Can you guess these famous people?

yo girls get on a welcome to the guess the celebrity challenge I'm joined today with Randolph and this guy who's having the best time of his life right now he's depressed you're depressed man which makes me happy what joke Byway know you've just killed off completely father's wife is we're gonna get a picture of the pictures of the child okay you have to finish it before you can react if you say your buzzer noise you have to answer straight away you can't go can I pause and then slipped it no Alan I'm sorry I'm sorry easier okay anyway three two okay I've got my buzzing noise okay three two one go again I'm really sorry we were just back on the frozen Michelle Leonardo DiCaprio I'm gonna saying it just that's our three guesses why is that little DiCaprio Josh Peck is an actor yeah what's wrong with you they're made things feel a different planet 3 – he's on like a cockroach rumor in exchange oh really hasn't changed oh there's eyes section is actually the exact same please him so it makes sense it is still the same person okay I'm losing their birth until one no you know one C one C one C one two three whoever it is has a birthday Katy Perry no I knows how fuckin says it there the answer was Katy Perry it does say the outs on the street I do see that to be pointed out God III know what getting shafted if you if you've done it as quick as me and said it I'd have accepted your answer but the fact you took so long you must you must have studied it again – no it doesn't current count come on yeah Taylor Swift – two – oh that's just not – to move on number ten three two one I earn a grant so you don't want to guess in case you don't a different guest in case he is wrong okay do you all right but still you still gonna guess on them yeah I knew her well I was very wrong so at least I said a woman this time yeah three two one Oh kids saw best rapper alive alright they say best rapper alive I'm feeling better for I don't know like give him a point oh whoa that's like going like you actually just respective music never died he said that this person is jay-z the greatest rapper alive oh you know she say the person when he said jay-z accelerated even though – a notice that jay-z whoa that's not jay-z he's not the greatest rapper right your statement was incorrect there we go so I mean jay-z done well the answer is jay-z you really need to like how you do this okay I'll try my own a clown they'll just see the name okay okay five three two one it's always sold old with god damn look at them teeth gee I don't know like I'm just you know what Donald Trump – who the guy is I never try think of a name economy who is guy ends up the obviously I dunno yeah yeah it was Chris Pratt boy perhaps away the odds race ah we shouldn't know manatees he doesn't have two front teeth has one front teeth and then two other ones next to it in the front – he's got 50 – well I was wrong anyway three two one no you get down one then does he try to tell me how to do this together I've seen this yeah all in favor of Randolph losing a point just shut up by doing the lead to 100 he's back in the penultimate one three two one everyone's gonna think this was fake so just to prove it isn't fake Randolph we're gonna do dis up to the point you know three three three this is the final question we're gonna get this wind let's make it bed three two one okay I'm gonna go jack black I don't know Wow chiseled now that means we drew how did ya that's really upsetting sebacean guys just wasted about ten minutes of your lives make sure you check out but why am I always hauling everything happy now though well it's now everyone drew but I was out of one didn't get it wrong you cheated gbeary yeah then you tried to play off my gun I didn't take you like four minutes Bali's lien did learn it I was looking watch the camera look how my eyes never went down was I was always looking at the face look here yeah now look here yeah but why are you moving your head too loudly check out both of them in the description down below he's actually posted on the second channel now so I'm sure everyone already knows doing pretty well and need Randall check out my high school but chicken peace

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