Celebrate freedom. Support a free and open Internet.

“The internet is possibly
one of the greatest tools for democratization and individual freedom
we’ve ever seen.” Former Secretary of State
Condoleezza Rice “It flattens the world, removes boundaries,
and empowers individuals.” @AlexMaskovyak “Provides people with greater access
to information and communication through stronger internet freedom.” Former Governor Mitt Romney “Perhaps the most open network in history
and we have to keep it that way.” President Barack Obama “Where liberty dwells, there is my country.”
Benjamin Franklin “With the web, I’ve found independence.”
Lucy Adams, 17, New York Celebrate Freedom. Support a free and open Internet.

100 thoughts on “Celebrate freedom. Support a free and open Internet.

  • I think it's because of the internet growing massively. The search engine can only take so much, and do so much. The internet is expanding, and it will take time to upgrade our search engines.

  • What? This video is not about ACTA and the EU vote that just happened. It is about Independence Day and internet censorship.

  • Please read my second comment(my character count got cut off). I never said that they were. But Republican Congressman Darrell Issa says that ACTA is more dangerous than SOPA. President Obama hid ACTA negotiations under the veil of “National Security”, thus keeping it away from prying eyes … including Congress. Oh, and do some research and see who really created it. It might surprise you. Well maybe not.

  • Not to detract from the point being made – but I really admire the way this video was done. Short and simple, and very creative.

  • what a crock of shit!! the internet is not free and open to all . if i don't have the freedom to use the internet in my own home for my entertainment and financial gain. all of these narrow minded goons are overlooking the fact that stupid Gary Herbert and blundering George w bush have already made the concept of a free and open internet not so… celebrate freedom of a free and open internet my ass!! not to mention the disrespectful use of american flag image see code 49 P.L. 94-344, § 1(16).

  • The flag It should not be embroidered on such articles as cushions or
    handkerchiefs and the like, printed or otherwise impressed on paper napkins or
    boxes or anything that is designed for temporary use and discard. Advertising
    signs should not be fastened to a staff or halyard from which the flag is flown.The flag should never have placed upon it, nor on any part of it, nor attached to
    it any mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, picture, or drawing of any

  • well, the internet was created centrally in america, with arpanet and whatnot, and also "freedom" is america's main focus and freakin hype, ya know? net neutrality would be a matter of democratic freedom. and anyways, it was the u.s. independence day yesterday. i don't know why everyone's getting their panties bunched in a knot… everyone knows the web is world wide, it only makes sense that us-based google chose independence day to make a statement about independence. everyone can participate.

  • i think its more that flag thingy, in case you wondering the dislikes, as this free internet stuff etc is more a global achievement.

  • Next step – destroying the phonographic, movie and gaming industries and reforming them to the new business models.

  • For everything Google can say on the forth of July. They do not even thank the troops that have protected this country's freedom throughout the years!!

  • I know where you're coming from but it does seem a little bit unnecessarily patriotic and argent. But it is for a good course and it being the 4th of July may of got it more media coverage and recognition in the US.

  • yeah how fucking ironic that Google made this video.. google promotes anything but a free net.

  • Are u kidding me??
    Internet freedom?? yeah right… stop closing things down and then I'll believe you

  • "If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." -President George Washington

  • "Celebrate freedom. Support a free and open Internet." The IRONY!!! Since you are now are in the open about youtube-mp3.o.r.g you had to make this shit to justify yourself? Go get ben*!

  • I'm from germany and while you may have build the nuclear bomb,we invented nuclear fission.Our companies are big parts of the ESA,we have something to do with space travel.Our navies dont patrol the seas of the world and I guess you know why,or why that would make other countries uncomfortable.But I take the challenge:Book printing,Beer,Procedure to produce a vaccum,Lightbulb (10 years before edison was born),Telephone(16 years before bell), the periodic table.I could go on for hours, you can't.

  • That's a different thing.Google needs content providers to sign up with Google Music and Movies. They need to do this to posture themselves as not aiding in copyright violations.Besides if you were say an aspiring Justin B., you upload your music videos to YouTube and ask people to go to iTunes or Google Music to buy your song. This service is hurting these independent artists.Consume the videos in its original form as the poster meant for it to be consume.

