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of that out the way let’s talk a little bit more about Capital One, more
specifically I’m gonna talk about my experience with Capital One and why I
think everybody should get started with Capital One. So a little over four years
ago I was looking to rebuild my credit and I got something in the mail from
Capital One of course because their marketing is incredible. What drew me in
was the fact that it said get a higher credit limit after five monthly payments
and I was like okay that’s kind of sweet because I knew that that was going to be
good for me but also look for my credit score. So that was kind of the first
induction into a relationship with Capital One. Speaking of relationships
I think Capital One is a great bank for you to expand us a relationship because
it gives you different opportunities to be able to access money whether it’s
with a credit card or auto loan or a home loan. So I think Capital One is a
great Bank in which you need to establish a relationship. Capital One is
a inclusive bank where it includes everybody. It kinda
appeals to everyone, as opposed to a bank that may be exclusive that you know it’s
kind of like more for people that have money or that have a really high credit
score. So Capital One kind of appeals to the masses and that’s what I really
really like about it, for me personally I currently have two Capital One credit
cards. I have the Capital One savor card which used to be the Capital One
platinum card. I had that card for about four years and I wasn’t using it very
much so I wasn’t using it also because I was not getting any cash back on that
card. I have a three thousand dollar limit on that card and so I called them
I said hey is there a way to transfer or upgrade this card from the Capital One
platinum card to something else that maybe I can get some cash back on. And I
already had the Capital One Quicksilver card so they upgraded me from the
Capital One platinum card to the Capital One Savor card I was not interested in
the in the venture card so they helped graded me to the Savor card. So I had
the Savor card and I had the Quicksilver card. The Quicksilver card capital 1 was
the first credit card that I used and that I was able to get some cash back. I
can remember thinking I had let the cash back accumulate to like 105 bucks and I
remember thinking oh this is kind of cool. Even though even though the cash
cash back is on for 1.5% that was a big deal for me because that was my
inception into cash back so it’s like okay this is kind of cool. So as far as
I’m concerned Capital One is a solid Bank for you to really have a look at
because it really like I said applies to the masses and gives you an opportunity
to kind of get your foot in the door and establish some credit possibly if you
don’t have any credit. If you can’t get the regular credit card you can get the
capital secured credit card which is a great card. In addition to that what
really sold them to me was I needed a car real badly back in 2015 and I knew
my credit was horrible. Like I didn’t even check my credit score, I wasn’t even
interested I went to the dealership without even looking at my score and I
was like okay maybe I’ll buy a Civic you know I was like I get a Honda Civic. It’s
kind of what I can probably afford and probably what I get approved for,
anyway long story short. I ended up getting a Honda Accord which was a car
that I wanted since 1996. I may be aging myself a little bit but I
really wanted that Honda Accord so Capital One took a chance on me and they
gave me a loan for that Honda Accord. Now the loan that I got the interest rate is
seven point seven percent which is not insanely good
but it is way better than what a lot of other banks were offering so I’m
definitely grateful for my seven point seven percent on my auto loan. Once again
it’s not great but it’s way better than what other banks were offering. So I
think Capital One is a solid Bank and I really like the app as a matter of fact
I’m gonna show you guys part of the part of my Capital One app because I want to
show you like the app looks cool. And also it’s very easy to to read the
cashback that you earn on your credit card. So I’ll just take my phone out
right now and I’ll start screen recording for you guys on the video here
so you guys can see exactly what I’m looking at okay so I’m gonna log into my
capital account. You guys probably can’t see this but I’ll have the phone on the screen, so I like you to my Capital One account and I think this is a right
account it doesn’t matter I have two accounts. Okay so I log into it whenever
it shows up okay it’s finally up here. I’ll put my fingerprint here on the card or
on the phone so you guys can see alright so as you can see here we’re
looking at my account where I have checking account savings account in my
auto loan. So you can see there on the screen you’ll be able to see this.
There’s a savings account, there’s a checking account that I really don’t use
much and then there’s the auto loan. So I have those those accounts with Capital
One. I’m gonna log out of this one and then I’ll log in to my credit card and
show you guys the two credit cards that I have with Capital One and the fact
that they have the cashback that you’ve earned right there inside the app. I really
like that because most credit cards kind of show you the cashback that you’ve
earned like after the statement is over. So I’ll click on the savor card here that’s the first one and
as you can see it has your available credit and I have three thousand dollar
limit on this particular card. This card was a Capital One platinum card and I
upgraded to the Savor card. So it says reward rewards cash foUr dollars fifty
three cents and then I’ll show you guys the Quicksilver card. This is the card
that I got all my success on the first time around the limit on this one is
seven thousand dollars and as you can see it says cash rewards $25.97. So once
again Capital One is a great Bank if you’re looking for a way to get started
with anything. I definitely encourage you to consider starting your relationship
with Capital One. Thanks for watching this video if you haven’t subscribed to
the channel yet please feel free to do so. Actually if you have any questions
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you guys in another video. Until next time take care and be blessed. Peace!

9 thoughts on “CAPITAL ONE

  • I agree 1000% Capital One gave me another chance as well 2002 I messed up but I still paid them off. Wells Fargo,Usbank&Capital one I stand by. I always recommend the platinum MasterCard,Quicksilver one card & if need be the secured card from Capital one.

  • Thank you sir for your insight! I was his approved for my second capital one card! I'm excited to start building my credit.

  • Yep, CapOne has been very good to me also. Chase and Amex get all the rave reviews but CapOne is still solid for the average user.

  • So right!  Capital One kind of takes flak from some folks.  You hear terms like "bad credit", "entry level" and "basic" thrown around about them quite a bit.  But even if every one of those tags is accurate…so what?  Just like you mentioned, they took a chance on you when you needed it.  Me too…I was in that boat, and they gave me a no annual fee Platinum card.  And aren't all of us "entry level" at some point in this game?  I just so happen to like the term "basic".  To me that means uncomplicated, and easy to use.  Capital One cards are certainly that.  No rotating categories, no need to accumulate X number of points before you cash them in.  You spend…you get cash back.  I like their mobile app too.  Hit and miss on their customer service…but I like them just fine!

  • No relationship . I’ve been with them for 3 yrs n still going . Never missed a payment, paid before billing statement due date. Never paid for interest. No credit score change been the same . I lie probably 20points gain. I spend about 20%. I call them every other day to be graduated from a secured to an unsecured. Asked for credit increase, nada. They tell me all the time that I’m doing an excellent job blah blah to apply for an unsecured cc with them. I did n got two hard inquiries being denied twice . Only reason I’m not canceling them out is because I need my credit history. I’m unhappy with them . It’s w/e… at least I have credit history with them. It’s a great bank , they were the only bank to accept me when i had no credit at all but unfortunately we just don’t have a good relationship. Good luck .

  • You are right, Capital One is an excellent bank for real folks! I use my Capital One cards and American Express cards exclusively!

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