27 thoughts on “Capitalism vs. socialism: economist George Gilder weighs in

  • If I couldn't see Mark Levin talking, I'd swear he was Milton Friedman, not only in voice but in thinking as well.

  • I don't consider myself "left wing" because I still hold some socially conservative views, but progressive economic policy has a proven track record of stable long-term economic growth and mitigated chances of large crashes. Right wing and neo liberal economic policy (unchecked and unfettered capitalism withOUT protections in place to protect volatile market fluctuations, workers rights, environment, and worker exploitation) always leads to massive boom and massive bust cycles after which more and more wealth travels to the top, shrinking the middle class. Trickle down economics is has never worked and has lead to major crashes after Reagan, Bush, and will happen under or after Trump.

  • Why do we have so many immigrants in USA. They come here to escape socialism run government we’re only people are rich are the politicians

  • Knowledge. Capitalists can't see that if millions of people work 7 days a week for 50-70 years and still live in a shanty, the problem is the WAGE? They can't see that? How is that possible? Do they have brains?

  • The American capitalist system is not an ideology, instead it is the best economy system that makes the best for everyone. But because people insists calling it capitalism, so I call it "American capitalism" to distinguish it from the global criminal "Marxist capitalism" which is "made in China” and infecting the whole world right now, so be aware please. People must learn more to understand "American capitalism", but the result can tell a lot. It produces big middle class, small very rich class, and small very poor class (the economy classes). And the average gap between rich and poor is also not too much. The American people just want a good job, some opportunity to get rich, and social equality, which they can not get them from socialism, but they can get them from "American capitalism". That is why they love "American capitalism" and hate socialism (and so do I).

    There is no such thing as democratic socialism because true democracy is anti-ideology and vice versa. But there are two styles of socialism, national socialism and global (Marxist) socialism. National socialism is specific to a nation, good or bad, it does not harm other nations, so I have no problem with it. The evil is Marxist socialism (or communism) which killed more than 100 millions people already. Marxist socialism is a big lie because it never works. it imposes economy equality, which is naturally suitable for insects, not for humans. While social equality is good because it gives people the equal means to work and to compete, economy equality is bad because it only makes people equally poor and lazy in a society that is unequal and unfair. It takes a book to explain all the evil of Marxist socialism, in this short comment, I can only summarize it like this:

    Socialism is an illusion, a night-mare, a doctrine that is anti-human nature, a crime against humanity, a hell on earth, a big lie, the most stupid, crazy, heinous ideology that turns human back to animal. The communists and liberal socialists are the most unscrupulous, ruthless, self-center, delusional, cruel, thuggish, deceptive, cunning con artist criminals who are very arrogant, pretentious, crazy, full of hatred, and so on. I can prove everything I said and if you do not understand what “Marxist capitalism” is, read Karl Marx’s "Das Kapital" to understand it or go to communist China or Vietnam see it for yourself.

  • Bertrand Russell said he heard a rich woman say, “What do the poor want with leisure? They ought to work!” And that’s why we do nothing but work! And never learn to dance, play golf, etc! “Work or starve” is slavery: controlled by someone or something!

  • Capitalists should read “Rogue State” by Blum and see how America has forced every attempt at Socialism to FAIL by starting wars killing millions, teaching torture, assassinations, etc!

  • I really hope every capitalist gets FIRED and can’t EVER get another JOB, or gets too sick to ever work again, and also their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren! Then we’ll see if they understand and still love WAGE SLAVERY! The wage, a tiny temporary income, that they’ll lose and never have ANY INCOME again when they need LOTS MORE INCOME after they get too sick to ever work again!

  • Capitalists killed millions of people in VEHICLES! And capitalists killed millions of people in CRIMES, wars, mass shootings (too many weapons but they “create jobs), tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes etc, because we never should have had those things! Just T&T to save lives…and to save the EARTH!

  • There never should have been any unequal wealth! It started thousands of years ago! And now most money is just numbers in computers, so now we can ELIMINATE MONEY! And there will be no crime when that happens! Capitalists actually think there’d still be crime if there was equal wealth! How insane can people get?? Not much more than that!

