the affluent neighborhood to the poorest district voila the economic capital of Cameroon is home to 3 million people who struggle to make a living dwell as population has increased faster than its wealth in this village turned harsh city people desperately need values and a sense of where they come from traditions and Africa's renowned sense of community are fading the children are first to suffer from the ever worsening living conditions 15,000 children now live on the streets hundreds die on the streets each year and thousands more are becoming homeless when living alone on the streets it's easy to lose touch lose faith and feel abandoned by God in 1996 a 75 year old Catholic nun opened six shelters like this one to house 300 homeless children with the hope of giving them a brighter future in society Moses a younger was one of these children today thanks to sister Mary's shelter he works as an apprentice in a bakery he also helps children sister Mary's to grow accustomed to living at the shelter sound fun I like to dress up well boys I think you are today but to him it happened it's okay there's no problem you guys are waiting for food are you hungry the first few nights at the shelter are the most difficult children lose their sense of independence and have to learn to live with others and accept the shelter's rules the shelter works in conjunction with Cirque du Soleil an organization that works to help homeless children feel confident while motivating them to learn circus activities living conditions in shelters are harsh lack of privacy and thefts are regular occurrences it can also be difficult for children to become apprentices or to go back to school so many of them end up back on the streets where they will have to steal to eat and often take drugs to block out to the reality of their situation Dalai in life we go through stages today you can be someone tomorrow you're like a battery running on empty come be black my worst memory of the streets it's the physical injuries Iike my I've been assaulted I got stabbed in the leg with a knife when you vote you see I've got a scar got ya this is my worst memory miss Davene you who assaulted you you know the street is a jungle big fish eat the small fish before they go pass all majide pitch it wasn't let's just go talk to the down taru condom use catch out to dinner don't a police I'll take a contemplation for you to Pontifical oh did she an awesome it up the most about this trip table yeah money is so important down here you don't get people's help for nothing you need to give them something when you help someone you expect something in return for cooking juice off Turkish rules I would do people are not into Social Work too much what matters is money I wanted no we have to fight against this otherwise we're not going to evolve sing only like I'm able you if you admitted into a hospital and you have no money you might die because no one is going to look after you but if you give $20 to a doctor oh he's going to take real good care of you until he finds a cure mom was struggling we lived in a one-room apartment back then / me and my brothers there wasn't room for me there I had to manage on my own kids in the street see if they smoked marijuana Moses sometimes returns to the ghetto it is in the area near the harbour where he lived his life as a delinquent and barely escaped death he often spent his nights on this platform nicknamed the Pentagon by the kids every morning we get up we cross the wall and get in there we get on board the boats we manage we collect stuff we don't destroy anything because these are our goods we just collect whatever we see it is here that Moses dreamed of becoming a sailor and traveling the ocean living in the street however made this dream seem almost impossible when I started living in the street I met the Lord all I seen you I saw him he came to see me in my sleep so me my pie he told me that I had to become a man that I had to change my life perceivable one that everything was possible for me that welcome yes that I only trust him that I shouldn't doubt him welcome to my world Here I am yeah my bed in the shelter's we'll fight exactly it's here that I deal with my struggles and here that I spend my nights sometimes in peace and sometimes violently but I always get by thanks to these my prayer books get them they do they help me tackle life here this is my globe my mobile home of whele when it's important for a navigator ship in addition it allows me to locate coastlines and straits episodic we see the coda body it's like home I have a bed I feel comfortable as you see that is not everybody's as lucky as I am the one that I said counsel what counts is will power you can have luck but if you don't use it right I put you like everything's going to go wrong hundred almost every Sunday night Moses attends Mass with his friends at the Pender Catholic Church Moses has saved the salary he received from his apprenticeship to pay for training as a sailor but is still a long way from his first job on a boat he has however gained back his confidence and has a new sense of hope thanks to an unfaltering determination but what are the other children at the shelter she I don't go to church because sister Mary tells me to you only gave him up when I go to church that's because I want to that's good because I love Jesus because I read the Bible and I moved by all that the Bible tells us you cannot be blue up on my I prefer to stay here I prefer to ask forgiveness from God in my heart rather than going to church to show people I'm praying and it's better to be honest with yourself why you'll be dead not to go because you see other people come that does it you Bob when your heart is not there you're just imitating others Superman to alibi Louise supposition teeny Nicky say tempus on so frankly it's true that because the church is everywhere it knows this country better than anyone else connect me loopy the number that is for instance be Tula weak in this city every weekend more than the auxiliary bishop and I could of the neighborhood parish and cut to you we