Capital One Platinum Review 2019 Rebuild Credit Score

– Hello, today I’m gonna talk about the Capital One Platinum credit card. This is the credit card that
helped me rebuild my credit. If you have bad credit or fair credit, and you’re looking to
increase your credit score and you want to know how
Capital One can help you, stick around. (dramatic music) Capital One is a great
credit card to work with, because they offer credit
products for people who don’t have the best credit, and they give them the opportunity to build a relationship with them. Early on, I got a lot of perks that I couldn’t even believe,
and I fully appreciated, such as being upgraded to Quicksilver, and I like the fact that if I travel, I don’t have to pay
foreign transaction fees. These are a lot of great features that people that have fair credit or bad credit don’t really expect to see. So I fully recommend Capital
One as a credit card company to have for your first credit card. – [Narrator] There are a lot of benefits to being a Capital One cardholder. Here is a simple breakdown of some of the key features
that you will enjoy just by being a cardholder of Capital One. But wait, there’s even more benefits that Capital One offers it’s customers. – The great thing about having
any Capital One credit card is that they provide you
free credit monitoring with a service called CreditWise. I used this early on, and
I found this invaluable because I was able to see my credit score and how it was improving as I was making my payments on time, and it gave me a good
indication of where I was at. Now, at that time I only
had one credit card, and I didn’t want to apply
for a second credit card until my credit score increased. And in the past, you really didn’t, weren’t able to do that without paying for a service. But with Capital One they
give this to you for free, and I did that, I monitored it, and I found that after
six months, seven months, I had a credit score a little bit higher, and that I would be in a position to apply for another credit
card with no annual fee, with having a high
likelihood of being approved. – [Narrator] I highly
recommend taking the time to sign up for CreditWise. – A lot of us live in border states, so we either travel to Canada or Mexico on a semiregular basis. So with this card, you can go over and eat at a restaurant, do some shopping, and you can make purchases
in foreign currencies and not be charged any fees. There are very few credit cards, especially in the level with people who have bad credit scores
or fair credit scores, that offer this. You can make your purchases on
your Capital One credit card, and you will not be charged
foreign transaction fees. No Capital One credit card
charges foreign transaction fees. You don’t even have to think about it. Just use it. – [Narrator] But wait, Capital
One offers it’s customers even more travel benefits. – On, I
posted a review article on the Capital One Platinum credit card. I list pros and cons of
having this credit card. It goes in to further detail that I might not get in to in this video. If you’re interested in reading it, just wait till the end of the video, and there will be a card at
the end that you can click on, and it’ll take you directly there. I just want everyone to know that if they have simple
questions about credit they can leave their questions
below any of my videos and I will do my best
to try to answer them. Or you can go to if there’s an article that you read and you have further questions. Just leave a question, I’ll do my like I said I’ll do my
best to answer them. I received a letter in the mail one day offering me this credit card, and I didn’t, I couldn’t even believe that it could possibly be true. Because I had bad credit
due to a foreclosure. So I couldn’t possibly see how I could get this credit card offer. So just out of curiosity,
I had nothing to lose, I accepted their offer, I went in online and amazingly they approved me. It was only for $300, but I
was amazed that that happened. The Capital One Platinum credit card is geared more for
people with fair credit. Some people like me got lucky, and were able to get approved
for it with bad credit. But sometimes you might want to take a more honest assessment that
if you really have bad credit, such as you’re just
done with a bankruptcy, you probably will not get approved for the Platinum credit
card from Capital One. And you might need to look
at their secured option, which isn’t that bad of an option because they do offer a fair credit line. You can secure a credit line for $200 to get a $200 line of credit. Sometimes they’ll only
ask for $100 deposit or even a $50 deposit. Credit card to consider if
you have very bad credit is the OpenSky Secured credit card. I just did a review on
that credit card last week. I will link that video in the
card at the end of this video. Because there are so many circumstances that are required to get
approved for a credit card, you may not get approved
for this credit card or another credit card that you apply for. But what I have found from
my personal experiences, that sometimes maybe a month
later, two months later, that same credit card company
will send you a letter. And it’s more of a
pre-approved invitation offer to get their credit card. Either the same credit
card, a similar product, or maybe a lower product. So in only a few short months,
I was offered the upgrade of the Capital One
Quicksilver credit card. One of the reasons I
really like Capital One is that only having the
Capital One Platinum credit card for a few months,
I was offered the opportunity to upgrade to Quicksilver. And what that basically
means is, same thing. A credit card with no annual fees, but now I was earning 1.5% cash back. And that’s unheard of. I still had fair credit, on
the low end of fair credit. Close to bad credit. And they gave me a rewards credit card this early in the game. So, yes I am loyal to Capital One, and that’s one of the big reasons why. – [Narrator] The interest
rate on the Capital One Platinum credit card is rather high. But when you’re building credit, you don’t want to pay interest at all. You always want to pay your
credit card balances in full. So because of that, you
will not pay interest, and this high interest
rate does not matter. – I’ve had very good
experiences with Capital One. I always pay my balances
in full every month, I leave my credit utilization below 20%, and this credit card really helped me increase my credit score. I’ve had it for over two years now, I do not plan to ever cancel it. It’s going to be a keeper card. – [Narrator] Remember, if
you want to learn even more about the Capital One
Platinum credit card, click here and read our full review. These are the
social media accounts. You can find links to them all in the description of this video below. If you’d like to find more credit cards that have easy credit card approval, think of joining our Facebook group. I do videos on bad credit and good credit. Think of subscribing to my
channel if you have bad credit, and follow my advice and you will, in the near future, have reason to watch my
videos on good credit.

