Carlos Bernal – THE CAPITAL Barcelona VOD – USD Skates

love it and I did it with the best in the biz no matter what way but my head that you kids young whatever I'm mad at you I just don't understand like maybe I shouldn't leave that to my sis cuz we talking some scratching the place and what the ship is over I'll be happy and bread show here we go again here on the road again went up there snakeheads go alone again no worries that I know I've been out so I had to lay low on the action had to make sure that next week was affected they see all the dots said the other connectors let's get ready to rumble king of the jungle DOD army the mike devine gets in shock but the DL yeah I don't care in here he were washed out to sea my love I cry hold onto me our embrace was broken by the ride sings well we were torn apart and we drifted maybe on some distant Shore we will find each other we'll see what we could not before we wise you

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