Catching a Craigslist Predator | Predator Loves Feet (Social Experiment)

hey guys welcome to life of luxury this is our new channel please make sure to subscribe to this channel life of luxury we'll be uploading all of our new content here a day before we uploaded the luxury pranks because YouTube completely demonetised our luxury pranks channel this is our new channel so make sure to subscribe to see all of our new videos a day in advance hi I'm Park and this is a luxury pranks so for this episode we posted an ad on Craigslist pretending to be a 16 year old girl looking for a boyfriend several older men responded to this ad and we started texting a 33 year old man named Nick this man started texting our decoy actress Selena consistently asking inappropriate questions mainly about her feet we invited him to our set today to see if this 33 year old man is actually willing to meet up with a girl that he thinks is 16 note that she's actually 21 in real life let's see what happens we just need to set up our cameras and get to work are you ready Chester let's get to work you really nothing often thank you no around no I'm not just you just stay right it's just come on we go Mike hose yeah all right my toes can you wiggle your toes again like with my toes yes okay yeah why no why No don't you don't have to do that it's okay it's okay you have your own feet you can put your feet touch yours okay you don't have to do that it's perfectly fine I can put my shoes back on oh excuse me sir yeah no this is gonna happen you might explain to me why are you trying to meet up with a 16 year old girl let me know you're in your thirties and gonna call the police am I gonna get arrested I don't know why would please have you doing something wrong what was that what do you send out of your breath damn it sir before me take this anywhere can you explain to me what makes you think that this is appropriate by any means damn it can you talk a little bit please what are you feeling right now in here sir you believe that she was 16 years old I wasn't doing anything so you're gonna look me in the eye and tell me that you don't think there's anything wrong with this do you not understand that if this wasn't a setup and you were meeting up with the real 16 year old girl and acting the way that you were acting that girl would have been scarred for life I would have killed I don't care I don't care what you would have killed to head the fact the matter is you would have scarred a child for life you're a grown man and children look up to adults for guidance and you're betraying that trust and you're gonna sit here and tell me that there's nothing wrong with it don't look at me look down listen man all I want is some insight okay can you explain me what was going through your mind when you decided to come here today man the authorities trying to meet up with the 16 year old it blows my mind that you don't see long can you explain that to me yo we have your face I can never do you don't care about that thank you for watching this video guys remember please make sure to subscribe to this channel this is our new channel that will be uploading all of our new content to a day in advance before we upload it the luxury pranks so please make sure to subscribe also here's some vlog footage that I took the day after Christmas enjoy what is up to the lux army welcome to life of luxury vlogs so today is a pretty special day because it's officially Christmas or the day after Christmas and today Chester and I are going to be exchanging gifts so you know why today is also a special day is because I'm with Milton right now see I'm Melvin he doesn't like that so I know a Chester wants I'm actually gonna be going to Walmart to get it before I bring it to his house you know I'm excited you know Chester and I have been friends for a few years I think this gift is gonna mean a lot to him I'm excited to see what he has for me and I figured why not vlog this so let's go let's go to Walmart let's get Chester's gift let's go alright guys so we just got in my car we're getting ready to go as you can see this is my Audi a4 it's it's alright I'm enjoying it I definitely like this car it's pretty new to me and there we go and we're off so I will see all of you when I'm officially at Walmart about to buy his gift thank you alright guys so I just got the Walmart if you can see this I just got here so I'm gonna go and I'm so excited you have no idea how excited I am to get Chester's gift I'm very blessed to have this opportunity to even get him a gift in the first place I'm sorry the lighting is weird but yeah I hopefully you know this gift is gonna mean a lot to him and it means a lot to me to be able to get it I can't wait to see what he got me I'm excited for this guy so let's go in let's do this let's get his gift and let's give him a Merry Christmas Pullman living here we go guys we got a grind okay guys so lighting isn't great but here we are in the drone section this is what he wants the Mavic it's a thousand bucks but I think he's really really really gonna enjoy this he saw me he's always wanted to drone so I'm looking forward to seeing his reaction here we go this is finally happening okay guys so just got back in my car just got the drone Chester is going to be so happy with this as you can see it was a thousand eighty six dollars so I really hope Chester likes this this is way more money than I can afford but he's been telling me for months that he really really wants a drone so hopefully he's gonna be ecstatic when he sees this gift I'm really excited See's reaction alright we're gonna head to Chester's house let's see what his reaction is to is it new Mavic pro drone alright guys so I just got home I called Chester and I told him to meet me at my house instead he drive me into his gear I have the drone he's waiting in my house right now so let's go give him his gift I'm really excited Caesar reaction let's do this Chester are you here hey man I got a little surprise for you all right before I give this to you I got it I gotta put the camera down okay I gotta give you a surprise all right all right blue sunglasses on all right okay so I have a little surprise for you I hope you appreciate it I just got your Christmas present and I want to give it to you so let me just put this camera down real quick okay well let me grab this camera okay so this is a special gift for you you ready hold your hands down close your eyes I can't tell if your eyes are closed but here we go Oh a drone why you don't like it uh sorry man dude do you not do you not like it why don't you like it you told me one time what for three months I don't want what anymore dude you said you want even saying you wanted to join for three months I mean if you don't like it I guess you can return it I thought you're gonna like it though dude no that's all right then I mean yeah you could do something with it dude I was like really excited about this I mean I thought the morning a couple weeks ago so you don't like it for I just really don't care for it dude I thought you'd really like it I think you know I don't like trauma suit I mean Kay you told me you wanted drunk yeah I mean can you at least say thanks man I hate you put a lot of thought into it sorry man whatever all right dude whatever did you give me anything no no why dude all right guys so that's it that's it for this life of luxury vlog I'm sorry it wasn't better for you guys please be sure to subscribe to this channel this is our new channel I will see you guys next time too bad sorry you tried make you my name cuz your content died yeah yeah man cuz I'm steady on the rise luxury pranks making fans subscribe yeah yeah they wanted this wanna bully

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