Can Religious Freedom and LGBT Rights Co-Exist?

When the Supreme Court made same sex marriage legal in 2015, many people thought the conflicts over gay rights were over. LGBT people are represented widely in movies and television shows and a few even hold political office. The culture wars are over, right? Not exactly. In 28 states, it’s perfectly legal to fire someone for being gay. And some religious people believe they are being persecuted for their beliefs. The two sides haven’t found a way to work together. And the fight is getting a lot nastier. “The Supreme Court can do many things, but the Supreme Court cannot get Jesus Christ back into the grave.” That’s all I’m asking, is a safe place for me and people like me to go to the bathroom. You’ve probably heard about recent religious freedom bills, like laws in North Carolina and Mississippi and the bill that got vetoed at the last minute in Georgia. New legislation is creating protections for people, mostly Christians, who have religious objections to homosexuality, same sex marriage, and transgender identity. At the heart of these bills are tough questions about rights and discrimination. Should a baker have to bake a cake for a gay couple if he believes homosexuality is a sin? Here’s what’s showing up in these laws. Some bills concern bathrooms. This is what we saw recently in North Carolina where the legislature is requiring transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond to their biological sex at birth. But this is very difficult to enforce. The government can’t really expect teachers or state employees to check peoples genitals to make sure they’re using the right restroom There really isn’t any way for anybody to operationalize this rule. This is just literally a sop to people who are afraid of something that they haven’t really seen or ever engaged. Another protects clerks and judges who don’t want to marry gay couples at court houses or sign their marriage licenses. Remember Kim Davis? She was the Kentucky clerk who refused to sign her name on gay marriage licenses and was jailed for refusing to do so. Finally, some for-profit business owners don’t want to provide services to same-sex marriage ceremonies. This includes photographers, bakers, florists, DJs and more. But, in many places, these claims are somewhat ironic. In most states, businesses can already choose no to serve LGBT people. I don’t believe it’s morally decent to say to two gay guys who come in for a cake, “Ok, you need to go down the street to this other place.” As you might imagine, LGBT advocates want to change that. They want to make it explicitly illegal in all 50 states for employers to fire people or landlords to refuse to rent houses or apartments to people or businesses to refuse to serve people because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. So far, there hasn’t been much dealmaking with religious conservatives. Utah is the only state that’s passed a so called “Compromise Bill” which combined LGBT protections, with exemptions for religious groups. “I would be very disappointed if if I had a bill for religious freedom that did not include anti-discrimination.” So in the United States, we’re facing a new set of questions about what rights mean and about what discrimination means. The question is how you put those two ideas in conversation with one another. Where one person’s rights stop and another person’s rights begin. What’s the difference between discrimination and protection?

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  • There is no room for gender or sexuality-based discrimination in the public domain. Coming from someone who wholeheartedly stands for LGBT rights, I have to agree that public services (which include marriage) must be afforded to anyone regardless of their sexuality.
    One issue I've struggled with however, is the application of this idea to the private sector. Take the baker story for instance: While it is in anyone's right to buy a cake, is it morally responsible to force a baker to provide the service? Is it really in the power of the government to tell someone to make a cake even if they don't want to? Say there was a Nazi who came into my bakery wearing a "Jews Suck" shirt. He's committed no crimes, but lives a lifestyle I hate. Would the government step in and force me to serve him even if I refused to?

  • No wonder God put a limit on the lifespan of mankind you, people, are ridiculous to think your "opinion" is above God's law and others ought to agree with you…I don't have to accept, embrace, help, stand with gays or for gays and I never will, that made up bully word "homophobic" means nothing to me, I am ANTI-GAY no fear.

  • Why do US seem to have so much grief over this yet countries like Spain and UK just get on – Religion is being Hijacked by fanatical Zealots


  • why does the lgbt exist? why does feminism exist in modern day America? Feminism should be in muslim culture not American culture. Muslim women get stoned, beaten, raped, and abused in other ways. Preach feminism where it actually matters. In muslim countries you will get killed for being gay. Preach the lgbt in countries like that.

  • Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
    Blessed art thou amongst women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
    Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of our death.

  • If the gov't made it illegal to marry, we would achieve "marriage equality."
    Because that's what equality means.

  • There's no such thing as "LGBTQPIA plus plus" rights.

    These are HUMAN rights. You have them or you don't. Nobody can give them to you. Unless they're magic wizards.

  • They can, everyone just stay away from each other? If you don't like someone don't go near them otherwise you're picking a fight.

