21 thoughts on “Cat Stevens- Peace Train

  • Every time I want to give a public comment from a song that made these songwriters quite wealthy I just know then there is so much more of what needs to be added to really give much more of a true inspiring meaning to this song title, and the reason I say that is because it was our Loving Creator God The Father who had sent to us His Son the True Prince and Teacher of Peace, and when you come to realize that not one highly intelligent Christian scholarly teacher or any worldly educated genius thought to share the True Love of what our Most Merciful Loving Father created us to be caring peaceful and to live together with the one other perfect precious families of every living creature both on land and sea. We were deceived from those years when man chose to rewrite the Christian bibles that they sell to everybody with those wealthy mine owners coins from mineral rocks, you know, that they pay the miners to bring up out of those dangerous blasted mines. Our Good Shepherd said you can't serve His Father and money. The other sinful lie those Christian preachers have told to their congregations in those few minutes that their giving their sermons, for some program evil reason they say our Most Loving, Merciful and Forgiving Father says it's ok to have those beautiful living families slaughtered and butchered and sold for you to eat them. When you would think by now after all those stories and sermons preaching lovely words to paint these divine and glorious visions, and saying you can confess your sins to those who have you believing all their false teachings and the breaking of every commandment of our Holy Father and then they make you pay your hard earn, not of any true real value monies . Well gentlemen and gentle sisters go to praying to truly showing your all your love to your Loving Holy Father and believe me when you go to eating the fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts and no more support the killing and bondage to also not eat their eggs, milk or honey you are then being a true Peacemaker and humble as a new born to keep staying devoted to saying faithful to our Loving Caring Father God. to truly witness His Healing and Blessings in your lives .Praise God Amen

  • I've been ready to ride the peace train since 1976… I cry every time I hear Cat sing this. Why can't we live in bliss…?

  • love you CAT love you to death, fuck religon fuck politics fuck all that try and catsgoriz, be free be loved =)

  • With whats going on these days, he had a great gig, and then he left to the middle east!!! Who in the hell knows??? I don't trust anyone who as their faith in alaha, sorry, he's the devil… DEVIL WORSHIPERS!!!

  • Look at the majority of these comments, people that see the spiritual and artistic contributions of man for what they are. Music is not the opportunity to discuss what makes us all different… it is the opportunity to discuss what binds us as humans. Music is the voice of God.

  • I watched the movie of Steve Jobs, and this song was there. Now everytime I think of Steve Jobs, I play this song.

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