62 thoughts on “Capital One Platinum Review 2019 Rebuild Credit Score

  • Yep I got 3 accounts in collection. Charge off hard inquiries. Got secured capital one card but denied by discover it card. I owed capital one about 10 years ago. They give my second chance. I even sign up with Self Lender too.
    It only been 40 days, both have not report to the bureaus yet.

  • you sound like your reading off a dam paper >.>
    u shoulda talk freely i swear it feels like somones behind the cam saying Read the dam posted notes 😛 or elsh

  • I started my journey towards great credit three years ago with the capital one platinium as well. I was near foreclosure and had a tax lien. I was able to save the house, but that with the tax lien had my credit score in the mid 500’s. Listening to Clark Howard, he recommends credit karma to keep track of your credit score. Based on credit karma’s suggestions, I applied for the capital one platinium. I was delighted to see I was approved with a pretty generous credit limit of $2000. I barely used the card and after four months, they increased my credit limit to $3500. A few months after that, I was sent an option to upgrade to the Quicksilver card. After a while, capital one also gave me a car loan with a 3.84 apr. Pretty good for someone just decent credit (at that time). Needless to say, I now have 6 credit cards with great credit but it all started with capital one. I’m sorry about your foreclosure and good luck to you on your rebuilding credit. I hope so far you have landed safely.

  • I have a $200 credit line and used less than $100 and the due date is next month the 28th so how can I build my credit correctly and do a payment of less than 100 that I owe already ? Can I pay like 50 like next week and pay another 40 something 2 weeks later or just pay the whole the thing and send the money before the due date so or credit won’t build like that?

  • I was approved for this capital One credit line, so just waiting for my card to arrive and would like to know how to make payments?

  • I just applied for this card today. Didn’t get the instant approval but I did receive a 7-10 day notice for a decision.

  • The card helps. just be careful and get informed. They will rebuild your credit. just make sure you dont raise the debt using it too much. youll be stuck paying for ages a balance that seems never to come down, unless you make high payments for a few months the go back to normal.

  • Review on the Capital One Secured MasterCard if you want to compare it to the Capital One Platinum MasterCard.

