Celebrate Watchtower-Jesus’ 100 years of reign 1914 – 2014

Firework sounds Let us now examine what great works Watchtower-Jesus has accomplished through his organization The Watchtower society since 1918 During 1918, after coming into his reign, Watchtower-Jesus chose Charles Taze Russell, a man teaching pyramidology, numerology, Egyptology, mythology, paganism, etc. has his faithful and discreet slave dispensing food at the proper time to his servants. In 1926, he changed it to Christ and his body. In 2009, he changed it to the governing body and the anointed. Then, in 2013, he changed it once more to the governing body alone. I said alone! “Pop” sound Although his second presence was in 1914, Watchtower-Jesus thought it was ok at first to let the Bible students in the fog in
believing he was present since 1874. In 1930 his presence was changed to 1875. In 1931 it was changed to 1878. In 1932 he led them back to 1874. Finally, in 1943, he told them the truth that his return
had been in 1914 all along! At first they believed that the time of the end was from 1799. It was only in 1929 that Wt-Jesus decided to reveal to them that they were once again in error and that the time
of the end was in reality from 1914. Russell had it right in teaching that the higher powers were the governments. Yet in 1929, Wt-Jesus led them to believe that the higher powers were Himself (Christ) and his father Jehovah. In 1963 this was changed once more to governments. When he sat on the throne, he realized that they had already shamefully failed in their prediction for 1914 and still before selecting them in 1918, they failed twice more with 1915 and World War 1. So he quickly rebuked them and gave them 1925. After realizing his mistake, he gave them World War 2 Damn it, it’s not easy to reign over the world! This time
he couldn’t go wrong with 1975, but, guess again! In 1929, Watchtower Jesus was so sure he would bring about Armageddon, that he ordered them to build a huge mansion called Beth Sarim in San Diego, where he would send Israel’s old testament prophets after raising them from the dead. Why rule the world from troubled Israel when you can rule from California? The mansion was sold off shortly after Rutherford’s death in 1942 because he couldn’t make up his mind on
a precise date for the end of the world. In 1918, Wt-Jesus also noticed that the Bible
students were using the corrupt King James version from Babylon the great for their
understanding, but he let them use it until 1942 In 1942 he went even further by leading them to print their own Babylonian influenced King James Bible which teaches the Trinity, the eternal state of the soul and hellfire. In 1944, he also led them to print their own Babylonian American Standard Version. It was only in 1950, after letting men without
an accurate translation for nearly 2000 years, that he led the Watchtower leaders to publish
the first and only accurate translation of the Bible. The New World Translation. Jehovah is truly almighty through his organization! Since there are no other perfect translations to compare it’s accuracy, in 1962, Watchtower Jesus led the Watchtower to quote from a spiritist by the name of Johannes Greber to support
the rendering of some of it’s verses. In 1983, they stopped quoting from him after
being exposed by evil and jealous Christendom. From 1914 onwards, taking a blood transfusion was no problem at all. But in 1945, he decided to ban it totally. In 1954, Blood serums were also condemned. In 1958, blood serums were now allowed. In 1961, a blood transfusion became a disfelloshipping offense. In 1963, blood serums are wrong once again. In 1964, blood serums are once again allowed. In 1978, Hemophiliacs learned that they may
accept treatment with blood components or fractions. In 1982, minor blood products are allowed. In 1995, a witness can now accept some
transfusion methods of of his own stored blood. In 2000, fractions of any of the primary
components of blood was now allowed. In 2004, Hemoglobin was also allowed. In 1931, Wt-Jesus declared vaccinations a
violation of God’s everlasting covenant. Then in 1952, he decided it was not so bad after all. In 1967, he stated through his organization that
organ transplants were cannibalism and should not be taken. But in 1980, after many Jehovah’s witnesses had died,
he decided it wasn’t cannibalism after all. Until 1927, Wt-Jesus taught that the last generation of Matthew 24 was a litteral generation of worldly people. In 1927, he led them to believe that it was a
spiritual generation of anointed since Jesus’ time. In 1942, it became a litteral generation that
included the “remnant”, or anointed. In 1951, it became the litteral generation
that had seen the events of the year 1914. In 1988, it became the litteral generation that was born in 1914. In 1995, it was now the wicked for an unlimitted period of time. In 2008, he returned to the belief of 1927
that it was the anointed since Jesus’ time. In 2010, it was now an overlap of anointed
literal generations from 1914. With all the scandals involving pedophilia and abuse in the
Watchtower Society, financially bringing Jehovah’s organization to its knees, tithing may just be the answer for future
survival. After crushing it’s followers in every way possible, the only freedom Jehovah’s witnesses still seem to enjoy is in the
little finances some of them manage to maintain. By introducing tithing, the organization will be
free from extermination and at the same time, will have absolute control over it’s followers. Since the governing body was exalted throughout the years to the supreme role of being the lone “faithful and discreet slave,” above those who founded and built the organization
to what it is now and even above Watchtower-Jesus, might as well give them the sovereign title of “The Higher Powers”.
Surely the governing body is greater than secular governments. Absolute rule over rank and file Jehovah’s
witnesses will cause the believers to now look up to it’s leaders with even more fear and
reverence and bring about a greater obedience and service to the Watchtower organization,
a greater state of modern day slavery. Thank you for watching and remember the Watchtower’s insiders motto: Present light is tomorrow’s darkness!

