Cancer- Reconciliation will heal

hello can Syrians how are we this fine Easter day what's going on and can't see really hmm your Energy's kind of hard to pick up right now because someone's trying to block their emotions what do we have for cancer for Easter oh and what did I say card of Independence could it be someone wants to be single or there's a matter of independent wealth involved standing alone and standing firm solid in their beliefs abundance in their own right is what I'm hearing okay final swords someone may be becoming independent because of useless battles conflict with family this is a card of winning at all costs fives are also about change and I just saw the five of Pentacles lack loss something missing eight of Wands could be that there's going to be a quick message coming in like a text or an email it definitely represents a turbulent time for you oh somebody wants to confront this situation confront some aggression or anger that's been building up please clarify confront the past confront someone in the past and who is this person that cancer is dealing with tell me a little bit about this person oh I don't even see that fallout whoever you're doing with cancer is taking on the king of swords energy if you're not dealing with an air sign this is someone that is using their head over their heart using logic in this situation this card is about truth clarity justice honesty my word is law someone who likes things their way not very flexible it's also about communication thoughts ideas okay and this is the third five I've seen in these two fives one on top of the other yep there's a lot of conflict here or there was because for me with these five cards the center card is your present the cards before are your path and the cards ahead are the future so there's definitely someone wants to confront a situation with a past person and this top line I'm reading for you cancer just bear in mind this can go either way five of ones again conflict with family members someone's waiting maybe this is someone you were in a serious commitment with in the past it could be a fire sign because I typically get fired I get Aries a lot for king of swords you could be dealing with an Aries but someone's waiting for an offer for a sincere offer or maybe they want to make a small gesture it's heartfelt whatever it happens to be cancer what is this okay so letting go of things that no longer serve knowing that there could be a long journey ahead but they're willing to walk it what is the outcome our advice for cancer Wow new beginning in love please clarify the advice is to let go now bear in mind everybody can read a card a different way right now to me this is saying let go if there were some sort of betrayal in the past let it go because this shows him holding on to five of those swords he saw each one of those swords is representing an idea about what happened what transpired in the situation to bring it to where it is the advice is to let it go but sevens are also about planning strategies so someone could be planning to come forward oh my goodness to discuss future happiness and the universe is stepped in the universe is turning this wheel tens you have two tens right next to each other somebody's planning strategizing for a happy ending the Wheel of Fortune has come in the wheel represents miracles something maybe you didn't think it'd ever happen cancer and maybe it's there in front of you if you're being forced to confront whatever this was that happened with this past person and this is also calling for you to trust maybe you feel like you're getting swept away with whatever's happening like it's happening to you and you're no longer in control that's because the universe has got you good you're holding on to past resentments and hurts about a betrayal that happened with somebody in your past somebody represented by the queen of Pentacles this person is a healer someone very nurturing loving and caring you're trying to hang on for dear life but this queen all of this in your future position so this may have just happened or will be happening in the near future someone wants to know where they stand there is a potential here for a happy ending you've got the ten of cups you know this is emotional fulfillment we've got the ten of Pentacles fulfilled with investment with investing in a situation but somebody could be saying no romance angels what say you reconciliation oh my god [Laughter] wow that flew out did you not okay we're not taking all these so I don't know what they are we're gonna put them back we're gonna get a final message what message do you have for cam Syrians that this pertains to let go of control issues what did I say let go let go York lunch in there cam Syrian okay so children are a factor your love life is being affected by children whether it be children that you shared with this past person or children that you have now with someone else passion allow your heart and soul to sing with joy final card for cam Syrians release your ex you will know who that is although I have to say this somebody here has just left a long-term commitment whether it be a marriage or just somebody they've been with for a very long time that they have children with to go back to their X this X would be for them referring to the most recent person they've been with because there is reconciliation here with this past person for some of you this can also be saying for another group of you you you've got a you've got to release the burden you have to release the betrayal with the ex and I'm gonna pull a couple of unicorn unicorn cards yeah I took them back from my daughter sanctuary take time out from the world spend more time alone meditate or go on a retreat because within is where you're going to find peace you're gonna find those answers innocence take time to play nurture your inner child live with the childlike sense of wonder and to me that's also saying that that's what's gonna happen when you let go of these burdens the burdens that you had with the past these need to be dealt with because they're creeping back up for you cancer and intuition listen to the whispers of your heart oh that's what it is I said before I shuffled the deck I felt like somebody was blocking something not only do I feel that you've blacked this person but I think you blocked emotionally for a long time because this betrayal hurts you so deeply that you did not want to let it in because you created a new life with someone else and because of creating this new life you couldn't allow your feelings to come through because it almost felt like a betrayal to the person that you had newly committed to and when I say newly this you've been with I feel like you are with both of these people for a very long time more than a decade for sure because the king of swords is someone who is mature that is a mature energy use divination tools to help you decide trust your intuition no matter what and what did I say you have to have faith you have to trust the universe is spinning that wheel to do the right thing in your situation now I'm gonna take just a couple more because I've been keeping my reading short so you know knock on wood five avere okay so that's a repeat and it's one that spirit wants you to listen to an unwise choice what's up wise is harboring this bitterness and this animosity because it's eating you alive it's like swallowing poison and expecting the other person to die you're poisoning yourself by not letting go of the anger forgiveness is what's key and I have gone over forgiveness on my channel a lot forgiveness is never saying that okay yet it's alright what you did no that's not at all what forgiveness is forgiveness is just saying you know what I accept that this is the truth I accept that it happened I accept the future and I release what are we releasing where the heck did it go okay well anyway I had the eight of cups here and the eight of cups is about letting go of oh here it is hello letting go of what no longer serves us eight of air an illusion of being trapped a lack of self-confidence you're afraid to take action because you're afraid that once you have to recognize and deal with this situation you're afraid of those feelings coming back but this is saying to let go of control because this is being guided by the universe if it's meant for you to be with this person again you will and if it's meant for you just to get back together to confront the situation right Knight of sorts for healing then you will but you have to have faith that this is divinely guided king of fire no freakin way I wasn't gonna pull that one bottom of the deck king of fire king of Wands same difference focus communicate with vision be a leader advice from someone creative so maybe you have a fire sign in your energy I get the feeling for some of you this could be because I do have the king of swords here and I did say it was a very mature person doesn't necessarily have to be you or your partner it could be a parent because I do have children in this as well so maybe you have a parent who is a fire sign who is guiding you fire signs would be a really develop Aries Leo Sagittarius seven of Earth seeds well planet is temporary pause in action and again unnecessary worry left card ego still everything is repeating its backing up everything I've told you so I'm on the right track a false sense of entrapment being overly focused on material things negative or fear-based thoughts you gotta let go of your ego let go of your pride take care of whatever this is because I do feel yeah there was an investment of 10 years with this past person that's exactly what I'm seeing so whoever this resonates with cancer it will be resolved and you know what you're gonna have happiness in the end you're gonna have everything that it is that you wish for but that I mean and you already may be happy but there's still something lingering that you have not dealt with and the cards are telling me that that's gonna happen when you reconnect with this person and deal with what it is that you need to take care of so cancer I hope you enjoyed your reading if you would like a personal reading more specific and more detailed in your situation please contact me at inner light Tarot 11:11 at thank you for watching today thank you for all of your donations I am blown away about you guys I mean you're just you're amazing you're amazing and I think you are you all have blessed me so greatly I have the best subscribers of any channel you guys are loyal your study and a blessing to me every day with that cancer your outlook is good but take care of business heal yourself go inside do the work and forgive this is CC sign enough have a great day and a beautiful night I'll leave you can't Syrians with a Happy Easter and peace love and light