  • If gays want just as much equality with all people in society then why do they have a month dedicated to them, If they want equality then make it equality, dont have a month dedicated to gays because thats inequality more than anything.

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    Story by David Ovalle/[email protected]

  • 1973 has significance for the entire gay rights movement because in that year, the homosexual militants literally bullied the American Psychiatric Association into removing homosexuality as a mental illness from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders (DSM).
    This manual is what psychiatrists and psychologists use to define and categorize various forms of mental illnesses and sexual perversions. Ronald Bayer, a pro-homosexual psychiatrist, wrote an entire book on how the homosexuals strong armed fellow professionals into redefining a mental illness of sexual perversions into a normal behavior.

    In "Homosexuality And American Psychiatry, The Politics Of Diagnosis," Bayer recounts how the gay rights movement targeted the APA in 1970 for repeated verbal and physical assaults at its annual conventions:

    "…the American Psychiatric Association became the target of homosexual attacks in 1970 when gay activists in San Francisco saw in the presence of the APA convention in their city yet one more opportunity to challenge the psychiatric profession. With the APA designated as a target, gay groups thought the country could direct their wrath against a common organizational foe.

    Source: Ronald Bayer, Homosexuality and American Psychiatry, The Politics Of Diagnosis (New York: Base Books, Inc. 1981)."

    In May, 1970, the gays and militant feminists disrupted heir first APA convention with guerilla theater and shouting matches. Their target at this convention was researcher Irving Bieber who was sitting on a panel discussing transsexuality and homosexuality. According to Bayer, "His efforts to explain his position to his challengers were met with derisive laughter. Since the norms of civility were considered mere conventions designed to mute outrage, it was not difficult for a protester to call him a mother******. This verbal attack with its violent tone caused Bieber considerable distress." (P. 102-103).

    The attack against the APA continued year after year with the psychiatrists increasingly fearful of what was going to happen at each convention. Bayer speaks approvingly of the shouting matches and threats of violence as the only way the homosexual could gain a hearing.

    By 1972, the homosexuals were allowed to have their own panels during the APA conventions and most of the opponents of gay aggression had been silenced.

    in 1973, the gays worked with several influential members of the APA in redefining how homosexuality was dealt with in the DSM. One of their closest allies was Dr. Judd Marmor. In October of 1980, Dr. Marmor, who was then running for president of the APA, testified at the first congressional sub committee hearing on gay rights. Through the influence of the National Gay Task Force, the APA sent out a letter to its members urging them to support a change in the definition of homosexuality in the DSM. The Gay Task Force helped draft the letter, bought the APA mailing list, and mailed it to thousands of psychiatrists.

    Through intimidation by the militant homosexual community, the definition of homosexuality was changed from that of a mental disorder to what was then called "ego-dystonic homosexuality." This meant that if a person was disturbed by his homosexual tendencies, then his condition should be treated. If, however, he was satisfied with his condition, then no treatment was necessary.

    The definition was changed for political reasons, not because of any new scientific revelations about the origins of homosexual behavior. This change in definition in the DSM gave homosexuals the legitimacy they had been seeking for so many years. They could now say that the APA had declared their behavior to be normal.

  • Why do religious people want to have religious freedom extended to discriminate against gays because of their dislike? Preaching hatred and intolerance towards LGBT people does not amount to religious freedom.

  • this is impossible. its like many public schools in america now. they're encouraging lgbtq propaganda and discriminating against christians. they should just not teach in public schools about religion and lgbtq. then it would be even. they shouldnt teach this lgbtq stuff. this is a personal matter. not for the schools to decide wether its right or not. theyre supposed to teach facts. not what they think or believe to be right.

  • I have come to find… there is truly no such thing as LGBTQ people. But there are people born into a world of sin and darkness who choose to cling to their sinful identities as factual and legitimate without any remorse or grace for anyones disagreements. You see, let's brake it down* contrary to popular opinion true science, and psychology according to the orginal record's of the American Psychological Association have stated that LGBTQ POLITICS have more to do with supporting identification and pushing its agenda and destroying others claims, of anything otherwise. I was a vamaint advocate for Lgbt Rights as a trans woman of over 15 years.. what I wasn't aware of was The TRUTH of the "gay manifesto of 1987" and the LOVE, TRUTH, and MERCY the genuine and real Lord Jesus Christ had for my life.. that was so incredible that the encounter changed my life forever. So, If truly desire to know why the LGBTQ PERSUASION and the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ don't mesh together,… you only need take a Look at the Bible on the matter. "Keep in mind those who don't know JESUS LOVES YOU and has a better Plan, Purpose and Destiny for their lives call it religion. But, those who are reborn and transformed by the power of its truth, love, grace and mercy call it Relationship".