spend the evenings listening to people we acutally even though we're not at war so I'm gay I know that a lot of Cameroonians feel tensions within themselves Viva don't oh yeah people are ready to fight over anything ability what are you do to see buddies uh for instance if someone bumps someone else's car a little do you miss the other person immediately wants to fight about it to veloute yes big I hope the people who rule this country are going to be cautious because there are in justices in this country the fundamental rights that are not respected Dominican priest Elwha messy metal go journalist and professor of theology teaches at donde Catholic University he has a critical opinion of his country and the role of the church in hopefully the church needs to get to the root of the problem to more courageously denounce Africa's political systems because in a way these systems maintain poverty and insecurity never going to sit down you see I know that some very strong letters from the church have been written that what but despite this each Bishop doesn't he pleases he may sign a persuasive letter in the morning become night he's toasting champagne with one of the ministers an act that contradicts what he's written in the letter furthermore those letters aren't distributed enough most people don't read them some priests don't even read them how can you expect the public to read them kidneys they also need to be translated into the African languages that people understand the digital pen oh that's that the people need a bit more soul when I see what's happening out there why didn't I get the feeling we're moving backwards going to avoid people kill without a second thought that's serious some people say that Africans respect life I stopped believing that a long time ago wasn't elected to point out then don't people take government jobs or positions and companies and administration for selfish reasons to make money to accumulate personal wealth they get what they want and don't concern themselves with society's problems homogenous chances Oh Oh guys you see do be uncommon say points elected will you tease this is what we need to fight against unspoken bully but there's no one to control the way things are handled in businesses so corruption is widespread one Buddhist he did as your boss I can decide to take 20% of your salary you can't complain you accept it you don't have a salary you see but Sally wait but why would one want to become a bishop that's a good question because you know that many priests want to become bishop souvenir leave it yes of course when a Saint Paul wrote that it's positive to aspire to become a bishop with your points but I don't think he would agree with the reasons people now have for wanting to be bishops they forget that we are called to take care of the church it's becoming more and more a personal business I said yeah you never feel a bit why because of the honors associated with being a bishop and the money jelly's one is Park Antonio Yoshida there are priests who have been convicted of embezzlement it just goes to show that the church is not isolated from society but it will have to change if it wants to be part of society I'm Dora it's well did Alessi City before that Kelly's consoie Ultima I'll enter your neccessity Siana freakin abused when do pixal here in Africa we need people to understand the real message of the church people that have learned more than the basic teachings we need non clerical people to act as witnesses of the faith that's why the university is not only open to seminarist s– but also to the general public passing the money they see Maddie's name she be like cameroon's future rests with the new generation a generation still attending universities high schools and elementary schools the harmony that exists between religions and ethnicities is at risk the equilibrium of this young nation is still quite fragile today Cameroonians are experiencing the pressures and consequences of living in an increasingly urban and individualistic society where poverty is on the rise yet they remain tolerant of others with a sense of pride in their country an optimism for its potential but if living conditions were to worsen and the race for political power came to a standstill the Cameroonians could lose their patience and the peaceful country could easily fall into rebellion and violence the people of Cameroon have lost part of the dream that independence and 20 years of rapid economic growth have brought to them today they are left only with the strength of their prayers and the sincerity of their faith we lund learnt now you see that really calm down into the apostle's maybe not even if you pray me a thousand times a day don't get hard is black itself or if it won't wear a much super to wake up every morning and pray it's a good way to start the day don't you think the whole day you feel good you feel peace in yourself God Almighty you gave the world to man you didn't want to finish creation but by the trust you gave man you made it possible for him to continue your creation for me praying is asking for forgiveness it's asking God for help Monday I do it when I ask God for something I get it not right away but later for me having faith is to turn one's life over to Jesus my faith doesn't bring me to others if it doesn't call my love for others then this faith doesn't interest me Oh Oh me Oh [Applause]

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  • Una sure , wetin happen recently between English speaking Cameroonians and French speaking Cameroonians ?

  • Crazy how in third world countries there are always top-notch modern churches and mosques, but no modern schools, universities, hospitals, clinics, tech centres, industries, roads, etc.

  • My first visit to an African country was spent in Cameroon, the Peace spoken of here is like that of a volcano. The rumbling is beneath the surface… The oppressive Paul Biya, the military and the war between the Anglophones and Francophones=No real Peace…. May God have mercy on Cameroon…

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