Cápsula Informativa del Condado de Montgomery Episode 370 May 26, 2017

areas, q music>>>ratings and welcome to this informative capsule from the montgomery county I’m lorna virgil^ thanks for the meeting this is a new initiative in order to achieve 60,000 residents to become natural residents. This is the number estimated to be around the residents of montgomery county it is to help them with legal counsel to submit the appliance. The das for them not to pay the hundred and $25>>>want to help people to undergo this process and to pay for it this process costs$725 the ideas for people not to pay for these four people with lower wages we noticed someone is eligible were going to help them to apply>>>montgomery college is offering civic counselor on the evening and were going to have a workshop next June 3 for people who are interested to gain access for more information in order to become a us citizen. The operational budget for the county was approved. The budget for 2018 was approved unanimously. These representspercent more income than last year. This budget covers all of the operations and services of the county and focuses in fiscal responsibility, and the idea of taking care of the people in need. Ike legger said he was pleased with the decision of the council and he added really present considering challenges we’re going to face in the future. The purple line of the train is not going to be built. Richard leon issued a legal order that paralyzes the construction of the purple line and in also puts in jeopardy $900 million. The judge send a memo where he urges maryland state to revisit the review of this line. This decision was unfair according to executive ike leggeer,, montgomery county is going to appeal the decision. This is a 16 mile project from bethesda until prince georgia. Construction should have begun last year. The project was delayed due to environmental concerns. This week on montgomery al dia without carmen martinez and john mcdonald and we discussed about the available programs for summer. Each year we have several workshops, classes and camps for every age. We still have financial aid for families that qualify.>>>if you qualify for medical assistance you also qualify for assistance in the recreational department 2407776839 oh come to our offices in silver spring and will help you to apply for this financial aid. If you want to sign in for summer camps or programs you should call.>>>for more information visit montgomery countymd.God/rec oor 2407776839. You can check out our chose in our youtube channel. Montgomery al dia airs every tuesday at 2 pm on radio america. On the tv show is available on these cable channel. Almost 3000 montgomery county’s college students received their diploma on a big celebration at the rockville. Family, friends and college personnel celebrated this important moment and the 70th anniversary of the institution. The principal was the main person who spoke in the event and she urge everyone to make our community better. A lot of the gap graduated talk about their journey throughout montgomery college. They said they got the basis for a bright future. Others said that they will always means the time they spent at montgomery college. Congratulations to all of them. We’re going to have a new golf tournament but in a different golf course. This tournament gathers a lot of golf fans. This year is going to be heled at pc potomac. We’re going to have a lot of different players and this is something that the tiger woods foundation. Supports the legal document that you don’t need? We are offering paper shredding for free. This is a free way to get rid of this all documents that you no longer use. You can bring up to five bags of paper or document. Make sure you don’t putting books with spirals. This is going to be held at secondary school branch. For more information you can call 311 or visit montgomery county M.D.Gov/ recycling. Congratulations to the clarification board director. He got the prize prince golden. This is yearly award awarded for residents of maryland, washington dc for their efforts to make the community better. This was the 20th anniversary of this and according to casey anderson is means a lot to montgomery county. Considering the modification efforts that includes futuristic vision and they are availableness of commerce and homes. Sabor de weathon comes back. At weatho trianglehn you can enjoy international flavors. This is going to be held on July 4 from 11 am until 5 pm. We’re going to have parking at weathon subway station. The book festival was a success and made the cd in the center of the attention. Gaithersburg is now a cultural destination. Eight years ago we had for the writers, now we had 132. Glover were able to enjoy different activities for kids, music and of course thousand of books. Next year we’re going to have this on May 19 of 2018. Made with celebrated pacific asian heritage month. Asian cultural center in gaithersburg put up a seminary call paving the way for chinese history. This seminary was crated to share the three entails about asians who settled in montgomery about 40 years ago. Asian discrimination has reside. Montgomery county around thousand asians live here. In our weekly segment adopt a pet here’s snoopy and adapt. Dave lived their whole life together and if someone wants to adopt them the recommendation is to adopt them together. Pet adoption center has hundreds of animals that you could adopt. You can visit the installations located in there would. For more information you can call on 240 773-5950 this is the end of this informative chill. For more information about what’s going on in the county visit our website montgomery county M.D.Gov or you can on call to our call

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