  • Long story short, No, LGBTQIA+ "rights" and religion are mutually exclusive and cannot co-exist with one another. Why, you ask? Because all religious organizations are centered around creating a system in which certain moral, ethical, and/or societal norms, standards, and practices are upheld and enforced over others as to promote the growth and stability of said society. In short, religion is just another way of controlling people and getting them to do what those on top want them to, by exploiting their fear of death and the unknown.

    By belonging to the LGBTQIA+ group, you by default fall outside the guidelines set by all religious organizations that existed beforehand, as you blatantly ignoring one of every religious organizations core tenants; man shall not lay with another man. To put it plainly, any and all sexual acts with an individual of the same sex it a sin in every religion, especially the monotheistic religions of Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, and Islam. Likewise, anyone that has undergone bodily reconstructive surgery in order to appear as the opposite gender is also committing a sin, as most religious texts state that you were born in God's image and made as God intended you to be, which would mean that any serious alterations to you body would constitute you rejecting the form God gave you, and by extension God himself. Lastly, their are also several passages where it plainly states that women specifically are to be subservient to men, and men are in turn to be meek, just, and to take responsibility for the care of the women, which, once again goes against LGBTQIA+ rhetoric, which disregards gender as a social construct, and states that we are all equal, completely disregarding evidence over thousands of years to the contrary. These passages have been in these various texts for centuries, and only recently have they been altered or removed outright, not as an act of divine intervention or good will by those of the cloth, but as a desperate attempt by those in religious seats of power to open their religion up to as many people as possible, in the hopes of saving a practice that is rapidly becoming irrelevant.

  • Religion is so good when you conform to it. If you don't then fuck you. Your life is basically over. Especially if you are stuck in those shiit little towns with small minded people. It must be hell on earth. Thats is my biggest personal beef with it.


  • at the end of the day. religion is about loving god and being gay is about shagging someone who is the same sex as you. can anyone tell me how the fuck these are the same

  • We are all equal.. Love your religion and your gender… We only have one life.. We need to love humanity and hates criminality..

  • Lgbt is harassing peace loving Christians. Christianity was here first you can't not make a law to force people to abandon their culture and belief system to attempt it is outright oppression. The constitution guarantees freedom of conscious its in the Bill of Rights. True Christians will fight & die for their faith & beliefs. Its integral to who they are their faith is the reality & truth of life. Killing Christians for their faith Is this what it comes down to? The U.S govt. murdering its citizens? Why? Because of their refusal to adopt, practice and cater to a set of lies which are taboo in the Christian belief system? Government is wrong in trying to tell citizens what is truth and what they must believe. Will it end with Courts murdering Christians for daring to adhere to their faith & cultural belief system? Since when did the courts enter the deity business? Why is government trying to be GOD? The govt. is wrong and where will all the oppression lead and when will it end? There are limits to how far any govt. can go in oppressing its citizens with brainwashing ordering their thought. Christians have never lost these oppression battles. They turned ancient Rome upside down.

  • Why is there so much hate in the comment section? I'm Christian and gay, and I think the two "sides" should just get along and be nice to each other. God is pro forgiveness, and loving each other as equals. Just stop with the hate (FROM BOTH SIDES I should add) 💙

  • This is a matter of freedom and freedom to associate, why should one have to associate themselves with whom they don't want to. Why should one have to server others whom they believe is sinful, and forced to sin because of their profession?

  • How about gay people leave Christianity and just have a court marriage? That way they are not Christian sentiments and are still considered married by law. They don't have to bother with bible too since they are not Christians anyways, so, no obligation to follow the holy book.

  • I see there are a lot of religious trolls as well as lgbt trolls in the comment section. Or atleast they write in a troll-ish manner, making no point but full of hate.

    Better not to feed them. There will always be extremists on both sides (left and right). Problems can only be solved by reasonable people who listen to both sides. The extremists never solve a problem only suppress it.

