Capricorn~Unexpected~Reconciliation or Love~Being Guided ~March

hi Capricorn getting ready to be your monthly March reading Capricorn Sun Moon and rising we'll see what shows up universe what does Capricorn need to note this time – a swords a sub coin a new offer Oh wondering what this offer will hold could be love with a sukhoi doesn't have to be money but you may be getting new work in the moon react wines judgement magician the queen of swords and the six of cups okay for someone there definitely could be an offer of love a queen asa coin can be marriage or love or relationship from someone in the past could be a Gemini Libra Aquarius coming back around for some of you okay others of you you could definitely be getting some type of new job opportunity from someone you did know in the past or something that has to do with a childhood dream something you've been hoping for a specific type of position to be opening up for some of you to a swords to of coin having to decide about something asa coin please okay no this could be definitely love for a lot of you this can also be someone who likes your work you think you do good work they would hire you they want to buy your product wow this is new wow this feels like something out of the blue capricorn someone who may be watching you page of swords you shine they notice you they notice you at work they notice you online they notice you walking somewhere three of coin okay listen to your intuition okay Knight of wands this could be a fire sign this could come in very quickly is what I'm seeing Gemini so could be a Gemini specifically here and two of Wands you need to decide what to do Wow so Capricorn I wasn't really expecting this for your reading the reason I like this is because seven of cups showed up the moon showed up this tells me this is something very unexpected for a lot of you and it's something so you have three of the twos do we have the other one here I don't think so okay so but it's definitely something you're going to have to decide about I feel like you make one go into the month not happy you know or just wanting something different maybe wanting a change but this might be a little bit unexpected for some of you it may be money or work as opposed to love the way it's showing up but it does look like this is heavy on love since up an offer I almost get for some maybe this maybe someone who already likes you who is offering you a job or there you know you work in a company and then they want to get you on their team because they like you so they you know somehow work it out with management or something too you know so they can work in the same area you do possibly also so someone may be getting also a promotion because the boss likes you something like that first very few of you but I am getting a mix of money and love but this is love and this I do feel is unexpected with the Ace of Wands I get a little bit surprised but this is gonna be interesting and it does come out of the blue with the moon card like you didn't see this coming it's kind of what I'm noticing and again some of you with the four of cups I click you may already be a little bit bored with your life or your love life you may have been manifesting you know thinking about wanting new love but you weren't really putting a lot of effort into it and then this may come out of nowhere because again page of swords three of coin this is you shining this is you someones noticing you they like you they like how you look or what you do they just appreciate you and they've been you know watching you so again your outcome is you know possibly stay with what you know could be someone from your past but even so instead of coins that could be looking at your past are you happy what you're doing right now the 70 coins are you happy are you do you want to let it go do you want to do something different this might be someone you know with the six of cups obviously it could be an X but I don't think it's an X I don't think you were ever with this person I think high priests and intuition and lovers this person is like meant to be in your life this is something that you manifested and maybe you never believed it would happen but this is the person you've been waiting for I thought they're gonna come in quickly I feel like maybe you need to grab this opportunity I don't think you have to ruch but nine of Wands I kind of like in your heart like in your soul if you really want you really want to take a chance on this relationship or person because if Ike you're like bored or unhappy and things just haven't been you know what you've wanted what is that priestess please oh my gosh you this new love three of cups is even under there so this is like this is a reading to me where is they for some of you this person's already around you they're already watching you you know I don't mean to say that creepy the way they notice you you just may not notice them okay and again I think you need to see this clearly this person is being brought to you by the universe your guides are trying to lead you to this person so this could also be seven Eclipse Ace of Wands High Priestess listen to your intuition you guys listen to your guides this month if there's something different with a moon card you want to do if your friends are trying to get you to go somewhere and you really kind of don't want to go you didn't want to do that but you feel this nudge it's urge to go do it you guys are being led to love this month okay one or two cards please easy okay past life relationships so again this is a soulmate I think you know that with the high priestess lovers card another card please okay reconciliation okay release your ex is under there I know at the same time I am getting yes it for some of you a few of you this is a reconciliation you have wanted this they're not really showing me a specific sign I mean we do have the knight of Wands we do have the queen of swords I guess it could be an air sign fire sign but um for some of you this will be a reconciliation from someone who's already been your in your life others of you you've known this person in the past that you are not with them this is someone you want though so if it's if you're thinking of an ex that you don't like and you're like I don't want that person back that's not who this is because we have ace of cups here which is new love so again there's an offer here for some of you because this is to me a relationship commitment maybe even marriage and some of you this might be a job a new for in money and this is gonna lead you to love I can't like you're saying like Oh what the what the hell I'm just gonna go for it you know what I'm bored this is go for this new thing let's try it if I don't like it whatever it's kind of what I'm getting to for some of you and this is where it's taking me down the path to new love one more please okay keep an open mind is yes keep an open mind whatever this is you may not want to do it it may be something in at night doesn't say it in the evening same thing again it may be something that you really kind of aren't you sure about it's an offer maybe an offer to go to a concert and offer could be almost anything because of who's viewing this it could be very different do you like your message is super clear this may be in the second week of March it may have something to do the March 2nd but I feel maybe more the second week you're feeling a little bit bored wanting something new so I'm gonna leave it there Capricorn have a really good week you guys and take care

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