55 thoughts on “Celebrate Watchtower-Jesus’ 100 years of reign 1914 – 2014

  • Oh, wait…  According to their latest Noo Lite, Jesus hasn't actually sat down on the throne yet, right?

    With all the flashing noo lite, I get so confused…

  • Ah – but these are wonderful achievements. very fitting  for the Watchtower Jesus, whom the Society identify as Abaddon / Apollyon of Revelation 9, the angel of the bottomless pit. So thats alright then 🙂 Happy New Year to you and everyone else. 

  • Dude I love the helium effect. It adds to the dignity the faithful and discreet slave so properly deserve. Next video I make I'm gonna put my testis in a vice and show them just what an obedient slave I am!!:)

  • Surely this is something that all Jehovah's witnesses can celebrate with great zeal!

    Another great video from you 🙂  Here's to a happy & productive year of helping those within the Watchtower to become Awake! 

  • Very good point:"today's light is tomorrow's darkness. I once asked a brother about how he felt about the changing lights. His reply was, The true is just getting better and brighter. I was confused.

  • William Miller preached that the 2nd coming would be in 1843, then on 22nd October 1844. Some Adventists such as Barbour and Russell took this date and added 30 years or 30+40=70 years, to come up with the 1914 date. But what I do not understand is how 22nd October became 1st October. Can anyone explain the logic??? behind this change of date, thanks robert:      thebagge2   at   yahoo   dot   co   dot   uk

  • Great video. Only problem is, the Governing Body think tank has probably just watched this, laughed their asses off, and taken note of all the future light suggestions, and will adopt them all!

  • This is blaspheme. I'm a proud JW ( 50 strong yrs ! ) and my faith is the only true faith – all other faiths are doomed.
    My father is a top dog GB head ! his house is worth $6 million and his own 3 Cadillacs. My house is worth $ 4.6 million and I own 2 Cadillacs.

    What's my point ? 

    1). WE ( JWS / GB) are a thriving huge $$$$$$$ business $$$$$$$$ 🙂 
    2). The GB is the NEXT ENRON COLLAPSE 🙂
    3). OUR ( GB) ways of stimulating cash flow into our ( GB) huge bank accounts is simply via intimidating our STUPID followers  – all we have to say is that the end is near and have out CULTISTS surrender all of their savings 🙂 we have done it in the past ( 1914 / 1925 / 1975…) = WE MADE A FORTUNE 🙂

    So, the next time that I ( we) come knocking at your door, I ( we) really want your back account(s) 🙂  

  • watchtower jesus is just as crazy as any other jesus , so don't put down the jehovah witness jesus if you don't do same with any other version of jesus ; one fairy-tale is no different than other, it come's from mind of delusional people;.religion is a mental illness.

  • Tina Smith.

    Some thoughts after reading your comments here:
    1) Eccl 7:9 
    2) Gal 6:3-5
    The Bible says “everyone to whom much was given, much will be demanded” -Luke 12:48. The bigger the claim the bigger the expectation. Since you JWs are claiming to be given as much as the backing and approval of the God Almighty, shouldn't you excel in imitating His Son and by extention “to speak injuriously of no one, not to be belligerent, exhibiting all mildness towards all men”?? (in line with Titus 3:2)
    Shouldn't you rather seek every opportunity to give fine witness to us ‘unbelievers’ here “but doing so together with a mild temper and deep respect” -1 Peter 3:15?? 
    Don’t you think that as a member of the chosen group you should be more concerned about pleasing God then the rest of us idiots and resenters (to use your classy wording), striving to represent Him in a more dignifying manner as described in Col 3:12?  Because by reading your comments YOU ARE FAR FROM IT my dear. 
    Instead you are busy throwing insults and hatefully trying to prove how much better JWs are from everyone else. If that is the case anyway, why not allow the example speak for itself?! Remember lofty eyes are mentioned among 7 major things detestable to God !!! -Pr 6:17.
    I just cannot fathom how someone as educated in the Bible can so easily forget Jesus’ fundamental teaching from Mathew 5:44 and Mathew 5:39?? 
    Ironically you JWs are boasting to benefit from the most comprehensive Ministry School in the world, taking place EVERY WEEK at your KHs, what good does it really serve you?? or the rest of the world for that matter?? Were you not taught what Jesus said in Mathew 5:16 “let your light shine before all men that they may SEE YOUR FINE WORKS and give glory TO YOUR FATHER” !!! (NOT to WTBTS, by the way). 
    When will you JWs start living up to your claims and, as the chosen, the ‘better ones’ start showing fruits of the spirit as outlined in Gal 5:22,23?? Jesus said “by their fruits we will recognize them” to be His disciples…
    Sorry to burst your bubble but people like you are simply the evidence to the contrary, totally miss Jesus’ fundamental teaching.
    To me you rather seem to resemble the “ravenous wolves” from Math 7:15,16…