  • The Bible is clear about all sins of the flesh. It condemns adultery, homosexuality, fornication, basically any type of perverted sex act. It does say the love and marriage between a man and a woman is normal. It further tells us to be fruitful and multiply. Meaning have children. It teaches to raise children in the blessings and admonitions of God. It's been an extremely successful formula that help build western civilization. But mankind has a tendency to twist almost anything when we stray from the scriptures of the Bible. So the result is self evident in the nihilist debauchery we see throughout society today. To deny this fallen state with all the diseases and ever present horror stories on the Internet. And the palpable hatred that can be heard coming from the media, hollywood, and music. And can be seen directed mainly at the true church
    and those who simply support Trump or wear a red Maga hat. Homosexuals have public parades where even some incidents of nudity have been reported and nothing is done. Impressionable children are exposed to deviant lifestyles at these parades, at some schools, and even public libraries. This is at its core the very definition of child abuse. Hello future serial killers like John Wayne Gacy who was dressed as a girl and hand bathed by his mom even past puberty ! We are breeding residents of a future catastrophic civilization ! A Sodom and Gomorrah Colossus. A Babylon that above all celebrates iniquity ! The only difference is our coming calamity will be much much worse !!!!!

  • Why people think that having gay rights mean their religious freedom is gone. Like im sorry but if you dont like that america gives LGBT people rights then move.

  • Homosexuality is prohibited in all 3 major Abrahamic religions:

    Islam – "And [We had sent] Lot when he said to his people, "Do you commit such immorality as no one has preceded you with from among the worlds?
    " (translated,

    Judaism & Christianity –

  • As a disabled individual who has the ada law that’s supposed to prohibit discrimination to work, employers still discriminate. I’m in a wheelchair and am not getting hired in retail even though 16 year olds are. I’m 32.

  • I just dont want my child exposed to the gays and governments to stop wasting money on rainbow crosswalks and rainbow flags

  • They can choose to do what they want. But Gods authority is above all and he says it is an abomination. I agree with him and will not support it even if a bill is passed.

  • Religious liberty is what started America.. The greatest nation on this planet. Keep children out of your alphabet agenda because you make a choice to be in that lifestyle..

  • OUR RELIGIOUS FREEDOM IS BEING TOOKEN AWAY BECAUSE OF LGBT. They are having a bible ban bill in California just because of them. They are also destroying religious websites like christian mingle.

  • Yes, its called mindong your own business and leting other people live there lives however they choose as long as they arent hurting anyone else

  • homophobes don't deserve your money, don't force them into taking it. it's insane that so many people are obsessed with what others do in private

  • I know this is coming from an idealist outlook but yes, they can.

    Christ teaches compassion. Even if Christians and Catholics do not believe in the gay community, they can still respect them as human beings and not treat them as savages because the Bible teaches that all humans are sinners; all are flawed, therefore how could we possibly understand the thoughts of God?

    Gods ways are higher than our ways, and the ways of humans are pettiness, bigotry, and hating anyone that is against our own beliefs. Humans are self serving creatures, with moments of good because the world and the broken foundation we live on turns us from purity to foolishness. However, there is only ONE verse in the Old Testament that attributes to homosexuality and that is considered the OLD testament for a reason. The only laws that still abide by Christians are those of the Ten Commandments – and many Christians and Catholics fail to uphold these.

    Do not disguise your pride, men, as following Jesus’s example because Jesus teaches unconditional love and compassion. God has created this world, authored this world – why would He willingly create a place of gnashing and teeth?? Why would he willingly create a soul only to have them suffer in the end?? Because of whom they choose to love??

    I agree pedophilia, murder, and other forms of these acts are disgusting but if it is consensual, if it is between two adults around the same age at most a couple years, if they are over 18 and making the choice themselves, if the power dynamic between the two individuals is equal, then who are we to judge?! God has created this world. Why would he willingly send someone to hell? One of his own creations? There has to be another way. God can’t just be sending people to hell for reasons as homosexuality and choosing to become a different gender.

    God loves each and every one of us. He knows that we need to respect each other, and not treat those different than us as savages, because then that says a lot about us. You do not have to believe in what they do. You do not have to agree. But don’t automatically assume someone is going to Hell because of a different belief system. Us humans are creatures that could not possibly understand the true beliefs and meanings of God, and the many Holy scriptures that have been written in trying to understand this higher source we hail from.

    And even if God doesn’t exist, you should still live from the heart; fill yourself with compassion and erase the bitterness and resentment. Let those love whom they will love. At the end of the day, should God exist, whatever happens will between them and Him.