  • Let's get real.
    1. If you have bad credit, you shouldn't have a credit card.
    2. If you're going to get one, first thing is to clean up your credit report and clear up all debts first.
    3. Go the secured option first until you learn how to use it. When something goes wrong, you'll be tempted to use it. It's easier to clear up a secured debt than an unsecured debt
    4. Creditwise isn't your true credit score. Your credit score by the vast majority of those whom check your credit will always use FICO. Creditwise uses Vantagescore, which almost no one uses as it isn't an accurate reflection. It's a marketing tool make you feel better about spending, which isn't good.
    5. Once your FICO score is in a good place, don't upgrade your card or request a higher limit but cancel your account and cut up the card. Your credit card now serves to open the door to debt, which you don't need. Save money and if you do need a line of credit in the future, talk to your bank or credit union. They will always give you a better deal than any loan or credit company. If you can't afford it, don't buy it!

  • I always paid on time nd spend $40 of credit limit is $511 buh my credit goes down im kinda dislikeing this card😔

  • i take what i said back. they are charging right. no hidden charges. is that they charge after you make the payment so next balance seems higher, but is the right balance. no prob. They increased my credit to 3,000 in about 6 months of timely payments.

  • I love capital one. I have 2 credit cards and a auto loan with them.

    I use to have the capital one platinum card $3,000 credit limit…that card was upgrade to the Savor Card.
    I have the Quicksilver Card $7,000 credit limit.

    Capital One is the best!

  • Compares Capital One Platinum MasterCard with two other credit cards for fair credit.

  • Hello guys. I am here to share a testimony and to also share how to make money without applying for a student loan. I was crawling on the internet few months ago, looking on and where to get a loan from then I came across a forum someone said something regarding what I was looking for. I followed the instructions and contact the email I saw on the post and we had a deal. To my greatest surprise he credited my account with the exact amount I was looking for without paying any upfront but the deal went on 50/50 which means I gave him half of the total amount that was credited into my account. I decided to share this so you can contact him to solve your financial crisis and any other service you want him to help you with at no cost and risk free. You can contact him via [email protected] . Good luck

  • Hi, I have few question. I have that platinum credit card. I deposited 300 dollars, and I got credit line 450 dollars. After 8 months. They offer me, I approved 1500 dollars. So my question is If I accept their offer Where will be my deposited money? They will transfer or not? Please, explain me.

  • I have the capital one secured card. Made my payments on time for 6 months, just checked today for an upgrade and nope. I'm going to have to sign up for quicksilverone card :(….it sucks

  • I was just approved. 620 Fico… 1,000 limit. Thank you for your great work, please continue to make more videos. 👍🏾

  • Great video. This card is OK, not the greatest. No real perks or anything other than building credit. It helped me early on. Now I have 13 credit cards with an 50k +.

  • I started wirh no credit, then after 9 months of a perfect payment history on a predatory 21% auto loan, my credit score jumped from the 640's to the 660s after being approved for this card. 4 months have past, & my good payment history on both accounts and low credit utilization from my surprising $5000 credit limit has put my Vantage scores near 710 and FICO 8 & 9 scores as high as 725.
    I hope to skip the cash back tier cards and get a product upgrade to Venture ASAP to harness my spending towards travel rewards. I guess it will be prudent to be patient.

    So yes, depending on your situation, Cap.1 Platinum deserves a good reputation as being one of the best 2nd tier non-secured cards to build up one's credit.
    Remember to keep your credit utilization as low as possible, pay off or as much as possible on time.

  • Filed bankruptcy due because finances got out of control while I was in school which included two capital one credit cards that were 750 and 500 a piece. Go to apply less then a month after my discharge and they gave me one for two grand…I was pleasantly surprised by this.

  • Hello I’m thinking about getting a capital one platinum if I’m approve but ? How much your score went up to when u first sign up and how if you don’t want the card and satisfy with the results will it affect your credit.thanks let me know

  • I am so scared of opening a credit card seeing as how my credit score is at 559. I really am looking into improving my credit score and not going into any crazy commitments. Will this card be safe for someone who is trying to get out of debt? How often would you recommend I use it?

  • hello! i need help please! i just received this card ( first credit card) i enrolled my card last month around April 21st and i have a $200 credit line. it says my payment is due June 15th? that just seems kinda long. it also says it will let me know my minimum by May 15th. i have most of the 200 spent already. when should i start paying it off?

  • I have this specific credit card the thing I don't understand is you can't request a higher credit line then $500 with this card. I don't understand why

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