Capital STEEZ – "Herban Legend" (Official Music Video)

the force will be with you always so I put my phone missed call from the love problem but i'ma have to hit her back cuz my marriage love sitting at home watching worldstar videos got some sticky road still higher than my tippy-toes back to Kirk he said he kinda do the way usually I'm the one supplying in the group with trees I can show you how I roll but what you're gonna do for me hits the lab reproduce to me cuz I ain't in it but I'm on you like take five picks up on the grapevine twisted like gang signs or you can bag it and try to make your profit back you can earn a couple stacks if you move out today big homies out making a young wine when the time came made you see them long summer and then I met my man need from the barber shop looking for a place that he can cop I said let me indicate this in because in cannabis sativa but just be careful when you pass it to a chief if you can't break up the memory then I'm a happy teacher please use precaution when you handle in the reefer he was like cool you know why I can cop out says shit I don't know but my man's got a power pack my word is born tools from the stash and seven grams a hash but that'll cost about a stack I never hit the block for the cheese won't case things ever getting locked for no keys thought about us just think out what I need after make it use leather make your pockets in my jeans we can't wear the rocket and beam every team is right for your lane then I'm dead and restaurant taking videos hope we never get beyond evolution got me on the north Asha law had me thinking I was the Louis Vuitton Genghis Khan I wanna Johnny Appleseed when he chopped the trees got me thinking I should hit the losses start dropping Bruce hasn't been the same since the album leaked coming soon and we need a new this time to fish top it off these bitches are egg be difficult don't wanna let you man you get the cash typical and you thinking that niggas actually listen to you I guess not and I just happen to mr. memo like the real niggas turn the bitches in a minute turn around and tell you that you different I remain the urban legend please listen please listen you

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