  • There is a difference between refusing to someone on the basis of their sexual preference and refusing to serve the event that they are hosting and what it represents. For example: A Jewish person cannot refuse to bake a cake for a Nazi however should a Jewish person be forced to bake a cake with a Nazi logo on it for a Nazi rally? If you think yes then I strongly ask you to reconsider what you're advocating for

  • They can but LGBTQ folks (some of them ) are so ticked that religious people won't accept their lifestyle this is their way of coping or trying to shame.

  • This generation is fucked up.. who gives a shit about any of this… Religion is for deluded lunatics that believe in things without evidence which is just plain madness.. and you are fuckin born on this earth, This earth by the way that has been around for billions of years so your tiny speck of life of approx 70–80 years is far to short to be gabbling on a out this crap. Because really, no body gives a fuck.

  • No because homosexuality according to the Bible will eventually result in God's wrath judgment with many people being destroyed as a whole. Gay people apparently don't care if my loved ones are killed because they want to follow these lustful desires that are abominations before God. The Scriptures speak clearly about what can be expected with this type of behavior. It is accusing God of being an incompetent creator when people believe that they are put in the wrong body. It's time for civil war.

  • I won't fall for either ideology thanks. If religion or LGBT are ever going to get along they both need to stop pushing thier dogma on the masses wheather it be acceptance or beliefs.

  • In my school there are all gender bathrooms and thats so scary. Anyone can DO SOMETHING Like be creep. Think about the Evil and the innocent. Another thing is that no one gives 2 shits if your gay or not. At this point there are 200 genders and thats stupid there are only 2 original genders. 🤦‍♂️ Be gay if you want but no body has to know

  • Democrats (aka, communists) hate Christianity and Christians!
    Vote DEMS out of office!!!

  • ((Can Religious Freedom and LGBT Rights Co-Exist?))
    When a Gay activist seeks out & targets a Christian bakery & requests a gay theme wedding cake, Knowing they will refuse to make it, just so the Gay activist can sue. NO! They cant co-exist.

  • People can’t control others to make them change. This world is cold and there is no warmth in it…There never will be…

  • Wow, this video has A LOT of facts wrong, and slanted completely for LGBT…they aren't being objectionable and none biased to one side or another.

  • this is war, if you support LGBT rights you should boycott all companies that are openly bigoted. and let those other idiots burn their Nike and Gillette and other stuff. the tolerance of intolerance is pointless. the best solution in my opinion is to keep government out of it and allow people to show what assholes they are, if they want to be bigots – fine, I'm not using their services, because even if you force them not to discriminate, the people do not change and are still assholes

  • the supreme courts decision on same sex marriage is an illusion. its not real. it is impossible for same sexes to be married, matter what they say or do, they are still not married. in the heavenly courts they are only seen as being involved in a abominable peversion. God invented marriage, so it is He who defines it. thats the end of story. REPENT!

  • No! Because religion is mental illness; for every time society pushes forward, religion is like poison!
    And i do believe the perist has right to deny lgbt marriage! Because marriage is government behaviour! They have freedom too!
    And for the government officer, if she refuses do her job! Fire her. And she can do other job! And putting her to jail because of this, has nothing different with putting lgbt in jail in the past!
    The real fascism the dictator of bad law!

  • Religious rights are Constitutional no one has no right to tell a pastor what to is true word of God n it says it's a abomanation unto the Lord.that tells me it's not what people want it to be

  • Hell on earth as it was in the day's of Noah happening in this world .SODDOM and GAMMORRA Satan rules this world for now. NEW WORLD ORDER ONE WORLD RELIGION IS COMING

  • WTF is wrong with you doing your thing and me doing mine? I won’t preach the word of God at your gay pride parades and you don’t try forcing your way of life in my church. Problem solved. Too simple though.
    As far as businesses are concerned, they have a right to deny service when that service isn’t advertised. If you want something untraditional then go to someone who offers that service. Too easy 🤷‍♀️ Ya. I know.

  • I dont like the idea of people refusing services and things to people that are LGBT and such but also at the same time I dont also like the idea of FORCING people do things they feel goes against their religious ideas. For instance recently I guess a 10 year old girl refused to do schoolwork based on LGBT because her religion disagrees with the ideas and the teacher who had a gay child gave her detention and a suspension when she was simply trying to express her religious freedoms. I dont like what her ideas are but she should have the rights to express then none the less. My thought is unless a service or something is directly effected religiously by serving someone they should serve them no matter what. Like if you order fast food, get dry cleaning. Use an uber. These kinds of things should be available to anyone regardless of sexuality. But if you are asked to make a gay wedding cake then you are getting into more religious territory. Of course it's a different story if it's a gay birthday cake or something. At the same time also opressing someone to learn ideologies that infringe on their beliefs is not okay and honestly it sounds like school systems are opressing people that might not be okay with some curriculums becaight taught now involving LGBT. I'm fine with it being taught somewhat but it should be something the parent chooses to put their kids into or not and should not be up to the school to decide that themselves.

