Capitalism 05 – Socialism, capitalism and democracy defined

you what exactly are socialism capitalism and democracy socialism whether of the socialist fascist or communist variety is government ownership or control of business whereas capitalism is private ownership and control of business democracy simply means voting or majority rule socialism is characterized by weak or non-existent property rights high tariffs high taxes and heavy regulation of business capitalism is characterized by strong property rights free trade low taxes and light regulation of business socialism and capitalism are opposites all the countries of the world follow along a continuum from most socialist with unlimited governmental control of the economy to most capitalist with less governmental control of the economy

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  • not factual. as usual, capitalism (loaning money at interest) is conflated into free enterprise which occurs with or without capital lending & thrives quite well in socialist countries worldwide. in fact the greatest barrier to free enterprise in the US is intrenched capitalist industries. they choke off any competition any way they can. they use their influence to dry up sources of financing. they regulate them out of existence through the government they own outright. or if more expedient they buy the competition. not to bring those products to market but to keep them off the market in order to sell what keep them in control of the market

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