  • ARE U FUCKING SHITTING ME A FREE GOD DAMN INTERNET WHILE YOU THREATING MP3 CONVERTERS WTF? SIGN THE PETITION(remove spaces) ht tp :/ /w ww. change.org/ petitions/ceo -youtube-allow -third-party- rec ording-to ols-for-you tube

  • Its people like the top comment that make higher ups want to shut down the internet. You want a free and open internet? Stop giving people excuses to shut it down.

  • google you are fucking idiots if you think we have a free and open internet you jackasses take a look at how the online gambling is being held back from the usa . open your eyes google you make me sick!!!

  • Politicians are great: "The interwebs is awesome freeedom stuff 'nd shit, but because I am a spineless sucker I will try to pass stuff like ACTA and SOPA and PIPA and whatnot. Oh, and yeah, I fully support the open web 'nd stuff, because it is great for democracy. But we need more surveillance and more cencorship, because democracy is awesome."

    Actually, listening to politics is a waste of time that could've been spend looking at actual facts from neutral sources.

  • yeah I like the freedom of Internet when google keep stalking every single thing I do on the Internet and store it and use it.. and guess what, google is uploading this video .. how ironic

  • You people realize that Google only cares about copyrights in Youtube when somebody else (copyright holders) cares.
    I bet without Google's laywer army Youtube wouldn't even exist anymore (Viacom case, etc), or at least not in the capacity it does now.

  • Don't listen to that stupid fuck, because the US is where a majority of anything with the internet comes from (content wise that is) if we are censored, it sets the stage for other countries to say "America, the country known for its human rights allows censorship, so why can't we?"

  • Hey guys who the hell cares about youtube-mp3 org? There's still video2mp3-dot-net which is the best anyways.

  • Infeliz é aquele que não sabe reconhecer a superioridade dos grandes, pensa apenas que, só, pode mudar o mundo sem um alto grau de inteligência , vive ,só, o momento atual, esquecendo-se de que muitos já foram salvos graças a sabedoria do poder. Agora vc sabe o que é o PODER?

  • Muy lindo, pero no entendí por qué en un video que habla de la Libertad aparece como cierre la bandera de Estados Unidos. What has to see?

  • If you want a free and open internet why did u delete zedomax's account for using fair use footage of hulu and saying apple sucks. How is that a violation of the rules. There are videos with Google sucks in the fucking title for fucks sake. U guys are full of shit and bend over every time big brother comes calling.

  • What is freedom? There is so much hatred and inequality in the world. Who really cares about making this earth a better place for mankind to live in. Life is too short for all. How much wealth do you really need. In the journey of the unknown will you need it for salvation?

  • 1. This was uploaded the day before Independence Day.
    2. Who gives a fuck? The flag isn't the point of the video, it's the message it's trying to spread.

  • Wealth is good if it is used for good of those around you and also it helps future generations of family. In the end, tho, it really isn't important.

  • We life in a world, where US-courts think about infinitely copyright laws and Microsoft patents simple systems like sudo (Linux) in a patent. Where I in Germany couldn't had watched the Google IO as a Livestream, because of a license of "Rundfunk" which Google didn't have and the Gema (created 1933) which restricts music content. Well thats what really anoys me.

  • I thought this was about internet freedom. But it seems to be the standard US nationalist bullshit propaganda. Great trolling, makes me want to puke…

  • Well the Youtube MP3 converter thing basically steals content from YouTube video's, therefore Google wants it shut down.

  • It is not just google it is most likely the record companies and artists that want it shut down and are forcing google to take action.

  • I care. I encourage you to as well. The only way to stop hatred and equality is to give love and equality, which is not a hard thing to do.

  • It isn't Google's fault when stuff like this happens. They have stated that the only reason that they are so strict about copyright is because of the greed of other companies.

  • This is BULSHIT! Internet is Worldwide, not just USA.
    Internet is every continent, every country, every city, everyone!


  • does anyone here, actually know what the internet is, what the web is, how the internet works, and why the internet was invented. Google is for a open internet b/c an open internet means more people have access to the web which means more money for google!!!!!! more money b/c it allows google to be more widespread and have more users. BTW even if u dont have a google account, somewhere, at some point for many different reasons google collects data on u!!!!!!!!!!!

  • No, I don't want to join Google inc. in its fight for a privatized, commercial web.

    I want a web that costs nothing, is the free right of citizens and allows the free sharing of human knowledge and ideas.

    I don't want a web that is expensive, collects my personal data, markets at me constantly and propagandizes the public like in this video.

    In other words I want a web more like the way it was in the 90s before the corporations got their hands on it.

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