Can I Have More Than One VA Loan? | Quicken Loans and the Department of VA

Clayton Closson: Okay, because this just leads to our next question that that just came in. And I think it’s an entitlement question, but this person and we kind of touched this seconds ago is like, “Can I have more than one VA loan at a time?” So, is that based on entitlement? What, I think this is a situation where you have a house and you wanna buy another because you’re moving, you can’t sell or you wanna rent the other. I mean, is, does the VA allow that or is that a lender issue? John Bell III: The VA does allow that. You can have more than one VA loan at one time. It depends on, uhm, the amount of entitlement that you have left after you use your first loan. Uhm, but yes, it is available. A lot of times it happens when you are moving from one area to another area. That other area falls into what we call the expanded county loan limits. So, the loan limits are, are higher at the allowable limits are higher. So, the entitlement is calculated differently. And so, of course, I’m gonna say, even if it’s Web site or call your local regional loan center, we’d be happy to answer those questions for you.

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