  • But we should have built only Tower cities connected to maglev Trains TO SAVE LIVES FROM CAR CRASHES! We never should have built any cars or weapons to “create jobs” making things that killed millions of people! None of the JOBS in America ever should have existed! Steel/concrete Tower cities would have long ago eliminated all newspapers, books, libraries, houses, roads, fast food restaurants, food advertisements, and even banks and money! DEBT IS SLAVERY, renting is slavery, taxationis slavery! And if every person could have AFFORDED to buy everything for themselves, we never would have needed any government, to tax people, to send out checks for welfare, recovery from natural disasters (where stupid people keep rebuilding houses in the same place where it was destroyed by hurricanes, floods, fires, hurricanes, ETC! Capitalists are all LIARS and cheats! There never should have been any unequal wealth! It started thousands of years ago!

  • The 1% that the lefty kooks protest against may be taken down under socialism. Only to be replaced by a different 1%, just as corrupt. Socialists are just jealous of hard working achievers. They are too useless, lazy and jealous to ever be successful. All they want is revenge on those who make them look like losers.

  • I could not believe my ears to hear that a crust of bread
    was turned down by a hungry person because it was baked and generated by a
    socialist food program…and not by the generosity of a known capitalist inspired

  • Great commentary but George is wrong about machine intelligence, as a matter of fact he is breaking his own rule, e.g., that progress will stop, A.I. will never become sentient.

  • What a load of crap; the so call Capitalism we have in America is just as bad as Communism.
    You just get duped by the Duopoly into believing that you have a choice.
    In China you get f#@$D by Xi and in USA you get [email protected]@D by Nike, Apple, Amazon and Google. Same crap.
    Distributism baby.

  • Socialism requires Borg type beings with a hive mind. It's not friendly to humans who value their freedom & autonomy.

  • Yeah, thanks to “socialism”, America got out of the Great Depression. How long do you think it would have taken the free market to get us out? If ever. And of course a war always makes a lot of wealth, as long as the debt is “redistributed “ to the general population. And recently the free markets got us a big recession. Bush’s plan, abrogate the rules of capitalism just long enough for the banks to recover. Keeping track on how much heath companies make on Medicare? Billions. Wal-Mart on food stamps? About 23 billion a year in sales. Do you actually believe that trucking fees pay for the interstate?, then you are delusional. Subsidized farms, ethanol, Trumps recent 5.6 billion bailout to farmers for lost sales due to tariffs. You know, it’s just about what he wanted for the wall. And you conservatives are so worried about the debt? You think that passing money around “creates” wealth?. Ponzu scheme deluxe. Very sophisticated.

  • The World has to understand the power of redistributing Freedom and thus Innovation. Trashing Freedom as led by loser Communists only gets in the way of real progress and improvements in the World. Computers and AI are 3rd dimensional, the human spirit and God in interdimensional.

  • On the human side, Socialism uses the class warfare of Marxism to decieve people that their neighbors wealth is always ill gotten and therefore must be confiscated

    On the business side, Socialism uses fascism to decieve the people that companies need the protection of bigger and bigger government and that the corporations should own the wealth and never the people

    Socialism always strips people of individual identity and replaces it with group think, group identity, group indoctrination.
    The group is the highest order of attainment, not the creative expression of the individual

    I agree with most of what this guy is saying except technology is no longer an enabler of jobs, it's a net destroyer of jobs and has been so for a few decades now. We have a broken economic model that doesn't reflect the real cost of labor because we have distorted it through money printing and unjust taxation of the people and tax breaks for corporations, so true wealth of creative minds cannot be expressed and as soon as creative ideas are hatched they are either copied and made the pseudo property of giant corporations who hide behind lawyers so that originator of the idea cannot realise the gain or it's purchased and squirreled away never to see the light of day until the current technology is exploited for every cent possible despite humanity desperate need for the squirreled away technology

    Capitalism is better than socialism but it's still got flaws, especially around motivation. When capitalism forgets that the net result is the betterment of humanity then it becomes wealth hording and the people ultimately suffer but it's still better than socialism which always ends in tyranny

  • The problem is that our government has legalized plunder and given socialism to the richest in this country and this is why the masses are ANGRY. The masses have been kept away from knowing the truth because they are given inferior educations that purposely do not teach them how our economy works. The masses have to be taught economics ———–

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