  • Hilarious! And quite true. I love the empty wind sound preceding each 'achievement' of the "Watchtower Jesus"! One thing which needs to be updated, the "Faithful and Da'Creep Slave" is now down by one player – Guy "Smilin' Cheeks", "Bible Twistin' " Pierce is now fertilizing grass in some burial plot. Remember, the absolute "Truth" is only what the Watchtower Society says it is, and they can change the "Truth" at any time and in any way!  

  • Ok I get it, they are evil etc. but shouldn't you get your facts straight? Russell died in 1916. So in 1918 he wasn't even alive. Though the Finished Mystery claimed him to be the FDS he was gone. Of course we know he was running the preaching work from heaven as The Finished Mystery taught lol

  • It has to realized that since the world population has increased over the ages, that of course there is going to be more of the problems which the bible described as showing of the last days or the supposed end times, that's holds without argument .
    By the bible's scriptures you could realistically point an any era in humanity's past history and say " yup this this must be the times end times that Jesus spoke about."
    From known documented facts there was probably more of those occurring problems in the middle ages comparatively to the world's population of that time if you carefully studied human history.  The assertion that because modern man has developed nuclear bombs or other modern warring devises doesn't hold true to any of the bible's scripture does it ? 
     The WTS/JWS are quite disingenuous and intellectually dishonest when comparing what the bible says and what they self described,  that yes we are indeed living in the end times and here is the proof .   If your a JWS then you've just be brained washed by their ignorant and duly corrupt selling of that assertion which realistically was done toward selling literature to the poorly educated of the population.
    The ending point is don't trust religious charlatans they do lie and spout things from their own subsequent ignorance and their own beliefs and most of that comes from their own inherent desire to empower themselves with the power of god as it were.
    …… and make some money as well.

    A once past GB member of the JWS  put it succulently correct when he said that JWS today are just victims from other JWS and reflectively thinking about it that is quite true.
    The cure to this expressed delusion is to study human history with a rational mindset and look at the human experiences from the past as well the earth's own geographical history and you'll will see that there is no inclusive evidence that supports mankind is indeed living in the last days as described in the bible, unless you really want to believe the corrupt postulations from any religious charlatan on the matter .

  • Witty and precise!  I enjoyed it, I have met a few JW's and having learnt what the watchtower teaches I was horrified. it is an antichristian faith. I wish jehovah witnesses could face the truth how terribly deceived they are.I know that some have already while others keep denying obvious things, I give them all the proof, show them the Scriptures but they don't want to see it. It is very sad.

  • When did this take place can a foolish person  know the answer to such a question?
    Revelation 12:9, 10
    So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him. I heard a loud voice in heaven say:

    NOW HAVE COME TO PASS THE salvation and the power and the Kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ,

  • Charles Russel never claimed to be inspired nor do the Governing Body today. men are fallible even JWS.. Many scholars say the NWT is the most accurate translation of the greek scriptures Your video is offensive and you wiil stand before Jehovah someday and it wont be a joke.

  • Great Video. Love the diversity on the Governing Body. One token black. Who knows in the next decade they may add a Latino or Asian.

  • lol watchtower bible is fake read the real bible and you will know that its not jehova but yahwe amen

  • Actually it was Satan who was cast down to Earth from heaven in 1914 and knowing he has but a short time is exceedingly angry and spends his time fomenting wars and evil all round the world.
    He uses miracles and visions.
    JWs worship him as he is the prince of the present kingdom of Earth as Jesus wil not come to reclaim it until 3.5 years through the great tribulation.
    All JWs are walking dead for worshipping Satan and lying in many ways.
    Also they worship the Watchtower which is filled with subliminal images of Pan aka Baal, demons, horned beasts, owls, reptile dragons, homosex etc.

  • how can we as jehovah witnesses be doing wrong we follow jesus to teach the thuth about jehovah god . but is ok you will find out how wrong you were .

  • We should pray for these people so that God will deliver and free them from the grip of the watch tower mental prison …

  • Abram was 100 (in 2014AD) when his chosen generation Isaac was born, and
    in 2019 he was 105 when he cast out Ishmael for 5-year old Isaac. aka Armageddon
    2019 Sept 4 – This generation will not pass away

    Kane Tanaka 2 January 1903 age 116, 245 days Japan

    Lucile Randon (Soeur Andre) 11 January 1904 age 115, 205 days France

    Jeanne Bot 14 January 1905 age 114, 233 days France

    Shigeyo Nakachi 1 February 1905 age 114, 215 days Japan

    Haruno Yamashita 19 February 1905 age 114, 197 days Japan

    Kame Ganeko 10 April 1905 age 114, 147 days Japan

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