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– Hello everybody, hope
you are doing well, and welcome to the next
episode of money matters. I’m quite often asked, is it not difficult for
females to succeed in property? (Techno music) Is it not difficult for
females to succeed in property? It’s an interesting
question, I have to say, it’s never caused a problem for me. Just to give you a bit of a background, previously in my corporate
career I worked in the booze industry, alcohol, spirits
as you call it officially, that is probably a male driven industry, that’s what you would
call it, an old mans club, and even then I didn’t feel
that going ahead in the corporate career was
limited by me being female. So what I would say to
everybody out there, ladies, who think that
you might have limitations either in the property industry
or in whatever industry you are working to be honest, is your challenge is coming from within, it’s you who is thinking that you have a disadvantage by being female. If something, I feel we have advantages in the property industry. It is well known that people
tend to open up much more to females so when you
go into an estate agent it will be easier to talk to them, to understand what deals are out there, the rapport we can create is just amazing. So please don’t limit yourself
with self limiting beliefs like I’m a female and
it’s more difficult for me to achieve anything
in life to be honest. If you are strongly believing
in something you just need to go for it, and you have everything
within you to achieve this success you are craving for. Go and ask for help, it’s
the same help available for everybody not just females, males as well. Don’t restrict yourself. I don’t believe, maybe the
only thing that I would say females ever will have slight disadvantage if it’s a physical thing, so if you need to lift heavy weights, and even then if you really
want to you can build those muscles as it’s
obvious from those ladies who are building the muscles
for themselves because that’s what they love doing so I
don’t believe there is anything what we as females can’t do, so please just go and get it for yourself. It’s all up here, work on your mindset. If you find this interesting, subscribe to our channel
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8 thoughts on “Can women be successful in the property world? | Money Matters | Touchstone Education

  • Thanks Aniko. It had never actually occurred to me that I may have a disadvantage as a woman in the property industry. But I imagine that many have that limiting belief. As long as you have your goals clear anyone can learn and do some amazing things in property – and we do even better when we work together with likeminded people. Could you do a piece on mindset and habits for success?

  • I agree with you Aniko. 25 years ago I trained as an electrician and even taught the level 1 City & Guilds and I gained an award for getting credits in all my exams. But sorry to say I have not kept my training up as my disability made it impossible to do some of the things electricians need to do, like crawling around on the floor. So I did a post-graduate course in Real Estate and Management which covered all aspects of the property business including construction, and I was in my fifties. So there is nothing stopping females getting involved in the property/construction industry. You've just got to go for it.

  • thank you aniko will see u all again soon and i will keep in touch as i believe and enjoy property deals its me to a tee
    and enjoy the passive income too but that will change soon as im moving into my property for a while

  • This is ridiculous success and failure has nothing to do with gender it's always about attitude and acumen. Pathetic feminist bullshit.

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