CAPITAL C – First Trailer

hmmm alright here we go one of the coolest things by far about the crowdfunding is that it really gave us the opportunity to launch something that we wouldn't have had before traditionally a go to this business guy I'm like hey business guy we're gonna take off our clothes and run around and act crazy do you want to give us some money for this thing and they'd be like no you guys are crazy you get to throw it out there and if you get accepted then it's like oh we got a company ok what are we gonna do now in crowdfunding money isn't just money it's not about the object that you receive it's about you actually making it happen what crowdfunding is it's the cap on a long relationship where you've spent years creating work that resonates with people and that they can't live without so they go out on Facebook and they go on Twitter and they go blog about it and they go tell friends and the end result is that amazing things happen and then finally after you've done this and after they love you and after you're part of their life then you go hey guys do you want to help me create my greatest work yet we asked for roughly a million dollars and we got in first 48 hours and it keeps getting bigger this country is on the brink of understanding it's the largest paradigm shift since the Industrial Revolution I think we're gonna watch two elections now we're even really really rich people that feel like they can buy elections are going to understand it again taking this organism with the crowd and creating things that could otherwise never be done before before we needed companies we needed a large amount of assets to start up something with a lot of people now you can do it yourself the people have a voice and that's what democracy was all about it's almost like we started this revolution by accident this sort of thing was always bigger than just us capital C proud with the capital C nothing attracts a crowd like a crowd it's going to be massive we live in a new era we live in a brand new world where all of a sudden the technology that is around us enables us to do things that we believe everybody got freaks now we're just trying to think everybody

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