14 thoughts on “Cancer- Reconciliation will heal

  • Im a cancer i was with a nasty abusive Narrssatic ex fiance pisces for 13yrs i forgive but cnt forget the torture he put my daughters, i through!! But im freeee now 2 yrs free,thank god ,ill never go back!!! Im ready for my new love

  • Well im a cancer man and I have never been wishy washy. I was with a Sagittarius woman and from the start she had a lot of problems in her life. No matter what I tried to do to help her,it didn't work. She was really rude and disrespectful and I just dont take shit from no one. Maybe in her next relationship she will grow up and learn how to be a real woman instead of a person that doesn't appreciate anything that anyone does for her. I'll never go through that again.

  • βœŒοΈπŸ‘€πŸ’‹β˜―οΈπŸ’—πŸ‘ŒπŸŒΉπŸ€žπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‘πŸ¦‹πŸŒˆπŸ€πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ™πŸ₯°

  • Thanks for the heart. I'm serious about what I said. It makes no sense to try to reconcile with a person that you don't want to be with anymore. I guess some people are like OMG i just have to hear his or her voice just one more time so that I can reconcile and then I will leave them forever LOL yeah right. That doesn't even make sense but it is kinda funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Please don't do it to yourself 😭.

  • I'm going to reconcile with myself. I'm a cancer and a really nice guy. My ex is a Sagittarius and crazy as hell so why would I want to reconcile with her. I was nice to her and she didn't appreciate it so ill just let her go back to what she is use to and I will move on to bigger and better things in life. Don't try to reconcile just so that you can move on because that won't work. You will only be reminded of the past and it will hurt you all over again. If you really want to get over the hurt just pray and have faith in God and leave it in his hands. If you do that, I promise you that it will work. One day they will realize what they lost but as we all know, some people are just stupid and they will never realize anything until it's to late.

  • 1000% Accurate!!!! Virgo here!! He is a Cancerian and I need reconciliation to heal and move on. I no longer even want a relationship with him I just need and want to be released. He has been avoiding the conversation so long!! I want him to be happy completely as well as for myself, but its not going to happen until we reconcile and I am released!

  • Never trust a cancer they only break your heart and try to destroy your life I know six of them all narcs….. I've forgiven the abuse, betrayal & pain but I'll never forget what cancers did to me….

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