  • Let's get real for a few minutes. The left just needs to let go of the fear, hate and intolerance that has come to define them in recent years. Persecuting Christians won't make the awful feeling they have inside go away. See, that feeling is called conviction, and it's there because they aren't living the lives they should, and deep down they KNOW this about themselves. But here's the good news. God is offering to save them from themselves. It was for that reason He sent his only Son to die for our sins. They ought to listen to the voice and just stop being afraid and angry all the time.

  • LGBT rights? Sure. Lgbt extremism which is what's happening. Fuck no. When they realize that they can have their happy little communities without cramming it down people who do not agree with its throat. Then life will be a lot better in they can destroy their own gene pool and eventually of course hopefully we'll run out of them because they won't be reproducing. And then life can go back to normal. I'm very opinionated about this because it's literally in every corner of any digital screen that you look at nowadays. I mean there's even ads with fucking gay shit in it. Every TV series every movie every fucking everything has to have some reference or some image or some video of something gay. And it's getting pretty disgusting at this point I have to sit with my children when they watch TV to make sure they don't come across shit like that. Because I do believe it's a choice and possibly a mental illness. I know I don't care who agrees with me. Children do not need to be exposed to any of this crap. When they're old enough to make their own choices that's fine. But the way it's supposed to be and has been for all of history is a man and a woman

  • Anyone with a brain can easily see that we cannot coexist. I want the gay agenda to be destroyed, and I know that those who're in favor of it want me destroyed in return. This isn't a matter of respecting different opinions; this is about morality. This gay marriage shit is a battle of good versus evil, and when an issue is that serious, there's no way either side can compromise with the other. I may respect gay individuals, but I will never accept homosexuality and I'm definitely getting sick of tolerating it.

  • No ..they cant..and that is why we voted in Trump..and we're going to take back America and reinstate family values…sodomites…your glory days are coming to an end.

  • The LGBT community is not fighting for rights. They are fighting to force others to serve them. Forcing people to bake cakes, hire people, and silencing those who speak against the LGBT agenda is what the LGBT community stands for. They cannot co-exist because of this reason.

  • Dammit. Make a gay Community Centre and town already! If you're tired of discrimination then make a place without it! As a gay guy I've already started buying houses around me to rent out solely to gay people! Stop bothering the straights!

  • I used to be religious. I was raised by strict religious parents actually. Then in 2017 my buddy, longtime childhood friend came out to me. I didn’t care! Not in the slightest! I had been taught to not judge but to also acknowledge he would be sinning.. but that didn’t even come into my head as a thought. I simply didn’t care! This then prompted me to do research on the bible and I soon learnt it’s a pack of rubbish! The New Testament and old are completely different. Both were written by humans but in the New Testament they edited out what no longer fit to society. How can u swear by a book that’s been edited? Things such as “sending bears to murder children”, “hating ugly people”, “committing genocide”, “ordering to kill your own children” and “killing Egyptian babies” just to name a few. If this book was really written by god then why would these dreadful hate crimes be added? Exactly. He didnt write it, those in power at the time did to warp and brainwash society at the time to fit THEIR views. Time went on and it had to be rewritten as people’s views had changed so they just modified it by adding whatever wasn’t society’s perfect at the time/their own hateful thoughts. It’s a joke people! We evolved along apes. My parents are still religious but there’s no way I will continue to be and I will not be raising my children under any religion either. I also don’t care about heaven as it’s also about as real as Santa Claus and the Easter bunny. It’s a marketing gimmick too, these businessmen have tied now family traditions into currency purchases. God came back from the dead today! So why don’t you purchase 80$ worth of chocolate for your kids? If it’s not hollow like his “tombstone” it doesn’t matter! As long as these companies are making bank off your religion. Jesus was born on Christmas! Why don’t you celebrate by going out and spending money to buy overpriced gifts? Lol. It worked too! I mean I’m not religious but due to the traditions I still go and buy gifts from these huge stores who rely on these holidays to make billions in dollars. Cash rules the world! And religion was one of the best marketing strategies to exist! Even non religious people are guilted into these holidays.

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